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ESA - Gaia Discovers Its First Supernova

Gaia Discovers Its First SuperNova by the European Space Agency (ESA)

Whenever I take a look at these wonders of the Universe, I wonder how anyone can doubt that our biosphere is an entire living entity.

Space In Images: 09/2014, Artist's Impression of Type of Supernova; 
  •                         Released 12/09/2014 10:00 am Copyright ESA/ATG medialab/C. Carreau

Gaia, is a word for Earth, but it is also an exploratory vessel from the European Space Agency, which goes out to check our Universe, and reports back, images and useful information. Gaia goes so far away, out into the far reaches of Space, that there is no easy way to explain the distance. It is a distance of time, not just space.

We did not begin exploring the wonders of Space in the 1950's, men have been working on solving Universal mysteries for ages. From ESA Science & Technology, here is an image that is ancient, in the book of Man.

There are many different ideas as to our place in the Universe, as to whether we are the only intelligent life, and if we are the first two-leggeds to come to planet Earth. There are many, many discoveries that say no.

Archeological Discoveries & Ancient Astronauts [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

It is my opinion, that we are foolishly arrogant when it comes to the Human species, and I think it would behoove us to treat our Universe, Earth, and Fellow travelers well.

Not Just Cool - It's A Gas

Not just cool – it’s a gas by the European Space Agency (ESA)  September 12, 2014.

Scientists are trying out using a new gas technology for steering satellites. There are many positives that are being pointed out, with the new technology, introduced by a new Dutch start-up. 

On Earth, it is now fighting fires without harming the environment – and business insiders say it could be revolutionary. 
"Supported by ESA, a Dutch start-up company is applying this space-age ‘cool-gas generator’ to fighting fires in sensitive locations, like data centres, libraries and petrochemical plants.  "
Using the newly developed "Exxfire" products, are proving to be valuable, ecologically viable and will possibly open up new possibility for those in space, as well as on the ground.

Unlike most of my readers, when I saw this quirky title from the European Space Agency, all I could think of was, The Fifth Dimension, and music from the 1960's. 

Mad Magazine - It's a Gas by Casey Killingsworth on YouTube

Yes, I do have some jokes. The seriousness of climate change, the lost of habitat, and species on our Earth is a serious matter. The Industrial Ruling Class (Trudell), have taken it to the next level. Ocean acidification, plastic pollution, oil spills, train wrecks, droughts, and storms are serious. Help me to remember to laugh, and find humor, in even the worst case scenario. , 

 Exxfire’s cool-gas generator stores the gas in solid form in an pressurized cylinder.  

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hubble Shows Farthest Lensing Galaxy Yields Clues to Early Universe | NASA

Hubble Shows Farthest Lensing Galaxy Yields Clues to Early Universe | NASA 

July 31, 2014  - RELEASE 14-205

It is safe to state that all of the geological theories we have been taught in Universities, are missing key elements. Look at the micro world of Geology, and then the Universe. Human beings have always had a misguided sense of importance in our place in the biosphere. It is plausible to consider we may actually not be kindred to apes and the like, but more resemble the dreaded and hated cockroach.

The cockroach, seems to have survived insurmountable odds of disasters that have struck down thousands of civilizations on our planet. They are carriers, like humans. They don't get sick. Have you ever seen an ill cockroach? The only roach I have ever seen, that appeared to be under the weather was a cockroach who has been poisoned. They do not go away, except for a short time. Wherever humans are, roaches are. This says a lot about the human species.

Each day, thanks to the endeavors of scientists  and explorers, we are reaching farther into space, and away from Earth. Some are hopeful for a new habitat of a select group of human beings, others with good intentions see the end of this Geological Era coming at us as fast as an errant asteroid. My own theory about what we will find, is laughable to most other scientists, so I will keep that to myself for now, but here is a hint. Everything in nature, works like the human body. 

