Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ants - From Warship to Worship (Mexico)

A Review of "Ants: From Warship to Worship (Mexico)," by Keveen Gabet

Ants - From Warship to Worship (Mexico) by Keveen Gabet, October 3, 2013, Is a wonderful article for those who follow Permaculture, or a non-toxic lifestyle. Keveen a Permaculture Farmer, goes through trial and error, to figure out a way to keep invading armies of ants from taking away his garden. The article includes well defined photographs that enhance the article, and help deliver the information.

Everything is point of view. When settlers first came to this beautiful land, they killed, ravaged, pillaged, cheated, and plowed their ways Westward. Their careless destruction of wildlife habitats, which had been in place at least 500 years without human harm, changed the balance of the Eco-system. Then they wiped out the jungles, then the birds, and soon the indigenous tribes. 

When animals, birds, fish and insects lose ground - their habitats, if they do not die out, or are not hunted to extinction, they need someplace to live, and do what they do. Mr. Gabet does find out in the end, that ants are beneficial to the system, and there are ways to live with creatures we had always considered pests.

We must learn to live in harmony with all living things. It is the only way we will survive, and prosper. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Ready to Camp? (Crossword Puzzle) - Writing.Com

Ready to Camp? (Crossword Puzzle) - Writing.Com

Just a little light - hearted fun. If you can find a place cool enough to camp. If not, stay cool and work on this Easy crossword puzzle. Turns into a list of things to take when you do get to go camping. Oh, don't forget the #FirstAidKit