Monday, September 10, 2012

EPA Partners with Dept of Energy for sustainablility

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has partnered with the Department of Energy and come up with a Division that will be administered through the EPA: "Land, Waste and Cleanup I Science & Technology"

The EPA and Department of Energy are running feasibilty studies that will work on producing energy by coming up with ways to transform polluted, National Priorities Listed Properties, Toxic Waste sites, mining sites, and Brownfields.

This is a link to EPA Podcasts that talk about Green Innovations, and are an alternative to having to read through these government announcements, giving the non-scientist a chance to participate and gather information for Environmental equality.

The #photo centered above was taken from the 2nd floor of the Clinton Presidential Library, on the banks of the Arkansas River, in Little Rock, AR. The reason I used this photo is it shows current activity in revitalizing the North Little Rock, Arkanasas side of the Arkansas River.

What does that photo have to do with the EPA Science & Technology of focusing on Waste sites, Brownfields and other toxic lands to move toward a renewable future? The Clinton Presidential Library Foundation, and Heifter International partnered to Revitalize a National Priority Listed Property area of the Arkansas River bank, and it is one of the most successful set of greening and revitalization projects to date.

There is a lot of good information, laid out in a simple manner, and there are links to a lot of information for the citizen who wants to get involved in Public Comments, and attending Public meetings. The Land, Waste & Cleanup site, is an excellent page for resources needed for those seeking information on environmental issues by and near their homes.

The industries are the ones who show up to the public meetings, and are involved in decision making meetings when it comes to permitting facilities and business. Be Involved, show up, and speak up.

Save our only habitat. Please, do not do nothing.

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