Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Forestloss, Forestloss, Forestloss Reverberates Through Earth

Is This Our Mother's Face? Mother Earth!

eoimages.gsfc.nasa.gov/images/85000/85824/forestloss_gis_2013_lrg.jpg all rights reserved

From 2000 to 2013 these are the mask or face Forest Loss. 

Woods Hole Research Center: Science, Education and Policy for a Healthy Planet, has been using;

Integrated FORest Monitoring System for Central Africa ProjectINtegrated FORest Monitoring System for Central Africa Project (INFORMS). - See more here. They monitor all of the disappearance of forest and species. The Woods Hole Center can give us all kinds of facts to show how much has been lost with the Amazon rainforests, but they cannot stop it.(?) 

This was mapped with Landsat: This is a NASA: Image of the Day; May 7, 2015. This stunned me for a while as I stared at the sad faces that have come through the deforestation of our Earth. 

Amazon Deforestation: Timelapse - YouTube by Earth Outreach

A tortuous way to die. Being skinned alive and drained of body fluids it a planet held by billions of serial killers.

For each person that uses fossil fuels; (I am one), we are contributing to the ill health of our Globe. 

It is my hope, intention and prayer that our Earth, and Her People will come back to sanity, into careful and caring communities, to a slower pace where humans are not propelled tens or hundreds of miles per hour, through the skies, and down the road...slaughtering every speck of life in our way.

Even among environmentalists there will not maybe ever be a discussion about leaving combustion behind. We only fare worse when we live hurtling down the road, trying to cheat time, in order to fill ourselves up with more material junk.

We must move back to our farms, on our feet, and learn to live slower, kinder and more humane. 

People can you not see? We can change things for the better, we can still save Earth, but we must turn around, turn around from the path we have taken on motors, and feel our feet and legs again. 

Permaculture, solar power, methane gas from landfills, rebuilding aquifers, saving our species needs to be done quickly.

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