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NASA Hosts ‘Quest for Quakes’ Data Contest

NASA Hosts ‘Quest for Quakes’ Data Challenge

With our ever increasing presence of Earthquakes and other Disasters, there is an attempt on the part of scientists to grasp a better understanding of earthquakes, and finding a way to locate possible indicators before the quake strikes.

In this announcement from NASA, they are seeking evidence of electromagnetic signals which may warn humans of impending shakers.

The challenge opened for registration on Tuesday. Competitors will be able to submit entries from Monday, July 27 at 1 p.m. ET through Monday, Aug. 9 at 1 p.m. ET.
Contestants will be provided with electromagnetic signal data collected over three-month periods from multiple sensors in the proximity of past earthquakes. Control data with no earthquakes also will be included. Coders will have two weeks to develop a new approach to extract the signals and identify potential earthquake precursors. The individuals or teams developing winning approaches will share a $25,000 prize.
For some reason, this puts me in remembrance of an e-book I read recently: "TSUNAMI STORM," by David Capps. Not one to give spoilers in book reviews, let me just say that this "fictional" account addressed the issue of Governments being able to produce Natural Disasters. The opening of the book has a Chinese scientist located at an area where there are devices that give out an electronic signal before disaster strikes. Only because this young man happened to be on-site when the first hit came, was it learned that the evil-doers in the U.S. Government had caused the disaster with electromagnetic devices. Interesting

I am happy to know that NASA is involved in this program, and is promoting other scientists to help humans have a better warning, or indications of what has caused an earthquake. (A large bulldozer which is doing heavy activity can shake the ground; that is an earthquake).
Oklahoma - Lots of Fracking Going On.

Here is hoping that NASA and other Scientists can prove that Fracking or fracture extraction causes earthquakes and hold these companies responsible, and stop the senseless waste of water and destruction of our Earth's crust. 
Let us pray that the knowledge will not be used for evil and power.
Alaska - The Global Warming and Ice Melts are causing movement in the Plates under Alaska - Oh, and there are volcanoes too.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

This World and all of the Natural Resources Do Belong To The Children Too

Do you consider yourself an environmentalist?

Posted by Gene Stone on Sunday, May 30, 2010
I am a life long environmentalist. In my last years, I have never heard such an impassioned plea regarding the need to take care of this planet. From her mouth and heart to the ears of Creator. "If you don't know how to fix it, please stop breaking it"

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Impact Crater or Supervolcano Caldera? / Mars Express / Space Science / Our Activities / ESA

Impact crater or supervolcano caldera? / Mars Express / Space Science / Our Activities / ESA May 21, 2015

When I first began the adventure of being a Geology / Environmental Geology student at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, Arkansas, even though I had always been a "rock hound," and dug for fossils, the enormity of the Earth, and our Biosphere was hard for me to grasp. 

Never before had my thinking been stretched to include the size of Tectonic Plates, or Geologic formations that are a history of what has gone on before. 

Just to give you an inkling of the size of the Siloe Patera crater at the Arabia Terra region of Mars; I will hopefully give you something that can be measured in your mind.


The Siloe Patera is 40 x 30 kilometers wide [1200 km], and 1750 kilometers deep. For U.S. readers, that is about 746 miles wide, and 1087 miles D-E-E-P. 

In the U.S., if a person were to travel from Las Vegas, NV all the way to Tucumcari, NM, that is only 744 miles, or 1197 kilometers. 

In Canada, it is 970 km from Vancouver, BC, Canada, to Calgary, AB. (About 603 miles).

In order for scientists to know for sure if this is a Caldera or damage from an asteroid, they would need funding to gather soil samples, to find the chemical make-up of the area affected by either event.

Perhaps you have thought about what happens when Earth is done. We know that although it is considered the stuff of Conspiracy  Theories, that there are indeed underground bunkers on Earth for certain "Essential Personnel" like the President and / or their family. It has also been speculated that there are spaceships that are being prepared for massive evacuation of the privileged. I think that many Conspiracy Theories are true, while others have various elements of truth, scare and consequences. 