When a human body suffers trauma, the whole system of the human being goes into heal mode. That system is very complex, but less of a mystery today, because of the continual process of using the scientific method. Two hundred years earlier, physicians thought a fever was the worst thing that could happen to a patient, but today we know that fever is a good thing in most cases. Our anti-bodies are on a search and destroy mission, to destroy what ails us. What makes us so arrogant, that we do not consider that the Universe operates the same way? 

Who is to say that an asteroid is not an anti-body, that a pyro-clastic volcanic explosion, is not part of healing Earth's systems? It may be something to think about. Coming from a cockroach point of view. Who do we think we are, versus the Universe?

Mount St. Helens Eruption May 18, 1980 (2010) US Geological Survey (USGS)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ancient Earth fossils could be found on the moon - space - 28 July 2014 - New Scientist

Ancient Earth fossils could be found on the moon - space - 28 July 2014 - New Scientist

Here we go folks, there are some of us geology students, who have some opposing theories as to the formation of Earth as we know it, from the early break-up of Pangaea, to the formation of the Ozark Orogeny, and even today in some ways, Earthlings have been led to believe we are the center of, and the most important thing going for all of our biosphere.

The more exploration into space via cameras and telescopes, the more mysteries are solved

This particular project took place in Antarctica, where scientists are searching for meteorites and chunks of asteroids. Due to their findings, this strengthens the idea that pieces of Earth can be found on other planets as well.  . 

According to this article, no one has found valid proof of earth's germs or debris on the moon. One theory about asteroids and other chunks of stuff that has been found on both the Moon and Mars, and chunks of meteorites retrieved for study from Earth, surmise it is a possibility that planets randomly chunk rocks at one another. 

ALH 84001 and Other Martian Meteorites - Stanford - YouTube

That said, there is hope that some ancient fossils from an earlier Planet Earth may prove that theory to be true.

It is understandable that scientists want to try to find another habitat for humans to land, but that will not happen. We need to heal and care for what we were given. 

NASA's Fermi Space Telescope Reveals New Source of Gamma Rays | NASA

NASA's Fermi Space Telescope Reveals New Source of Gamma Rays | NASA , 

July 31, 2014,  RELEASE 14-209

NASA I Fermi Catches a 'Transformer' Pulsar - YouTube

No man is an island, and Earth is not the center of the Universe. If Earth is the center, and most crucial portion of the universe, then we are all in big trouble. 

Being human, requires us to be considerate of all life around us. It seems odd to me, that people who say they are God-centered, do not respect this planet or our universe. Life, Earth, and the Solar System, is all just some unexplained, unseen "down there," or mysteries gold mansions, and pearly gates "up there". This from religious zealots who cannot stand to give science a look, because they are afraid of fact finding. 

It was not until well past my fourth decade of life and learning, did I realize the enormity of systems at work from the hand of some life giving force. When majoring in Geology / Environmental Geology at the University of Arkansas, at Little Rock, AR., I had to look at the enormity of the Biosphere, and at minuscule particles, gases and liquids that are the tiniest pieces of everything made - including Human Beings.  

It was difficult to wrap my mind around at first, but as I "got it," there was enough new scientist about me, that I began to question some of the theories created around the Geo-physical principals we accept and subscribe to. 

No longer in college, my study of the universe has continued with a passion. I am re-forming theories I once believed, and am now asking questions, and am actively seeking answers. My thinking is that the entire universe is connected. That the Earth is just one small part of the entire body. It should not seem strange that with how vast our universe is, there should be many planets, moons and stars that contain sophisticated life. 

It is not illogical to consider that the natural healing systems, and anti-bodies within in us as humans and other critters, apply to planets and atmosphere's too. It is my learned opinion is that the box we humans have Creator stored in, is much much larger than we can even imagine; it surpasses what we understand in time and space measurements. 

I hope you enjoy this post, and keep in mind, our universe could have been exploded millions of years ago, and we haven't gotten the memo yet. Just a theory mind you, just a theory. 

How Are Humans Exposed to Gamma Rays? from the E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency)

Want to learn more about Radiation? University of Michigan; Introduction to Radiation.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tribal ecoAmbassador Program, and 2014 EPA Policy Announcement: EJ

EPA Policy on Environmental Justice for Working with Federally Recognized Tribes and Indigenous Peoples - July 2014 is an eleven page document outlining the plan of the Environmental Protection Agency, to work with recognized Tribes and Indigenous Peoples.


