Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dying Sea by The European Space Agency (E.S.A.)

Dying sea,  is an alert sent, and shared with the world.

Many of us environmental activists have been aware of the degradation of our once lush, and beautiful planet for decades. GreenPeace International has warned us of the eminent dangers of Ocean Acidification, and the losses of habitat for aquatic life. We have worked hard to get the word out that our own well-being is based on the health of our only habitat; Planet Earth.

Those who care about Earth and all of her inhabitants have withered a bit more inside each time a species is lost, or becomes endangered. 

This is another sign of our mismanagement of our Natural Resources world wide.

Losing a Sea: 

From the www.esa.intl


From the www.esa.intl


From the www.esa.intl

For some this may not mean much, but water is life, and honestly the way we are treating our planet seems like a suicide mission. Please earthlings, let us work together to make sweeping changes in the way we deal with our Earth. I Declare World Peace.

More about The Aral Sea: 
                 "The Shrinking of the Aral Sea" - One of the planet's worst environmental disasters - YouTube

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