Even the original Moon Landing by the United States Apollo Mission has given me large question marks, but there is no doubt that astronauts come, go and live in space. We also know that certain Space Agencies around the world are gearing up for Commercial Flights. 


I am an avid follower of NASA and the European Space Agency, not because I have a desire to explore Space, but because I love science, and the Earth. 

Aside from the fact that I have been basically rooted to the same State for over thirty years, I have a nickname of Gypsy Lady. 

What I want, and would make me deliriously pleased, is a Gypsy Wagon. 

It has been on my list for my final journey for years. 

Will I ever come up with the six hundred dollars needed to attend the Port Townsend School of Woodworking, where I can learn build my forever home, or the seven thousand I will need in materials to do it, I don't know, and don't think it is too much to hope for. 

 I am open to the universe supplying these things for me. I want to visit all of the U.S. and Canada, Mexico and Cuba. 

If I were invited to a trip into space, I would take it, because I do love to travel. (Mostly feet attached to the Earth.)

This is an enhanced video from the Europeans Space Agency that shows the terrain of Mars in 3-D. 

Can you imagine leaving a dying Earth behind, to relocate to a planet such as this? It is something to think about, and maybe those thinkers can make a rapid change for the way we treat this planet. 

Being able to sustain human life on other planets is all theory. Remember the Bio-Dome experiments? They did not end well, and it shows that humans do not thrive in cages, even if they are shaped like a giant circus tent. 

It is my hope that you have enjoyed this as a reader, and that it excites your curiosity, and brings more discussion about caring for the Planet we were given to care for. 

Thank you!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

NASA Study Shows Antarctica’s Larsen B Ice Shelf Nearing Its Final Act

NASA Study Shows Antarctica’s Larsen B Ice Shelf Nearing Its Final Act

Warning ** This blog post will be disturbing and alarming to some ** 

May 14, 2015 my 56th year on the planet this time around, and I am watching the final events that will change our world in to a ball that is too hot to maintain life as we have known it. 

Several things I recall during early history classes was that when the Industrial Revolution hit the U.K. they didn't think twice about mowing down forests and using water as a dump site for chemicals and other nasties. 

I remember the sort of self-righteous attitude the U.S. exhibited over the fact that we honored our skies, mountains and waters. That was before the advent of the Highway system, and the propulsion of billions of automobiles. 

In just under 300 years the United States has destroyed most ecosystems, on Earth, below the earth's crust, and high above in the atmosphere. 

I love that saying about people being doomed to repeat history if they do not learn it, and now I know that is a bunch of bull.

We learn the history that has been spoon-fed to us in books that were designed by those who are alleged educators, but really the textbooks have been used to form a way of thinking, and to sugar coat the true realization of what has occurred in this history. This Geologic Period of time.

Many people have been confused and lied to about the Antarctica Ice Shelf, saying that although the Arctic Pole was melting, that Antarctica was gaining Ice...Wrong oh liars. We are nearing the end of the Ice Sheet. Our whole planet has changed. 

Antarctica's Larsen B Ice Shelf is likely to shatter into hundreds of icebergs before the end of the decade, according to a new NASA study.
Credits: NSIDC/Ted Scambos

In 2009 we started to see the Pacific Walrus's scrambling for shores, due to Ice Loss. In 2011, over 38,000 Walrus clamored for space and place. There is no place for them to go. Their habitats are disappearing. This site needs to be shown to each person on our planet. Do you think things are going to keep on going like they always have? Do you think that the greedy industrial bullies that have taken every resource not nailed down, will care when it is you and your children piling up on city streets, with no place to go? Oh...that is happening, but humans are missing the big picture. If human beings got it, we would have our vehicles abandoned, and demand to do away with combustion. 

