Thursday, May 14, 2015

NASA Study Shows Antarctica’s Larsen B Ice Shelf Nearing Its Final Act

NASA Study Shows Antarctica’s Larsen B Ice Shelf Nearing Its Final Act

Warning ** This blog post will be disturbing and alarming to some ** 

May 14, 2015 my 56th year on the planet this time around, and I am watching the final events that will change our world in to a ball that is too hot to maintain life as we have known it. 

Several things I recall during early history classes was that when the Industrial Revolution hit the U.K. they didn't think twice about mowing down forests and using water as a dump site for chemicals and other nasties. 

I remember the sort of self-righteous attitude the U.S. exhibited over the fact that we honored our skies, mountains and waters. That was before the advent of the Highway system, and the propulsion of billions of automobiles. 

In just under 300 years the United States has destroyed most ecosystems, on Earth, below the earth's crust, and high above in the atmosphere. 

I love that saying about people being doomed to repeat history if they do not learn it, and now I know that is a bunch of bull.

We learn the history that has been spoon-fed to us in books that were designed by those who are alleged educators, but really the textbooks have been used to form a way of thinking, and to sugar coat the true realization of what has occurred in this history. This Geologic Period of time.

Many people have been confused and lied to about the Antarctica Ice Shelf, saying that although the Arctic Pole was melting, that Antarctica was gaining Ice...Wrong oh liars. We are nearing the end of the Ice Sheet. Our whole planet has changed. 

Antarctica's Larsen B Ice Shelf is likely to shatter into hundreds of icebergs before the end of the decade, according to a new NASA study.
Credits: NSIDC/Ted Scambos

In 2009 we started to see the Pacific Walrus's scrambling for shores, due to Ice Loss. In 2011, over 38,000 Walrus clamored for space and place. There is no place for them to go. Their habitats are disappearing. This site needs to be shown to each person on our planet. Do you think things are going to keep on going like they always have? Do you think that the greedy industrial bullies that have taken every resource not nailed down, will care when it is you and your children piling up on city streets, with no place to go? Oh...that is happening, but humans are missing the big picture. If human beings got it, we would have our vehicles abandoned, and demand to do away with combustion. 

Homeless Walrus by Daily News 2011

We have lost forests, species, tribes of Peoples and fresh water - those things have been pilfered away by greedy, bully, grabbers who feel they are entitled to resources which truly belong to no man or municipality. Earth was here before our stinking governing bodies.

Mass Acre at Murambi - YouTube by Media Matters

The desire to rule over land and People, and move humans at unnatural speeds by combustion, will be our undoing. 

ALMA a film by Patrick Rouxel by green planet films

I have edited my first exit, as I was very depressed by the state of our Earth, and the atrocities that continue just so we may experience luxuries. When did we become so entitled? 

I will continue to be thankful for all of the blessings and wait for a miracle to turn this mess around. Burning Smudge. Bless the Bees.

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