Sunday, July 26, 2015

NASA Hosts ‘Quest for Quakes’ Data Contest

NASA Hosts ‘Quest for Quakes’ Data Challenge

With our ever increasing presence of Earthquakes and other Disasters, there is an attempt on the part of scientists to grasp a better understanding of earthquakes, and finding a way to locate possible indicators before the quake strikes.

In this announcement from NASA, they are seeking evidence of electromagnetic signals which may warn humans of impending shakers.

The challenge opened for registration on Tuesday. Competitors will be able to submit entries from Monday, July 27 at 1 p.m. ET through Monday, Aug. 9 at 1 p.m. ET.
Contestants will be provided with electromagnetic signal data collected over three-month periods from multiple sensors in the proximity of past earthquakes. Control data with no earthquakes also will be included. Coders will have two weeks to develop a new approach to extract the signals and identify potential earthquake precursors. The individuals or teams developing winning approaches will share a $25,000 prize.
For some reason, this puts me in remembrance of an e-book I read recently: "TSUNAMI STORM," by David Capps. Not one to give spoilers in book reviews, let me just say that this "fictional" account addressed the issue of Governments being able to produce Natural Disasters. The opening of the book has a Chinese scientist located at an area where there are devices that give out an electronic signal before disaster strikes. Only because this young man happened to be on-site when the first hit came, was it learned that the evil-doers in the U.S. Government had caused the disaster with electromagnetic devices. Interesting

I am happy to know that NASA is involved in this program, and is promoting other scientists to help humans have a better warning, or indications of what has caused an earthquake. (A large bulldozer which is doing heavy activity can shake the ground; that is an earthquake).
Oklahoma - Lots of Fracking Going On.

Here is hoping that NASA and other Scientists can prove that Fracking or fracture extraction causes earthquakes and hold these companies responsible, and stop the senseless waste of water and destruction of our Earth's crust. 
Let us pray that the knowledge will not be used for evil and power.
Alaska - The Global Warming and Ice Melts are causing movement in the Plates under Alaska - Oh, and there are volcanoes too.