Homeless Walrus by Daily News 2011

We have lost forests, species, tribes of Peoples and fresh water - those things have been pilfered away by greedy, bully, grabbers who feel they are entitled to resources which truly belong to no man or municipality. Earth was here before our stinking governing bodies.

Mass Acre at Murambi - YouTube by Media Matters

The desire to rule over land and People, and move humans at unnatural speeds by combustion, will be our undoing. 

ALMA a film by Patrick Rouxel by green planet films

I have edited my first exit, as I was very depressed by the state of our Earth, and the atrocities that continue just so we may experience luxuries. When did we become so entitled? 

I will continue to be thankful for all of the blessings and wait for a miracle to turn this mess around. Burning Smudge. Bless the Bees.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Camp Lejuene, NC, we are barley scratching the surface. How can we send our soldiers, sailor, marines, airmen off to...

Posted by Erin Brockovich on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Forestloss, Forestloss, Forestloss Reverberates Through Earth

Is This Our Mother's Face? Mother Earth! all rights reserved

From 2000 to 2013 these are the mask or face Forest Loss. 

Woods Hole Research Center: Science, Education and Policy for a Healthy Planet, has been using;

Integrated FORest Monitoring System for Central Africa ProjectINtegrated FORest Monitoring System for Central Africa Project (INFORMS). - See more here. They monitor all of the disappearance of forest and species. The Woods Hole Center can give us all kinds of facts to show how much has been lost with the Amazon rainforests, but they cannot stop it.(?) 

This was mapped with Landsat: This is a NASA: Image of the Day; May 7, 2015. This stunned me for a while as I stared at the sad faces that have come through the deforestation of our Earth. 

Amazon Deforestation: Timelapse - YouTube by Earth Outreach

A tortuous way to die. Being skinned alive and drained of body fluids it a planet held by billions of serial killers.

For each person that uses fossil fuels; (I am one), we are contributing to the ill health of our Globe. 

It is my hope, intention and prayer that our Earth, and Her People will come back to sanity, into careful and caring communities, to a slower pace where humans are not propelled tens or hundreds of miles per hour, through the skies, and down the road...slaughtering every speck of life in our way.

Even among environmentalists there will not maybe ever be a discussion about leaving combustion behind. We only fare worse when we live hurtling down the road, trying to cheat time, in order to fill ourselves up with more material junk.

We must move back to our farms, on our feet, and learn to live slower, kinder and more humane. 

People can you not see? We can change things for the better, we can still save Earth, but we must turn around, turn around from the path we have taken on motors, and feel our feet and legs again. 

Permaculture, solar power, methane gas from landfills, rebuilding aquifers, saving our species needs to be done quickly.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Space in Images - 2015 - 05 - Proba-V Views Drakensberg Mountains - Dragons In Them Hills

European Space Agency, 2015 May 05

My topics have been running into the "Stranger Than Fiction" category this month, which adds to the fun of Science, Space and Disasters.

Personally, I believe in Dragons, and think they are overall "good." It is our perception of beauty that causes some people to miss out on the unique creatures Dragons are.

As a little kid, when we would drive down to Tijuana, or through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, I could not help but to see the outlines of giant beings, covered gently in grass, trees and fields. 

I would look up into the sky when we had really blue skies, and really white clouds, often with zero percent opacity, and find matching size creatures in the skies. 

You could say that it was the product of an over imaginative youth, but considering the myths,stories and legends that speak of these very beings, how can they be dismissed out of hand?

ESA photograph all rights reserved (2015)

The myth of the Africas Dragon Mountains

Where are the Drakensberg Mountins located in South Africa?

