Sunday, February 13, 2011

EPA removes confidentiality claims on Chemicals studied under TSCA!

EPA Removes Confidentiality Claims on Chemicals Studied under TSCA(link) News Release by Date, Release Date Feb 10, 2011 - News media contact: Dale Kemery (202)564-7839, (202)564-4355

On Thursday of this past week (02.10.11) the U.S. EPA notified five (5) companies that they would no longer be allowed to claim the compounds and/or ingredients of their chemicals are confidential.

The TSCA Compliance Handbook (Environmental Compliance Handbook Series)

For decades Congress has assisted large industry in pouring toxins into our air, water and soils, all the while, not required to notify State or Federal Agencies of the chemical compound ingredients, testing, and dangers. 

The very fact that Newt Gingrich was calling for the dismantling of the EPA last week, shows that there was a lot of pressure from those who have purchased the US Congress, lock-stock-and pork barrel. 

The New Reagan Revolution: How Ronald Reagan's Principles Can Restore America's Greatness

When the public gets a load of the ingredients that have been used in the manufacture of chemicals, there will be a barrage of law suits, because the affect on human health, is one that is over 50 years old. 

Thirty years ago, the EPA was created, because Oil and Auto manufacturers built their empires around crude oil, laced with lead. Our atmosphere was cooling at that time because there was huge parts per million particulate of LEAD! Hello. When we first were activists for an Agency that would regulate polluters, the same lies were spread then as now. The auto industry said they would go under if lead were removed from gas. 

In situ stabilization of toxic metals in polluted soils using phosphates: theoretical prediction and experimental verification [An article from: Journal of Hazardous Materials]

Oil companies said it would cost them way too much, they would lose money. Industry would suffer. The same happened when more safety was required for automobiles, and human safety. Any person who has been a member of Congress over 30 years, has mostly aided and abetted huge industry and polluters. It is proven that dirty industry causes more poverty, sickness and lower quality of life for the majority where they operate. 

Air Pollution and Health

Jobs are given as the carrot in front of the jackass, those jobs are temporary, and stressful and usually dangerous. The high level jobs held by a mere handful in comparison to the regular worker is apples and oranges in pay and benefits. For decades coal mining denied that breathing coal dust was unhealthy for workers. The fight to prove the damage to human health took almost a century. 

Now as retribution, coal companies simply strip the mountains off the land. Kill the streams and creeks, and pay their little fines. The final act is when they are allowed to abandon their properties, that they have injured and killed. Leaving populations and towns evacuated. 

Privileged Polluters: The Case Against Exempting Municipalities from Superfund

The kicker is that our US Congress has made tax credits available for those who abandon their industrial disasters. Under the Superfund program, Industries used to be responsible for funding the superfund trust fund, but thanks to the Congress that US Citizens have placed in office, Businesses get off scot free, in the scope of things, while the Federal, local, and State governments are left with the cost of maintaining them. Those governments are funded by Citizen Tax Dollars!

The maintenance includes and is not limited to hiring the same engineering firms who helped these industries get pollution permits, to test month after month, year after year, turning in b.s. pollution monitoring reports that are mostly b.s., because that is what the owner says it should say. These costs, and the cost of having our human DNA affected by what is allowed to be poured into our very rivers, land and air. 

Fixing Superfund: The Effect of the Proposed Superfund Reform Act of 1994 on Transaction Costs

Thank Goodness for Administrator Lisa Jackson, for bringing transparency to the public from those who have hidden behind Congressmen and women who are only in place to do their bidding. The jobs and economy provided by dirty polluters is a wash. We must get back to basics and take care of our one and only habitat.

EPA's Increased Transparency(LINK)

TSCA Sectioin 8(e) FYI (LINK) 

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