Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Interactive Tool, RadTown, by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), learn about radiation for the human population

RadTown USA from the Environmental Protection Agency - April 

What all can you learn by using RadTown?

  • Basic Information about Radiation and how it moves, and what affects it has on human health and the environment
  • Learn about natural and man-made sources of radiation found in our everyday lives
  • Specific fact sheet from A - Z, with a glossary of information on everything radioactive and humans
  • Related Links
How much does it cost to use the interactive RadTown? Nothing. This is a service provided by Big Government to give everyday citizens information on toxins, pollutants, and how these affect our human health, and the health of our habitats. 

How do I enter RadTown? Follow this link

Topics listed on the upper right-hand coroner of the RadTown page:
  • Personal Exposure
  • Using Radioactive Materials
  • Radiation Treated Material
  • Transporting Radioactive materials
  • Radioactive Waste
  • Natural Radiation
  • Security

I have been playing with this Interactive Tool; RadTown, it is very user friendly. The first thing I clicked on was the Nuclear Plant Stacks, and when I did, it gave me a brief summary of what a Nuclear Plant is, and what they do with their radiation.

When clicking on the Construction Site, I found they have listed the device I used to transport and use in testing. The brand we used was Troxler, and it contains uranium, and measures the moisture and density of the ground/road/rock. One must be trained and licensed to transport a Nuclear Gauge. Several of these come up missing each year.

There are many other areas to check. I hope this helps bring a better understanding of what using radiation in our everyday lives cost us. 


All of the items listed in RadTown, are best case scenario. This is the problem with business and industry. They come up with an idea, which seems very cool at the start, but when looked at in the long-run, it is a crap shoot. Radioactive Waste, Accidents. and spills are a payoff we cannot afford. 

What happened to the spent fuel rods at the Grand Gulf Nuclear Plant, when Katrina hit? Since NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) only answer to themselves, this is a question I have long been afraid to ask, and have answered, but we need to know.

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