Drakensberg - Africas Dragon Mountains - The Secrets of Nature - YouTube

The weather systems at work on the Eastern side of the Cape can change abruptly bringing rain and cold. In Where the two oceans "really" meet* the following is a paragraph which gives a summary of life in the Drakenberg Mountains:
 *"The Drakensberg Mountains; located in South African side of the Cape Augulas, East of Cape Good Hope look barren from space, but down on the ground there is a unique and diverse population of mammals, raptors, birds, grasses, amphibians, weather patterns and more."
Pronghorns, Baboons and Vultures are keys in the eco-cycle of the Drakensberg Mountains.**
 These two different oceans, the prevailing wind and the topography of South Africa combine to create lush forests and subtropical savanna on the east coast, gradually changing to desert or semi-desert on the west coast.

++++++++++++++            +++++++++++++         +++++++++++

Yes, my imagination runs wild. Sometimes I am still five years old in my heart. I believe in the inexplicable as well as the results from a well organized, and documented scientific experiment. Perhaps I have taken too many liberties with the Drakenberg (Dragon) Mountains, but who is to say that there were never Dragons about?

May this blog post be a reminder that all life forms and indigenous eco-systems are important in the way they run. When the cycles of life are interrupted it is Nature's way to acclimate to the changes. This is where deniers drop the coconut. When nature is set upon violently by man, she may not be able to recoup, and adapt. It is important that we show respect and care for our Ecosystem, because our lives depend upon it. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Environmental Disasters Profit Corporations!

Pesticides Imports Enforcement s - EPA Enforcement (This link is important, but if you don't understand environmental legal actions, Consent to Administrative Order

Okay, now they have done it.

I am not sure, which thing has got me to the place when I can no longer be quiet, and polite. This Great Grandmother, is up in arms. No, Patriots, don't be alarmed, it is always worrisome when activists, warriors, scared people, are angry. When grandmothers get up in arms, she does not need guns...She is the guns. 

Our words, experience and wisdom are power. We share knowledge, scar trails, and usually some type of a limp. Grandmothers, as a whole, can be trusted. We are the Earth, the Earth is us.

Since I am familiar with Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) data base, I am going to use different documents to help the average person understand, and grasp the importance of citizen involvement. Residents in the know, have more say in what happens to their Natural Resources, water supplies, soil, air, and toxic storage events. The permit processes is lengthy when there is a lot of involvement by citizens, environmental, and human rights groups. Attending public meetings,and responding to public notices about Environmental Permitting is a duty we all share. If I do not live off of the land, but use chemicals, gasoline, tires, aerosol cans, computers, internet, or medicine, I am a consumer.

 If I consume, I am responsible for waste and pollution that comes with manufacture, 

If I drive a car, I am responsible for oil spills, and other energy borne disasters. 

If I use natural gas, I am a fracker. 

Arkansas is in Region 6, of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Arkansas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, and 66 Tribes comprise Region 6. Region 6 of the EPA is the Federal Branch of the Environmental Protection Agency. As is with our nation, there is a separation of powers between Federal and State. Each State, or Tribe has an Environmental Agency at that level. 

The Federal and State Agencies, are supposed to be on the same side, but when it comes to the mechanism of business, regarding the Compliance with Federal laws, States will often wag their powers around, stirring up a Judge or another Agency, who is invested in the same Corporations as themselves. The Feds do not want to have to bring down the National Guard every year to get Southern States to comply with Federal Law, so a third party comes into play, the People, or the Public

Region 6 is notorious for inviting big polluters to set up shop, and helping them all they can to get permitted and in operation. One would agree with these judges and governors and senators, that it is healthy for the economy, to have these industries, even if they sling toxic by-products, poisons, acids, chemical weapons, nuke juice, you name it. 

The worst thing is, that the long run is a sadly losing situation for all near-by residents. Neighbors suffer anything from massive cancer rates, to stillborn children, dead crops or livestock, Asthma, tumors, deformities. It takes so long to prove the causal affect between polluter, and victims. 

Promised jobs are held by people from other States where 70% of their populations aren't on disability, brains work like they should. They will hire a few locals to do the grunt work, but again, in the long run, the medical costs, loss of in-put from the sick, depression, and bankruptcy, is not economically positive at all.

