Thursday, September 6, 2012

Is Richmond California free from PCB danger?

Chevron TCI Refinery Richmond California

Shelter In Place Warning - August 6, 2012

According to the Register Star Online, residents of the town of Ghent, are concerned that the raging fire at Chevron TCI's Refinery in Richmond California, has caused toxins to be released into their air, water and soil.

In a letter published by Bill and Courtney Powell of Ghent, they exclaimed disbelief that the EPA could have tested water and soil for PCB's and have had an "all clear" designation in only 2 days. The EPA reported no dangerous levels.

Fog City has included a photo of the fire; submitted by Occupy Okland, that shows a devilish, and eerie plume of black smoke.

According to a certified, environmental test, this smoke reading is -0- opacity. This means it is detrimental to human and other life forms.

The smoke is only what can be seen with the human eye; what cannot be detected without months and years of testing is the biological affect the toxins from this fire will have on human and other life forms.

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