Friday, March 27, 2015

NASA’s Hubble, Chandra Find Clues that May Help Identify Dark Matter

Yes my friends "Dark Matter" is real. A living entity that can be looked upon as magical.

Image Credit: 
NASA and ESA (2015)
To keep from sliding into silliness because of old Science Fiction movies I used to watch, hopefully I can pass on some good information that will be helpful for a future Science Project. Some Geology students that may be interested in finding  a different topic for reports. 

Dark Matter, or Dark Energy is less well understood than say what we know about the planets, moons and stars in our Solar System. The linked articles have fascinating data from NASA, and their partners, ESA (European Space Agency), Hubble and Chandra.

If I understand what I read correctly then Dark Matter or otherwise called Dark Energy is dancing about in Space, colliding into each other, but instead of their wreck causing damage, it seems as if the Matter folds in upon itself and the "cloud" it has made contact with. 

NEW Dark Energy and Dark Matter- BBC Universe NASA Science (HD) by Sheldon McBride

A website to learn more about Dark Energy, Dark Matter - NASA Science - Astrophysics is available at the live link within this sentence. It takes you to the NASA Science Astrophysics site where there are fairly easy to understand definitions and drawings; including this one: (NASA)

Worldwide scientists, laymen and women, science buffs and science fiction buffs are discussing and theorizing on the nature of Dark Matter.

The Imperial College of London (2014)

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