The few fat cats, and their cousins, fill their pockets, keep their attorneys in Gucci leather, and eventually abandon the whole shit load onto the citizens of the place where they basically robbed the citizenry of peaceful enjoyment, and the right to seek happiness.

Exxon's Report to ADEQ Regarding Their Upset or Spill

Falling In To A Ring Of Fire - Paupa, New Guinea Earthquake Clusters 2015

2015 May 04
Central Arkansas, Earth

Dear Fellow Earthlings, 

Unless someone mistakenly opens my geological "Pandora's Box" of possible rock and Plate movements, weather patterns, Global Warming, Ocean Acidification, Toxic Disasters, Loss of Species, Less Clean Water, I try to keep my conversations off of what is occurring around us each hour of each day.

It does no good to panic people. It is not like most of us have any place to go. Earth is our home, and we can barely afford to energize ourselves for our modern lifestyles. Food is becoming scarce. We are running out of small farms, and there is not enough ice for the penguins, walrus or polar bears. 

The chain reaction from all of these things hint of an environmental payday. 

1). Man does not cause all natural disasters. That is a fact. 

2). Human abuse of the living planet Earth, such as deforestation and fracking have changed the planet into a different thing. She no longer thrives, nor produces enough oxygen. We are killing her. All of us, environmentalists too - if we drive, we drill. If we heat our homes with anything but solar or dead twigs, we are supporting nuclear or coal fire combustion. 

3). Over fifty years I have been an activist. I have paid attention, made notes, and followed environmental regulation since before the EPA was created. 

4). The biggest groups  of activists against Climate Change and / or Global Warming, No Drilling In The Ocean, No Drilling in America, No Foreign Oil will not have the discussion for no more combustion. If there were no demand, there would be no drilling. It is us humans who go faster than we need to, in some of the dirtiest ways ever. 

5). Can we change before we are forced by disaster? My knowledge of science screams no! There is nothing that can be done. We have passed the tipping point.

6). 6). From what I have witnessed during my journey, I think a great change is and can take place, and that will turn it all around. We have leadership rising such as Xiuhtezcal Martinez, his brother, and the organization and the Earth Guardians to flip the script, and solve 
Environmental problems and come up with lasting solutions and alternative ways to energize.

What Brought All That Up?

Part of the reason I started this blog was because I wanted to help pass along information
in easier to understand language than governmenteze, lawyer and engineer speak. The end 
result of my desire to blog about incredibly important information needed by all citizens 
of The Land. 

Tonight Paupa, New Guinea had a 7.5 earthquake and two large +5 aftershocks. There was 
Tsunami. The Warnings from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center state that there is probably 
little danger from Tsunami waves...I would keep a lookout for sure. It was very deep at 31 miles.

When I started my search for the Paupa, New Guinea the top search items were from a large 
Earthquake and Tsunami warnings from last month. 

March 29, 2015 

7.7 Earthquake April 29, 2015 

The earthquake was shallow and did stir up a Tsunami.

May 1, 2015

7.1  Earthquake - 2015 Breaking News - May 1, 2015

Aside from these Earthquakes stirring Paupa, New Guinea, there are forces at work stirring the Tectonic Faults and Plates. The Ring of Fire is Hot! I think that humans need to realize what is happening around them, so they can maybe treat the planet at least a little better.

Courtesy of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) 

That hot spot out there is going through many changes. This map makes it easy to see the big plates. 

I don't think we can go wrong by loving our planet more.

 I think our lives will be at least filled with positive growth and restoration. It will be much stronger than the often negative Geo-political rants and madness presently alive. Hopefully it will provide some much needed suave to our poor wounded men?

Earth Guardian Activist and Rapper Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Support the cause!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Space in Images -April 2015 2015 - Nepal Earthquake Displacement ESA

Space in Images - 2015 - 04 - Nepal earthquake displacement

Sure, I couldn't have felt the earthquake which hit Nepal on April 25, 2015, but I woke up very early, sensing that something was needing my attention. I logged on to my Amazon Kindle and learned that a few minutes previously, Nepal had just experienced a terrible natural disaster - a 7.8 earthquake. At that few minute mark it was known that the loss of human life was in the hundreds.

