Monday, January 3, 2011

Four and four thousand ninety six Blackbirds baked in a Money Pie

Today I count myself very lucky. Do you realize that I live in a State, where the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) was able to ascertain in a matter of minutes that no air toxins were involved in the massacre of  over 5,000, red-winged blackbirds.

Wow, when did they start hiring veterinarians? Who did the autopsies, blood, lung and brain tests already?

Better than Special Victims Unit on TV, in just minutes, ADEQ determined that there are no air toxins involved in the death of all of those birds.  Miraculous. Since I used to work in the Air Division of ADEQ, I am going over in my mind just how all of this went down...
  1. ADEM (Arkansas Department of Emergency Management) was called when birds started dropping from the sky. This is standard protocol for a possible spill or what ADEQ calls "UPSET" [the thing is Energy companies are not required to report 'UPSET conditions'. They are self monitored.
  2. ADEM Contacted their person on call 24 hours per day at ADEQ. It is possible that a there was air quality problems stemming from Gas Well, or Sour gas. This happens all the time. It is not reported to the public, the gas well companies have no requirement to report this to ADEQ. 
  3. The Director of ADEQ was notified, and The Director notified the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission,  and Beebe, the Governor may have been in the string of calls.
  4. The Chief of the Air Division got a call.
  5. The head of Manager of Compliance and Enforcement is given the word, This report will be inconclusive. They all are. 
  6. US Environmental Services, makes a load cleaning up the dead birds...who is the consulting / engineering company? Who is so close to the Arkansas pollution commission. who has a lot of interest in Beebe, oh I meant the town... 
  7. Arkansas Reclamation
This would have normally been a call that was answered by ADEQ like this, "Dead birds are not under our jurisdiction, you will have to call another Agency, I don't know who you should call, but it isn't us." 

The results will be inconclusive. No one who works for this State agency will make waves. They will put their heads back down, counting days until retirement. While a few engineering firms make billions off of the pollution problems caused by lackadaisical Environmental Enforcement.

 Will they publish the results of the autopsies they performed to come to these conclusions? It would be a good thing to publicly acknowledge the chain of custody and authority in this massive destruction of birds. What are the actions and steps they took to come to that conclusion? 

If I were a philosopher, I would ask, "Is there any connection?" Arkansas Reclamation of Beebe, and Environmental Services are overseen by?  A.P.C. & E. is there a possible conflict of interest? Just thinking out loud.

There were strong complaints against Arkansas Reclamation, and citizens have been put off and ignored since the first day they started hauling in spent hydraulic fracturing fluids for reclaiming. 

To stop the complaints ARC had to stop getting complaints... In the Director of ADEQ's own works from a 2009 meeting regarding "Land Farms" (which is a shady way of saying land that the fluids are taken and dumped), she said it was a test to see how it would go... 

"Director’s Report
Director Marks discussed Arkansas Department of Environmental 
Quality’s (“ADEQ”) proposed 2009 legislation package.  
She reported that Regulation No. 8 did not go through the 
Legislative Council but will be reviewed in December and would 
be ready to go before the commission in January. 
Director Marks reported on a study that ADEQ is doing on 
commercial land farming activity to see what affect it is having 
on the soils and water bodies of the state. 
Commissioner Schueck asked for an  update regarding the 
complaints against the Arkansas Reclamation Company located in 
Beebe that were discussed at the last meeting. Discussion 
Chair Thompson called on Senator Kim Hendren to speak to th..."
What kind of study is being done? Who is doing it? What are the conclusions? Who is doing the testing?

 You know, on hazardous areas, birds are kept in cages in the offices, because if they start dying, that means it is time for everyone to clear out. The fact that one bird was seen walking next to people on the ground in circles, and cannot fly on this news clip, is very worrying. 

If humans start dropping dead, will the ADEQ be sent to do autopsies? Just wondering... because it would be inconclusive that any environmental problems exists, there is too much money to be made for that conclusion.

This is Progress

An article in the Washington Times, states, "the birds will not be missed", during migration they come in for a month and crap everywhere. Those birds are here for a reason. 

They will be missed as they eat bugs, flies, mosquitoes, and other parasites that feed on mammals. Each time we lose any species we are one step closer to our own demise. This was an ecological system, all parts important. Today we know the most important thing is a couple of ol' boys make money, and Arkansans are left to pay for the clean up. Way to go.

Arkansas must lose the Natural State Hype, and change to the Fracked State!

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