Monday, January 17, 2011

Final Determination on Mingo Logan Coal Company! January 13, 2011 Logan County W Virginia

EPA Follows Clean Water Act, Section 404(c) Veto Authority and Discharge of Dredged or Fill Materials (404) US EPA (link to document)

On January 13, 2011, the EPA in conjunction with the President of the United States and the Department of Justice have made a FINAL DETERMINATION in regards to the operating permits once granted to the owners/operators of the Spruce Mine #1 

Spruce Mine #1 operations has been out of compliance since they turned in the information on their permit application. They did not tell all of the toxins and gases and metals they would be pouring into the open waterways of Logan County, West Virginia. 

Coal RiverI heard the Mine-Senator Manchin on WDTV 5. "...absolutely wrong, after going through all this permitting them, process...callous" err Senator, I heard " investment". Who cares about the health of my Earth that you are callously making profits on, and the health of your Constituents who have highly toxic water, because when your friends at the mines greased those 404's and 404(c)'s, especially when phone calls are placed to the Environmental State Agency, and heads will roll, if they don't get those permits...

According to the news sources who are bought and paid for by big energy, it is a joke, how they are whining about jobs and investments. The jobs would end soon anyway, because they have about used up every resource imaginable. The permits were gotten without full disclosure and with the help and support of the Corp of Engineers, who overseas the waterways of West Virginia. It is hard to dismiss the fact that in order to get the oversight agency to comply, they had to be bypassed. It is very difficult to go against such power, concentrated in such small areas. Their reach is enormous, but the destruction of our habitat must stop. Coal power is dirty, and everything done to harvest it is deadly and detrimental to our environment and human health.

To quote one of the documents; the first filing on the federal register...

Applying the lessons of the past, we now know that failure to

control mining practices has resulted in persistent environmental
degradation in the form of acid mine drainage and other impacts that
cost billions to remedy. While the Surface Mining Control and
Reclamation Act (SMCRA), the CWA, and other laws have put in place
controls addressing some environmental impacts, including acid mine
drainage, recent studies and experience point to new environmental and
health challenges that were largely unconsidered until more recently.
We know the regulatory controls currently in place have not prevented
adverse water quality and aquatic habitat impacts from other surface
mining operations. We also know the same types of impacts as those
anticipated from this project have had previously unforeseen
environmental consequences.
Coal Country: Rising Up Against Mountaintop Removal Mining Public health issues surrounding the types of impacts associated
with the Spruce No. 1 project are not well understood. EPA has been
presented with household-specific and anecdotal information that
suggests individual and possibly public surface water and ground water
supplies could be adversely impacted by surface coal mining activities.
In addition, recent published studies directly relate intensity of
surface mining activities within Appalachia to degraded public health
and mortality. EPA has been presented with a petition from a variety of
local stakeholders that outlines many of these concerns and further
relates them to issues of environmental justice.

and refused to change the way they operate, and continued unsafe practices, affecting all of the waterways around them. I will put links to documents that are viewable to the public, showing how toxic the waterways and soil is around Spruce Mine #1. 
  • The press, is not saying is the history of non-compliance of strip miners, and mountain-top miners.
  • Anyone who could do that to a mountain, does not care about nature. 
  • Vetoing of the 404c and 404 permits once issued to Mingo Logan Coal Company, working reclamation of Spruce Mine #1 Surface Mine is due to a long legal battle that Coal money has kept going. Environmental Justice had one victory here on this day.
Thank you Lisa Jackson, and all of the citizens who refused to stop, when the cause seemed impossible. 

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