Today, April 30, 2015, we are aware of thousands of deaths, injuries and an untold total in property damage.

We know the domino effect, and this earthquake spawned an avalanche in the Himalaya's that took the lives of at least eight (8) persons, with many more stranded presently. With all of the mayhem and lack of resources for the mountain rescue, the world looks on helplessly only hoping that they will be rescued before it is too late.

Shake maps are helpful in finding the depth, and type of earthquake experienced. Below is a different type of map, this is land displacement. The European Space Agency (ESA) has shared this image of the mapped Nepal Earthquake 2015 April, land displacement:

DLR/EOC - April 30, 2015,

In Geology we learn that we live on a planet that basically recycles itself by "uplift and erosion." That will always be on the test, so remember, uplift and erosion. On this map you may notice all of the little black dots...they are points. This means these are places that could be used to show where there has been a change. Blue is where when the plates interacted there was an "Uplift" of the land, the Yellow areas show a "subduction zone," where the plate sliding beneath another plate caused a lowering of land - or valleys. 

Here is the shakemap of the first earthquake that hit Lamjung, Nepal at 6:11 am UTC. The magnitude was 7.8 This is courtesy of the United States Geological Survey:
The shake map key box has a lot of information. How deep the earthquake, the type of waves, peak velocity and so on.  The second quake hit at 6:45 and registered 6.6 and 14.6 km of depth. The third earthquake hit Kodari, Nepal at 7:09 am, and was a 6.7 on the Richter Scale, and was deeper than the previous two. This is not counting after shocks, these three were earthquakes. It is said to be the most powerful earthquake to hit Earth that we know of in modern time.  

The last few years has given our dear and beloved planet a beating. The Fukushima Earthquake of April 11, 2011 was one of the most powerful known to modern man at 6.6 magnitude, but it was an intraplate earthquake that triggered landslides, and awakened the Idosawa fault that had been dormant. 18.6 miles (30 km) deep.

The reason I mention the Fukushima Earthquake in comparison is because that quake was said to have knocked the Earth off of her Axis.

The information on the Fukushima Earthquake is being removed from the USGS soon, the following is a USGS news release:
"The USGS has updated the magnitude of the March 11, 2011, Tohoku earthquake in northern Honshu, Japan, to 9.0 from the previous estimate of 8.9. Independently, Japanese seismologists have also updated their estimate of the earthquake’s magnitude to 9.0. This magnitude places the earthquake as the fourth (4th) largest in the world since 1900 and the largest in Japan since modern instrumental recordings began 130 years ago.
The USGS often updates an earthquake’s magnitude following the event. Updates occur as more data become available and more time-intensive analysis is performed. There are many methods of calculating the energy release and magnitude of an earthquake. Some methods give approximate values within minutes of the earthquake, and others require more complete data sets and extensive analysis. Due to inherent uncertainties in the modeling of energy and magnitude, the results from different agencies often vary slightly. These magnitude discrepancies arise from the use of different data and techniques. For more information on why magnitudes change..."
 see the Earthquake Hazards Program FAQ website. 

It is hard to associate Earthquakes as a natural disaster having anything to do with the activity of man, but I do think that when this civilization [sic] is pulled from under a thousand years of lateral disposition (dirt, sand and debris moving into layers across the landscape), that evidence will suggest that our activity of pulling fossil fuels from beneath our feet, homes and habitat were what spurred the advent of plate tectonics, and eventually causing our own distinction.

Yeah, it is possible that if we were all just loving our earth, living as naturally as possible, dying from being worn out, instead of infected, that the Tectonic Plates may have done the hokey pokey, but it is my opinion that our planet is a living, breathing entity and she is in the throes of death, due to our maltreatment of her. 

