Monday, July 21, 2014

EPA Releases Proposal to Protect Bristol Bay, Alaska

Region 10 of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has proposals in the works for the protection of Bristol Bay, Alaska.

There is an open comment period until September 19, 2014 for the public to show their will as far as the EPA Proposals. The protections of this action are against the Pebble Mine.

EPA Region 10 requests comment on a proposal to protect one of the world’s most valuable salmon fisheries, in Bristol Bay, Alaska, from the risks posed by a mine at the Pebble deposit.
Development of this mine would result in one of the largest open pit copper mines in the world and would
threaten one of the world’s most productive salmon fisheries.
and for those who do not know this wilderness area; this is the area that would be affected in a very bad way: 

It is very good news that the EPA, is striving for protections for this area. With the melting, and loss of habitat for so many critters, this is a move in the right direction for the health of humans, and all life, and lifestyles, in this area. Native Indian Tribes are affected on a daily basis by the degradation of wildlife and habitat.

Bristol Bay & The Threat of Pebble Mine - The Wilderness Society - YouTube

The thing that must happen is that citizens who care about this, must make their voices heard. If the only ones who respond to public comments are the mining industry, then the will of The People will not be heard, and our beautiful Earth will suffer even more harm, and more water will be destroyed. We cannot afford for this to happen. 
I am begging you to share this, and ask every one you know, and who cares to send in your comment. It is very easy to do.

The preferred way to submit your comments and input is #1
Here is the direct link to the Comment Page of   #1 

#1!documentDetail;D=EPA-R10-OW-2014-0505-0001 Make sure you specify which reg you are commenting on: Specify Docket # EPA-R10-OW-2014-0505.

#2. The next way is via email. Send your e-mail to: Include Include Docket # EPA-R10-OW-2014-0505 in the subject line.

#3. Send a Fax to: Fax your comments to 202-566-1753. Include Docket # EPA-R10-OW-2014-0505 in the subject line.

#4. Snail Mail: Send a letter to the EPA Bristol Bay Docket at: Water Docket # EPA-R10-OW-2014-0505
    • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
      Mail Code: 2822T
      1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
      Washington, DC 20460
#5. The most effective way is Show Up In Person and Testify: 

Attend a public hearing

Oral and written comments on EPA's proposal will be accepted at the following hearings:
Anchorage: Tuesday, August 12 at 2pm
Egan Center – Cook and Artegan Rooms
New Stuyahok: Wednesday, August 13 at 5pm
Cetuyaraq Community Center
Nondalton: Wednesday, August 13 at 5pm
Nondalton Community Center
Kokhanok: Thursday, August 14, 5pm
Location to be announced
Dillingham: Thursday, August 14 at 5pm
Middle School Gymnasium
Iliamna: Friday, August 15 at 12pm
Community Center
Igiugig: Friday, August 15 at 12pm
Tribal Hall
Please get involved, and speak up for Bristol Bay. Thank you for all the good you do.

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