Tribal ecoAmbassador Program Accepting Applications

Tribal ecoAmbassador
The American Indian Environmental Office is accepting applications for the 2014-2015 Tribal ecoAmbassadors Program, which funds research at Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) to address environmental and health issues affecting their communities. EPA’s Tribal ecoAmbassadors program helps tribal college professors, students and community members bring environmental improvements to their schools and neighborhoods.
Applications are being accepted through July 31 from TCU professors who wish to establish independent study courses with tribal students on issues including but not limited to climate change, air quality, water quality, and waste management. Selected Tribal EcoAmbassadors will each receive a grant and will be responsible for recruiting qualified students, participating in training sessions led by EPA, producing a report that outlines research, results, and proposed solutions to the chosen topic, and presenting their research at a future meeting attended by both EPA and tribes.
To apply, please fill out and submit the application. For questions, please contact Marissa McInnis at or at (202) 564-2467.
To find out about current and previous Tribal ecoAmbassadors visit

Here is one woman's story of how the Dept of Justice, the EPA and citizen involvement made all of the difference. Sometimes it isn't as easy as calling 9/11, or just texting it in. In these days and times, it would be advisable, to follow up, and help stop the toxic polluters in their tracks.


Groundwater Deficit Out West I Earth Observatory Reports!

"Groundwater Deficit Out West" by NASA Earth Observatory July 7, 2014

There was a time when red, white and blue meant something to one group of people, and many others misunderstood; taking it all the wrong way. Abundance did not mean, get more. America, in a hurry to burn this Republic experiment, thinking there will be another one, to dominate, and conquer. Leave us to our Beloved Earth, Gia, Tierra...Go on outta here, leave us to our globe. We will love her back to health; until a new Era is ushered in. (blogging, yada, yada, yada)

We hear what seem like little squabbles about water, ranchers, and environmentalists, lawn people, gardeners, swimmers and fishers are all screaming different things about water. 

For the last ten years, NASA has been using the technology of Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (G.R.A.C.E.), in partnership with the University of California, Irvine have been keeping track of the water levels of the Colorado Basin.
Monthly measurements of the change in water mass from December 2004 to November 2013 revealed the basin lost nearly 53 million acre feet (65 cubic kilometers) of freshwater, almost double the volume of the nation's largest reservoir, Nevada's Lake Mead. More than three-quarters of the total -- about 41 million acre feet (50 cubic kilometers) -- was from groundwater.

Colorado River Basin map
Image Credit:  U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

"The Colorado River Basin (black outline) supplies water to about 40 million people in seven states. Major cities outside the basin (red shading) also use water from the Colorado River.

'We don't know exactly how much groundwater we have left, so we don't know when we're going to run out,' said Stephanie Castle, a water resources specialist at the University of California, Irvine, and the study's lead author."

GRACE Sees Water

July 23, 2014 further confirmation: 

It is important to understand what a Basin is in terms of Geology.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

EPA Warns Against Use of Refrigerant Substitutes That Pose Fire and Explosion Risk

Release Date: 07/01/2013
The Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) released warnings regarding the use of refrigerant substitutes that pose fire and explosion risks.

Many homeowners are barely scraping by these days, and those who are forced to rent or lease substandard homes, are faced with having to replace air conditioners and refrigerators with HCFC-22 (R-22), which is very expensive, and only sold under strict rules. R-22, has been banned for many uses, as has propane. There are only a few instances where R-22, or a substitute may be used, and it is never approved for individual use.  

There have been many explosions, fires, injuries and death due to the uses of substitute refrigerants, such as R-290, 22a, 22-A, R-22a, HC-22a, and CARE 40. 

At this time the E.P.A. is investigating cases where propane has been marketed and used as a substitute for HCFC-22 (R-22), a refrigerant that is widely used in home air conditioning systems. Home air conditioning systems were never made for propane and other flammable refrigerants.

