Thursday, September 6, 2012

North American Fish extinctions escalating

A dire report issued August 12, 2012, by the United States Geological Society (USGS) is alarming to those who are inhabitants of Earth.

The title of the article is; North American Fish Extinctions may double by 2050. (the complete report is in this link.

From the Office of Communications and Publishing of the USGS out of Gainsville, Florida.

How fast can you kill it?

How fast can you melt it?

How much money does it take to satisfy an Industrialist?

This is a report that should make every earthling stop what they are doing, turn off their television, and look for a way to return to a simple life.

The best way to help understand the ferocity of this situation is to define Exponential Growth **

Main Entry:
exponential growth
Part of Speech: n
Definition: development at an increasingly rapid rate in proportion to the growing total number or size; a constant rate of growth applied to a continuously growing base over a period of time

Another way to think about it is the old double a penny a day. Start out with one penny, then next day two, the next day four, the next day eight and so will not be long until you are in the big money.

This is what is happening rapidly to North American Fish Species.

Documenting scientific evidence in modern times, has given modern people an idea of timelines of our Earth. Ice melts, excavations, man-made and natural disasters can bring ancient information to the surface, where we can see signs of life.

Geological evidence is found where at one time the Earth was under water, where it was a giant landmass, when it was frozen solid, and even where the Earth was struck by a giant asteroid in times past.

Geological time, or Earth Changes Time is counted by millions of years (myo.). Geologically speaking, fish extinctions are on a run-away-train to the end.

Without clean water, without oxygen in our waters, not only can aquatic life no longer exist, this unfortuneatly spells the end of all living things, and that includes Human beings.

Per the report, the loss of fish species we have experienced from 1900 - 2010, is equal to what Nature or Geology had done in 3 million years.

This may not mean much too you, or you may decide to shut the computer down, and turn on the plug-in-drug, thinking that it is someone else's problem. It is our Planet, our only habitat, and if we do not all get together asap, it will be curtains for us all.


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