Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Solar and Wind Projects Provide Multiple Benefits for St. Paul, MN Residents of Public Housing

Geronimo Energy Brings Solar Savings to Saint Paul Public Housing with Community Solar Garden Program. 01/01/2015

When I read about this news brief on the EERE's (Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy) newsletter, it made me want to jump up and dance. How can this be happening? It seems as if The People are taking the lead on clean energy, our Earth will be well served in having them in charge of energy the clean way.

The benefits to the residents of the St. Paul Public Housing Authority are multi-fold. 

First, these residents will experience lower utility rates which can immediately be inserted back into income for the consumer. Next, the solar and wind technology are going to curb carbon emissions substantially. The last thing to mention, is that jobs are being created that are longer term and lower stress.  

Patrick Smith  director of environmental planning at Geronimo Wind Energy

Energy can be clean, green jobs can be grown.

I will be looking for updates on that garden. They are probably waiting until the blizzards are over

SOURCE Geronimo Energy, EERE

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