I am almost certain we will be extinct before my natural occurring death. Peace.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

NASA's NuSTAR Captures Possible 'Screams' from Zombie Stars

NASA's NuSTAR Captures Possible 'Screams' from Zombie Stars

For those of you who consider Science and Mathematics boring, but you are mad about the "Walking Dead" series, let me tickle your curiosity with amazing facts about space.

The Hubble Telescope; an orbiting camera with four views,  launched into Earth's lower orbit back in nineteen-ninety (1990). We just celebrated the twenty-fifth (25th) anniversary of its origin, and fifteen (15) years in orbit. 

Almost Daily, the  (National Aeronautic & Space Agency) NASA releases images and information collected, and gleaned from orbit. We are finding some astronomically awesome facts.

3/15/2015 Einstein's Theory Confirmed by Hubble Images

Are Zombies Real? Is there such thing as the Living Dead?

"... When stars die, they don't always go quietly into the night. Unlike stars like our sun, collapsed dead stars that belong to stellar pairs, or binaries, can siphon matter from their companions. This zombie-like "feeding" process differs depending on the nature of the normal star, but the result may be an eruption of X-rays..."

According to NASA; Scientists have theorized that Space  Zombies, become a charged body called a Pulsar. They travel, and spin in rapid trajectories, shooting fire, and picking up energy all around them. At times that energy crosses Earth's atmosphere sending out beacons that can sound like screams. 

Recent Hubble image captures give us an amazing view: 
Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech Image15-077- Nustar:
 Click on the image and it will get huge!

Recently there have been hints by NASA that they are sure we will have communication with other life in space.  
It is difficult for the untrained mind to consider that sound, light, and other images from stars or planets, come to us from space, can be thousands, or millions of years old.  

I love seeing the images shared with us from NASA and The European Space Agency (ESA). 
Us humans think we are central to the Universe. A critically thinking person takes the time to study Geology. Earth Science is not just about rock and planets, it includes study of  the tiniest chemical compounds as well. Once a student sees the big picture, they quickly realize that we are not "all that." 
Earthlings are a minuscule part of the whole of Creation. 

Cosmic Journeys - The Age of Hubble by SpaceRip

One note for those who think that the idea of zombies is pure fiction let me leave you something to chew on - hoping that it is not BRAINS!!

Matthew 27:52-54 Talks about when Jesus was crucified on the cross, and died, that an Earthquake shook and graves opened up, and the saints got out, and went into Jerusalem where they were seen by many people...I don't know how many ministers I asked about these passages, but I never got a straight answer. Jesus himself after he rose from the dead appeared to his followers for forty days. Reeks of Zombie to me.

This is a Vector Character Sillouette all rights reserved

Friday, March 27, 2015

NASA’s Hubble, Chandra Find Clues that May Help Identify Dark Matter

Yes my friends "Dark Matter" is real. A living entity that can be looked upon as magical.

Image Credit: 
NASA and ESA (2015)
To keep from sliding into silliness because of old Science Fiction movies I used to watch, hopefully I can pass on some good information that will be helpful for a future Science Project. Some Geology students that may be interested in finding  a different topic for reports. 

Dark Matter, or Dark Energy is less well understood than say what we know about the planets, moons and stars in our Solar System. The linked articles have fascinating data from NASA, and their partners, ESA (European Space Agency), Hubble and Chandra.

If I understand what I read correctly then Dark Matter or otherwise called Dark Energy is dancing about in Space, colliding into each other, but instead of their wreck causing damage, it seems as if the Matter folds in upon itself and the "cloud" it has made contact with. 

NEW Dark Energy and Dark Matter- BBC Universe NASA Science (HD) by Sheldon McBride

A website to learn more about Dark Energy, Dark Matter - NASA Science - Astrophysics is available at the live link within this sentence. It takes you to the NASA Science Astrophysics site where there are fairly easy to understand definitions and drawings; including this one: (NASA)

Worldwide scientists, laymen and women, science buffs and science fiction buffs are discussing and theorizing on the nature of Dark Matter.

