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Falling In To A Ring Of Fire - Paupa, New Guinea Earthquake Clusters 2015

2015 May 04
Central Arkansas, Earth

Dear Fellow Earthlings, 

Unless someone mistakenly opens my geological "Pandora's Box" of possible rock and Plate movements, weather patterns, Global Warming, Ocean Acidification, Toxic Disasters, Loss of Species, Less Clean Water, I try to keep my conversations off of what is occurring around us each hour of each day.

It does no good to panic people. It is not like most of us have any place to go. Earth is our home, and we can barely afford to energize ourselves for our modern lifestyles. Food is becoming scarce. We are running out of small farms, and there is not enough ice for the penguins, walrus or polar bears. 

The chain reaction from all of these things hint of an environmental payday. 

1). Man does not cause all natural disasters. That is a fact. 

2). Human abuse of the living planet Earth, such as deforestation and fracking have changed the planet into a different thing. She no longer thrives, nor produces enough oxygen. We are killing her. All of us, environmentalists too - if we drive, we drill. If we heat our homes with anything but solar or dead twigs, we are supporting nuclear or coal fire combustion. 

3). Over fifty years I have been an activist. I have paid attention, made notes, and followed environmental regulation since before the EPA was created. 

4). The biggest groups  of activists against Climate Change and / or Global Warming, No Drilling In The Ocean, No Drilling in America, No Foreign Oil will not have the discussion for no more combustion. If there were no demand, there would be no drilling. It is us humans who go faster than we need to, in some of the dirtiest ways ever. 

5). Can we change before we are forced by disaster? My knowledge of science screams no! There is nothing that can be done. We have passed the tipping point.

6). 6). From what I have witnessed during my journey, I think a great change is and can take place, and that will turn it all around. We have leadership rising such as Xiuhtezcal Martinez, his brother, and the organization and the Earth Guardians to flip the script, and solve 
Environmental problems and come up with lasting solutions and alternative ways to energize.

What Brought All That Up?

Part of the reason I started this blog was because I wanted to help pass along information
in easier to understand language than governmenteze, lawyer and engineer speak. The end 
result of my desire to blog about incredibly important information needed by all citizens 
of The Land. 

Tonight Paupa, New Guinea had a 7.5 earthquake and two large +5 aftershocks. There was 
Tsunami. The Warnings from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center state that there is probably 
little danger from Tsunami waves...I would keep a lookout for sure. It was very deep at 31 miles.

When I started my search for the Paupa, New Guinea the top search items were from a large 
Earthquake and Tsunami warnings from last month. 

March 29, 2015 

7.7 Earthquake April 29, 2015 

The earthquake was shallow and did stir up a Tsunami.

May 1, 2015

7.1  Earthquake - 2015 Breaking News - May 1, 2015

Aside from these Earthquakes stirring Paupa, New Guinea, there are forces at work stirring the Tectonic Faults and Plates. The Ring of Fire is Hot! I think that humans need to realize what is happening around them, so they can maybe treat the planet at least a little better.

Courtesy of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) 

That hot spot out there is going through many changes. This map makes it easy to see the big plates. 

I don't think we can go wrong by loving our planet more.

 I think our lives will be at least filled with positive growth and restoration. It will be much stronger than the often negative Geo-political rants and madness presently alive. Hopefully it will provide some much needed suave to our poor wounded men?

Earth Guardian Activist and Rapper Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Support the cause!

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