Thursday, April 14, 2011

EPA Announces Landmark Settlement with TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority), April 14, 2011

Today April 14, 2011, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) announced publicly, a landmark settlement with Tennessee Valley Authority, who while operating in the past, and operating still in, Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee, have violated the Clean Air Act. This does not get our clean air back, but it earns TVA new equipment bought and paid for by its members...who they must recompense...? Huh, what is going on?

Now, because of this wonderful settlement, all those big pockets of my air that was destroyed, is a settlement to benefit the polluter. Instead of saying, no form of coal operation, all forms of coal use, harm human and other life forms. This settlement of the polluter getting new bells and whistles is ridiculous. They are affecting the globe's worth of air, and I do not agree that this is enough. Clean Water act as well. Most people have to obey the law, not TVA.

This settlement is to keep jobs going I guess, until they are done, like lumber jacks. After you rip it all out of the ground, it will take several thousands of years to restock all of those resources we be sucking up. Unsustainable. Period.

60 Minutes - 130 Million Tons of Waste (October 4, 2009)

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