Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Environmental Disasters Profit Corporations!

Pesticides Imports Enforcement s - EPA Enforcement (This link is important, but if you don't understand environmental legal actions, Consent to Administrative Order

Okay, now they have done it.

I am not sure, which thing has got me to the place when I can no longer be quiet, and polite. This Great Grandmother, is up in arms. No, Patriots, don't be alarmed, it is always worrisome when activists, warriors, scared people, are angry. When grandmothers get up in arms, she does not need guns...She is the guns. 

Our words, experience and wisdom are power. We share knowledge, scar trails, and usually some type of a limp. Grandmothers, as a whole, can be trusted. We are the Earth, the Earth is us.

Since I am familiar with Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) data base, I am going to use different documents to help the average person understand, and grasp the importance of citizen involvement. Residents in the know, have more say in what happens to their Natural Resources, water supplies, soil, air, and toxic storage events. The permit processes is lengthy when there is a lot of involvement by citizens, environmental, and human rights groups. Attending public meetings,and responding to public notices about Environmental Permitting is a duty we all share. If I do not live off of the land, but use chemicals, gasoline, tires, aerosol cans, computers, internet, or medicine, I am a consumer.

 If I consume, I am responsible for waste and pollution that comes with manufacture, 

If I drive a car, I am responsible for oil spills, and other energy borne disasters. 

If I use natural gas, I am a fracker. 

Arkansas is in Region 6, of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Arkansas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, and 66 Tribes comprise Region 6. Region 6 of the EPA is the Federal Branch of the Environmental Protection Agency. As is with our nation, there is a separation of powers between Federal and State. Each State, or Tribe has an Environmental Agency at that level. 

The Federal and State Agencies, are supposed to be on the same side, but when it comes to the mechanism of business, regarding the Compliance with Federal laws, States will often wag their powers around, stirring up a Judge or another Agency, who is invested in the same Corporations as themselves. The Feds do not want to have to bring down the National Guard every year to get Southern States to comply with Federal Law, so a third party comes into play, the People, or the Public

Region 6 is notorious for inviting big polluters to set up shop, and helping them all they can to get permitted and in operation. One would agree with these judges and governors and senators, that it is healthy for the economy, to have these industries, even if they sling toxic by-products, poisons, acids, chemical weapons, nuke juice, you name it. 

The worst thing is, that the long run is a sadly losing situation for all near-by residents. Neighbors suffer anything from massive cancer rates, to stillborn children, dead crops or livestock, Asthma, tumors, deformities. It takes so long to prove the causal affect between polluter, and victims. 

Promised jobs are held by people from other States where 70% of their populations aren't on disability, brains work like they should. They will hire a few locals to do the grunt work, but again, in the long run, the medical costs, loss of in-put from the sick, depression, and bankruptcy, is not economically positive at all.

The few fat cats, and their cousins, fill their pockets, keep their attorneys in Gucci leather, and eventually abandon the whole shit load onto the citizens of the place where they basically robbed the citizenry of peaceful enjoyment, and the right to seek happiness.

Exxon's Report to ADEQ Regarding Their Upset or Spill

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