Thursday, June 12, 2014

New NASA Space Observatory to Study Carbon Conundrums | NASA

New NASA Space Observatory to Study Carbon Conundrums | NASA
NASA Announcement June 12, 2014

The title above, is also a link to the NASA Space Observatory webpage that hosts this story. Since I started talking about that "Carbon Reduction Thingy" a few days ago, I have been looking for items, and information to share. 

This is an amazing article by our friends at NASA Space Observatory, and there are a few highlights I pulled out of this article to highlight:

Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2): NASA's New Carbon Counter - YouTube.

#2 As I named this Observatory, is one of five that will be launched in 2104. 
“Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere plays a critical role in our planet's energy balance and is a key factor in understanding how our climate is changing,” said Michael Freilich, director of NASA’s Earth Science Division in Washington. “With the OCO-2 mission, NASA will be contributing an important new source of global observations to the scientific challenge of better understanding our Earth and its future."  (Freilich 2014)
For more information on OCO-2, NASA's New Carbon Counter, check these links: 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Carbon Reduction Thingy

Recently our President made a big move to reduce our Carbon pollution. Thank you.

"Reducing Carbon Pollution in our Power Plants"

There are so many voices clamoring to TALK about Carbon, and what that really means.

I know some of my readers have been looking for my response to this very positive and environmentally sound decision. Carbon, Carbon Credits, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, etc are subjects I have touched on since the start of my blog.

In an attempt to remain politically neutral when explaining environmental regulations and actions, I do refrain from wrangling, and hope to just give the reader information that they can understand, provide more links to valid sources and resources so that they may find out for themselves whether or not the information I provide is legitimate.

I have been more close to nature and the Earth, than people my whole life. 

There is no difficulty in understanding the beauty, importance and place that all things in nature play. For me I have a hard time deciphering what people are really up to. There are some very scandalous people and organizations in our world, but in counter; there are many, many more good people who are quietly hiding about, and surviving this the best they can.

I have been thinking how to present this, so that a regular person who is not an engineer, nor lawyer can get some facts, and sources to help fight ignorance of the part in Carbon pollution that mankind plays.

This is on all of us. Me included.

I detest the drilling for oil in our Oceans, but I haven't stopped driving yet. I drive 70% less since the Deep Water Horizon Disaster of April 20, 2014. I didn't drive for 4 months after the explosion. I yearn for a community where it is safe or sane for me to get around without Carbon based energy.

There are a lot of interesting things to know about Carbon, how it is about Life and continuation, as well as decay, and new Geological Time Periods. 

The week before the Pontus announcement, he talked to people who suffer with Asthma. For those who cannot live with their air because of pollution, the reduction of Carbon pollution is a biggie. Thank you President Obama for doing the right thing.

Raw Video: The President Talks With Young Asthma Patients

I will not disappoint, and hopefully I will be able to give you enough information to where you can learn to benefit early from the Carbon Reduction markets. 

"I Declare World Peace" #IdleNoMore #IDeclareWorldPeace #Carbon #PresidentObama