The Imperial College of London (2014)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Solar and Wind Projects Provide Multiple Benefits for St. Paul, MN Residents of Public Housing

Geronimo Energy Brings Solar Savings to Saint Paul Public Housing with Community Solar Garden Program. 01/01/2015

When I read about this news brief on the EERE's (Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy) newsletter, it made me want to jump up and dance. How can this be happening? It seems as if The People are taking the lead on clean energy, our Earth will be well served in having them in charge of energy the clean way.

The benefits to the residents of the St. Paul Public Housing Authority are multi-fold. 

First, these residents will experience lower utility rates which can immediately be inserted back into income for the consumer. Next, the solar and wind technology are going to curb carbon emissions substantially. The last thing to mention, is that jobs are being created that are longer term and lower stress.  

Patrick Smith  director of environmental planning at Geronimo Wind Energy

Energy can be clean, green jobs can be grown.

I will be looking for updates on that garden. They are probably waiting until the blizzards are over

SOURCE Geronimo Energy, EERE

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Spilling The New Year In -Hawaii, Volcanoes Plus Jet Fuel Equals Disaster

Region 9 EPA Leasd Efforts To Contain Spill (January 30, 2015) The original spill occurred or was reported by January 21, 2015 -

42,000 They say. Is that when they started counting gallons, was the day it was reported? To be fair, it was reported and they are showing good effort in containing the jet fuel, to keep from further contamination.

It all leads to the ocean - especially if it is in the middle of the Ocean

It is difficult to condemn a business that is there because of the demand of consumers; travelers. It is worth thinking of alternative means of transporting ourselves. Or, we would have been better served had we thought this combustion thing all through.

Why wasn't I horrified more at the carnage that was always found on the front of my dad's trucks and cars?

February 2 Update From Region Nine (9) E.P.A. on Jet Fuel Spill (February 2, 2015) There is a big downplay as to the ecological damages, or perhaps the report has been written in a positive vein, hoping that the very company, operators, permitting engineers are the ones reporting, and committing to the action of clean-up.

There needs to be more than "they got the booms out there, and no fuel has actually made it in to the water see..." Except - the exclusion of the fuels and / or other toxins that are seeping or leaching into the well draining soils, sand and embankments.

The company who caused or allowed the spill should pay for a third party engineering organization, (other than the one they use). A proven ethical team & lab to run the numbers on weight, spills, rainfall, storms, wind and tectonic activities, and the possible rate and depth of penetration out of site that will not be measured until the area is proclaimed a toxic disaster.

Once abandoned, left for the taxpayers to pay, the company gets to jog merrily along, get a tax write-off, and may walk away unscathed by the disasters they have made.

What is worse, is that usually the same engineering companies who pushed those environmental permits through for the dirty polluters, who then get paid from the government (local, county, state or federal) to maintain records on the disaster site now classified for the National Priorities List.

Then, after a couple of years, they buy a new subsidiary with a new name, and viola! The old company returns, buys his place back for pennies on the dollar, gets Brownfield money for environmental clean-up, and help with reestablishing the land as usable by human beings.

The same engineering firms and corporations are enjoying all the wealth while the common person on the street is suffering the results from living with toxic products and processes, making poverty wages, while the CEO's of these corps get us to pay all the price for being poisoned.

This seems all dandy, but these trenches are unlined. That toxic liquid can seep and creep into the dust and soils.

42,000 Gallons of Jet Fuel was reported spilled and less than 20,000 has been retrieved. Beautiful Hawaii.

Latest update - February 10, 2015

There have over 19,000 gallons of jet fuel recaptured and work continues in trying to recover the spilled fuel.

DOH has reported that the fuel spill has not affected harbor activities and there are no closures. Boaters, fishermen, pier construction workers, office workers, wildlife and marine life are safe from the fuel spill as the fuel is underground. There are no drinking water wells in the area.