Summer Cooling Tips to Chill Out with Energy Star - EPA - YouTube

What Is A Good Alternative To Propane Based Refrigerants? The E.P.A is currently researching to find safe and environmentally sane substitute for R-22, but at this time there are none. 

Part of the problem with many refrigerants is that they deplete the Ozone Layer. 

A number of refrigerants with “22a” or “R-22a” in the name contain highly flammable hydrocarbons, such as propane. These refrigerants are being marketed to consumers seeking to recharge existing home and motor vehicle air conditioning systems that were not designed to use propane or other flammable refrigerants. These refrigerants have never been submitted to EPA for review of their health and environmental impacts and are not approved for use in existing air conditioning systems
For A list of Refrigerants and Air Conditioning, that have been approved by the EPA, follow this link.

I know it's hot out there, and this is a perfect time to find alternatives to piped air. It has become too expensive to heat and cool, for many individuals and families.

Although freezing air was a great idea at its start, it is like so many other things that has come through the Industrial revolution that seemed like a good idea at the time, but what was not considered were the consequences or trade-offs for such luxury. 

Maintain Your Cooling System & Chill Out With Energy Star - EPA - YouTube

I hope you stay safe, and stay cool. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

EPA Releases Proposal to Protect Bristol Bay, Alaska

Region 10 of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has proposals in the works for the protection of Bristol Bay, Alaska.

There is an open comment period until September 19, 2014 for the public to show their will as far as the EPA Proposals. The protections of this action are against the Pebble Mine.

EPA Region 10 requests comment on a proposal to protect one of the world’s most valuable salmon fisheries, in Bristol Bay, Alaska, from the risks posed by a mine at the Pebble deposit.
Development of this mine would result in one of the largest open pit copper mines in the world and would
threaten one of the world’s most productive salmon fisheries.
and for those who do not know this wilderness area; this is the area that would be affected in a very bad way: 

It is very good news that the EPA, is striving for protections for this area. With the melting, and loss of habitat for so many critters, this is a move in the right direction for the health of humans, and all life, and lifestyles, in this area. Native Indian Tribes are affected on a daily basis by the degradation of wildlife and habitat.

Bristol Bay & The Threat of Pebble Mine - The Wilderness Society - YouTube

The thing that must happen is that citizens who care about this, must make their voices heard. If the only ones who respond to public comments are the mining industry, then the will of The People will not be heard, and our beautiful Earth will suffer even more harm, and more water will be destroyed. We cannot afford for this to happen. 
I am begging you to share this, and ask every one you know, and who cares to send in your comment. It is very easy to do.

The preferred way to submit your comments and input is #1
Here is the direct link to the Comment Page of   #1 

#1!documentDetail;D=EPA-R10-OW-2014-0505-0001 Make sure you specify which reg you are commenting on: Specify Docket # EPA-R10-OW-2014-0505.

#2. The next way is via email. Send your e-mail to: Include Include Docket # EPA-R10-OW-2014-0505 in the subject line.

#3. Send a Fax to: Fax your comments to 202-566-1753. Include Docket # EPA-R10-OW-2014-0505 in the subject line.

#4. Snail Mail: Send a letter to the EPA Bristol Bay Docket at: Water Docket # EPA-R10-OW-2014-0505
    • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
      Mail Code: 2822T
      1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
      Washington, DC 20460
#5. The most effective way is Show Up In Person and Testify: 

Attend a public hearing

Oral and written comments on EPA's proposal will be accepted at the following hearings:
Anchorage: Tuesday, August 12 at 2pm
Egan Center – Cook and Artegan Rooms
New Stuyahok: Wednesday, August 13 at 5pm
Cetuyaraq Community Center
Nondalton: Wednesday, August 13 at 5pm
Nondalton Community Center
Kokhanok: Thursday, August 14, 5pm
Location to be announced
Dillingham: Thursday, August 14 at 5pm
Middle School Gymnasium
Iliamna: Friday, August 15 at 12pm
Community Center
Igiugig: Friday, August 15 at 12pm
Tribal Hall
Please get involved, and speak up for Bristol Bay. Thank you for all the good you do.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

New NASA Space Observatory to Study Carbon Conundrums | NASA

New NASA Space Observatory to Study Carbon Conundrums | NASA
NASA Announcement June 12, 2014

The title above, is also a link to the NASA Space Observatory webpage that hosts this story. Since I started talking about that "Carbon Reduction Thingy" a few days ago, I have been looking for items, and information to share. 

