Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The US EPA introduces EnviroAtlas - Mapping - GIS

US EPA Introduces - EnviroAtlas - GIS System May 07, 2014

The US EPA website is user friendly, with a lot of instructions on how to use the environmental tools created for industries and the public. Included within the notification is an awesome video on how to use the EnviroAtlas.

Some of the information included is this PDF Document that shows such things as Agricultural water use (million gallons/day), Domestic water use (million gallons/day), and Acres of crops that have no nearby pollinator habitat. 

For those who are concerned about our planet, and who would enjoy the knowledge of what has to be faced this is a comprehensive tool for industry and individuals alike. 

Way to go EPA, thank you for working hard to protect our planet.

Megan Susman: EPA Tools for Resilient Communities - YouTube

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