Monday, January 24, 2011

Re; Published paper by D Uhlmann (2011), After the spill is gone...

SSRN-After the Spill is Gone: The Gulf of Mexico, Environmental Crime, and the Criminal Law by David Uhlmann (2011)

The Gulf oil spill was the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, and it will become the most significant criminal case ever prosecuted under the environmental laws...(link to PDF article)

David M Uhlmann of the University of Michigan Law School has published this very interesting Scholarly/Legal article regarding the legal ramifications and possible criminal prosecution of those responsible for the failure on the part of those Owners/Operators, to have prevented this Disaster. (This is not spill with all due respect) Just because the media was held by the teeth to keep it a 'spill', it is anything but.  

Deep Water: The Gulf Oil Disaster and the Future of Offshore Drilling - The Report of the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling

One of the books that I kept from my classes at University is AMS Ocean Studies: Investigations Manual from the American Meterological Society. Another is How Does Earth Work?: Physical Geology and the Process of Science by G.Smith, and A.Pun University of NM by Pearson/Prentice Hill. And Weather Studies: Intro to Atmospheric Science, by J.Moran

Ocean Studies-Introduction to Oceanography                           How Does Earth Work: Physical Geology and the Process of Science      Weather Studies: Introduction to Atmospheric Science

In a very short time, I learned a LOT about our entire Earth system, from the tiniest chemical building block, to entire Tectonics, and beyond, to the Atmosphere and Space. When the Deepwater Horizon disaster occurred, we were at the end of our Spring 2010 Courses, those of us who study the Earth have been very quiet over this disaster. One reason is an attempt by Industry to stop Google Searches and listings to do with this subject, the other is because we know what it means. 

We are seeing the affects slowly but surely globe wide, in the atmosphere too - actually quite quickly in Geological time. 

The Gulf Coast of the United States was a giant Air Conditioning/Current and Air Cleaning Filter for the Global Waters!! HULLO!

I stopped writing this blog, when in May of 2010, I learned that some groups of people who I thought cared for our planet and environment would do something to stop what was going on down in Louisiana, and found that money will buy off the crime of the deaths of millions worldwide. In Arkansas a mere 900 miles from the Disaster we suffered over 100 days, of over 100 degrees. We had virtually no rain from April until December. We had a couple of flash floods in places, but no rain that could soak into the ground tables. 

According to the Corexit MSDS, BP was not authorized to dispense Corexit, and it was not being used in accordance with the MSDS. It was supposed to used only in small areas, where it could be rapidly cleaned up. 

They have poisoned our Earth's waters. Creatures, coral reefs, waters are dying...not enough Oxygen or Food!! The thing that polluters use to escape liability is they do a minimal test on a portion of the population affected, they are not looking at chemical changes and effects in the endocrine systems, or brains, or DNA! 

 You Hoo!! Is anybody out there? No, all heads are buried in the sand, trouble is...that sand isn't so healthy after all. No telling what the mix will do to the thinking processes?

Jurist Uhlmann thank you for publishing this Abstract, and I look forward to the Harvard Law Review. I am only concerned that our Legal System has been protecting the nastiest polluters for over 40 years. It is citizens who are stuck with the clean-up, because the responsible parties, may abandon, and then file bankruptcy like no regular Citizen of the US or Native Tribes can. It is a shame, but I do believe we are passed the tipping point, and now, it will only be a miracle that saves our Habitat for Human and animal life. 

The best!

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