This is an amazing article by our friends at NASA Space Observatory, and there are a few highlights I pulled out of this article to highlight:

Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2): NASA's New Carbon Counter - YouTube.

#2 As I named this Observatory, is one of five that will be launched in 2104. 
“Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere plays a critical role in our planet's energy balance and is a key factor in understanding how our climate is changing,” said Michael Freilich, director of NASA’s Earth Science Division in Washington. “With the OCO-2 mission, NASA will be contributing an important new source of global observations to the scientific challenge of better understanding our Earth and its future."  (Freilich 2014)
For more information on OCO-2, NASA's New Carbon Counter, check these links: 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Carbon Reduction Thingy

Recently our President made a big move to reduce our Carbon pollution. Thank you.

"Reducing Carbon Pollution in our Power Plants"

There are so many voices clamoring to TALK about Carbon, and what that really means.

I know some of my readers have been looking for my response to this very positive and environmentally sound decision. Carbon, Carbon Credits, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, etc are subjects I have touched on since the start of my blog.

In an attempt to remain politically neutral when explaining environmental regulations and actions, I do refrain from wrangling, and hope to just give the reader information that they can understand, provide more links to valid sources and resources so that they may find out for themselves whether or not the information I provide is legitimate.

I have been more close to nature and the Earth, than people my whole life. 

There is no difficulty in understanding the beauty, importance and place that all things in nature play. For me I have a hard time deciphering what people are really up to. There are some very scandalous people and organizations in our world, but in counter; there are many, many more good people who are quietly hiding about, and surviving this the best they can.

I have been thinking how to present this, so that a regular person who is not an engineer, nor lawyer can get some facts, and sources to help fight ignorance of the part in Carbon pollution that mankind plays.

This is on all of us. Me included.

I detest the drilling for oil in our Oceans, but I haven't stopped driving yet. I drive 70% less since the Deep Water Horizon Disaster of April 20, 2014. I didn't drive for 4 months after the explosion. I yearn for a community where it is safe or sane for me to get around without Carbon based energy.

There are a lot of interesting things to know about Carbon, how it is about Life and continuation, as well as decay, and new Geological Time Periods. 

The week before the Pontus announcement, he talked to people who suffer with Asthma. For those who cannot live with their air because of pollution, the reduction of Carbon pollution is a biggie. Thank you President Obama for doing the right thing.

Raw Video: The President Talks With Young Asthma Patients

I will not disappoint, and hopefully I will be able to give you enough information to where you can learn to benefit early from the Carbon Reduction markets. 

"I Declare World Peace" #IdleNoMore #IDeclareWorldPeace #Carbon #PresidentObama 

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ten year-old Dragon gains new strength / Observing the Earth / Our Activities / ESA

Ten year-old Dragon gains new strength / Observing the Earth / Our Activities / ESA

For over a decade, China has had a standing agreement to allow the European Space Agency to monitor, and report on one of China's largest fresh water lakes; Poyang Lake. 

Poyang, located in the Jiangxi Province,  is only one of the many projects of the collaboration of the Chinese-European Dragon Program. May 2014, marks its ten-year anniversary.
"-The Poyang lake in southern China’s Jiangxi province, is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the country.
- This lake is an important habitat for migrating Siberian cranes – many of which spend the winter there. The basin is also one of China's most important rice-producing regions, although local inhabitants must contend with massive seasonal changes in water level.
In addition to seasonal changes, a team of scientists working under ESA’s Dragon programme have identified an overall decrease in water level in the lake over the last decade."

Important Data for the Poyang Submersion!