Saturday, September 15, 2012

What is a Watershed? Adopt Your Watershed 2012 EPA Program announced

Today, those of us who are concerned with Mother Earth, and all of her inhabitants, have many causes we can adopt, many organizations who are doing good things to keep Earth, Air, Sky and Waters clean. 

There are a handful of organizations that I support in Social Media that are strictly for the preservation of birds, four-leggeds, fish and all manner of critters. 

For those who are straining at the brain trying to figure out where to put our energy and time, it is difficult choose one thing, and many of us do not. 

What is a Watershed? (Follow link to EPA Watershed Page) We all live in a Watershed. A Watershed is an area where all waters run to a common waterway. This includes the smallest streams, creeks and tributaries, all the way to our globe's Oceans. We all have a vested interest in strengthening, and caring for our Watersheds.

It is a good time in 2012 regarding young people, because they are looking up from their !Pods, Smart Phones, and Blackberries; not liking what they see. They are getting involved, and here is hoping they surpass us old school environmentalists, who fought in the 1970's to see the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The following is one example of caring for a watershed. In this YouTube video, The EPA supports Green Stormwater Management in Lenexa, KS.

It is 40 years since the Clean Water Act was established, and it has helped, but industry and an Industrial brained Congress, have caused many loopholes in the Clean Air, and Clean Water Acts. The Industrial wires say that Environmental Regulations hurt business.

 That is only a lie. It is greedy old dudes wanting to not only win a few games, but they want it all. 

Even mine and yours. Me, my children, grand and great grandchildren have the right to clean Air, and Clean Water. If rules against destroying what keeps us alive are burdensome, then perhaps the Industrial Wires need to rethink their positions.

Having said all that; The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a program that will give groups, communities and Tribes a way to Adopt one of 2600 Water sheds in the U.S. and Tribal Nations. 

The Program is "Adopt Your Watershed" (follow link to EPA Page)

There are nine items listed that community or tribe members can do, to take better control of local water quality, and be involved in a leadership position.

This is exciting, because community members who care enough to give a little time each month, can make a huge difference to their own Watershed.

If you do get involved, please come back and give us a post if you will. 

Thank you!

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