Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Take Time to Observe Nature | BirdNote

Okay, usually I am so morose due to the subject of our environment. How about a twist today - in honor of Mother Earths' Day. Bird News

All winged creatures are vital to our continued existence, as well as many other types of species are. There is no need to argue about it, time is coming, time is on the way.

(Violet-green Swallow by naturalist97333 - YouTube)

To continue in the spirit of celebration for Earth Day - 2014, I started out reading an Audubon  article about the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon. Knowing that this species used to travel in the millions-per-flock have been gone one hundred years, clanged a warning bell I cannot ignore. 

Sometimes though, an activist has to compartmentalize these things, or we could do no good. A large sob is locked in my solar plexus regarding the plight of the Passenger Pigeon, but it does no good to cry about it. Here is the link to the story from Audubon: (link) if you are interested. 

                                                               ~ *** ~

I am trying hard to live life more fully, with less sorrow and fear. In an attempt to spread sunshine and smiley faces, rather than gloom and doom, I kept searching for something more positive to highlight. 

I finally noticed another article about taking time to observe nature. Living in the now. Chris Petersen compiled an informative piece on noticing the natural world around us: "Take Time to Observe Nature: A OneNote Presentation". Margaret Sloan was the photographer. (The link to the story, photography and sounds can be linked to from the sub-title at the top of the page). This is a pleasant story of an outdoor adventure. It puts me in the mind of Rachel Carson, the scientist and author who warned the world about DDT and its effects on wildlife and marine animals.

It is calming and soothing to hear the sounds of nature. This is very positive.


                                                           ~ *** ~

Perhaps today, while listening, or any time a reader will be inspired to be the solution for our dwindling populations and species of winged-things; the pollinators, and recyclers.

Enjoy their flight and sounds. I declare World Peace.

Taking time to observe nature too - Thank you.

Lori J Latimer aka Lillygrillzit aka earthenwarehaven@gmail.

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