Saturday, January 22, 2011

Haze over India and Bangladesh

Haze over India and Bangladesh

This cloud, visible via Satellite is most likely an Inverse Convection of toxins, or other pollutants locked in place, like a Giant Salad bowl, turned upside down, or a fishing boat that has been capsized; where it retains that 'last bit of oxygen' you can breathe so you don't drown. There is also, a suction-like affect. That bubble is locked until a force or a chemical, possibly temperature change occurs.

A cloud this large is frightening. There are all sorts of life forms and weather patterns, currents that can be affected by an inverse convection, even birds, and butterflies and all of the other pollinators.

This would be a perfect time and place for some kind of giant Nitrous Oxide, detector, to find out the measurement of pollutants to fresh air. This area has been bombarded with harsh flooding and volcanic activity since Summer of 2010. This is highly alarming to me personally, but I do worry. Can we get a Giant NOX Detector?

I do not blame everything on the terrible practices of the human animal when it comes to disasters and clouds such as these. It is important to note that volcanic activity has been chugging along this ridge of the Earth more and more often.

There was an era of man, not so long ago, especially looking at the larger, Geological picture, where a movement of Love and concern for our Brothers and Sisters across the world. The Love movement was quieted and still remains a small trickle.

Concert for Bangladesh  The Concert for Bangladesh (Limited Deluxe Edition)

One of the most memorable things I can remember was The Concert for Bangladesh, where an outpouring of love and anointed music spread cross the world, and George Harrison, Ravi Shankar, Ringo Star, Bob Dylan, sang to raise money and awareness. Everytime I hear this album, it brings back that spirit.

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