Thursday, July 31, 2014

NASA's Fermi Space Telescope Reveals New Source of Gamma Rays | NASA

NASA's Fermi Space Telescope Reveals New Source of Gamma Rays | NASA , 

July 31, 2014,  RELEASE 14-209

NASA I Fermi Catches a 'Transformer' Pulsar - YouTube

No man is an island, and Earth is not the center of the Universe. If Earth is the center, and most crucial portion of the universe, then we are all in big trouble. 

Being human, requires us to be considerate of all life around us. It seems odd to me, that people who say they are God-centered, do not respect this planet or our universe. Life, Earth, and the Solar System, is all just some unexplained, unseen "down there," or mysteries gold mansions, and pearly gates "up there". This from religious zealots who cannot stand to give science a look, because they are afraid of fact finding. 

It was not until well past my fourth decade of life and learning, did I realize the enormity of systems at work from the hand of some life giving force. When majoring in Geology / Environmental Geology at the University of Arkansas, at Little Rock, AR., I had to look at the enormity of the Biosphere, and at minuscule particles, gases and liquids that are the tiniest pieces of everything made - including Human Beings.  

It was difficult to wrap my mind around at first, but as I "got it," there was enough new scientist about me, that I began to question some of the theories created around the Geo-physical principals we accept and subscribe to. 

No longer in college, my study of the universe has continued with a passion. I am re-forming theories I once believed, and am now asking questions, and am actively seeking answers. My thinking is that the entire universe is connected. That the Earth is just one small part of the entire body. It should not seem strange that with how vast our universe is, there should be many planets, moons and stars that contain sophisticated life. 

It is not illogical to consider that the natural healing systems, and anti-bodies within in us as humans and other critters, apply to planets and atmosphere's too. It is my learned opinion is that the box we humans have Creator stored in, is much much larger than we can even imagine; it surpasses what we understand in time and space measurements. 

I hope you enjoy this post, and keep in mind, our universe could have been exploded millions of years ago, and we haven't gotten the memo yet. Just a theory mind you, just a theory. 

How Are Humans Exposed to Gamma Rays? from the E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency)

Want to learn more about Radiation? University of Michigan; Introduction to Radiation.

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