Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fracking is an Earth cracking, water destroying practice

"FRACK is a Four Letter Word!"

"Natural Gas Extraction is Clean Energy"

"Natural Gas is a Renewable Resource"

"Fracking Fluids are only Water with a few Secret Ingredients"

"Refilling the Drilled Places with Sand, Restores Structural Stability to the Crust"

"CAT Engines that are placed on-site to keep the Gas Wells Pumping are Individual Point Sources"

...and other Fairy Tales you hear from Shale Extractors to keep them from being regulated. The scariest part of these Tales is that the money that is being made by a handful of people, makes them greedy and dangerous enough that the Agencies that are supposed to Regulate them, turn a Blind Eye to the long-term and extensive damage done by Fracking.

In March of 2008, I was working for the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality. I was fairly new at my job, working in the Air Compliance & Enforcement Division as a lowly Secretary II. On that fateful day, a Mr. (Roberts?) called into the Agency to make a complaint against the "Fracking" companies that were heading into Arkansas. This gentleman was dying, he had worked in Natural Gas Extraction in the State of Texas, and due to exposure from the silica, he was terminally ill.

Mr. Roberts also warned that as an avid Sportsman; fishing and hunting, we would lose our aquatic life and our streams and creeks would be destroyed. He sounded a little crazy, let me tell you. Some of the terms and terminology was brand new to me, and I have been around the Environmental Industry for years. He told me he could prove everything he was saying, and I began receiving emails into the Air Division, outlining the illegal behavior, and devastating practices done by these "sub-contracted" Gas Well Frackers.

Part of the documentation sent, was from the Texas Department of Environmental Quality who had worked for years to bring the fracking companies into compliance, and to get them working within the permitting system of TDEQ and the EPA. They were never successful, and amazingly, all of this moved right into Arkansas, just like this caller said. I personally had conversations with Texas Department of Environmental Quality and they warned me, just like Mr. Roberts.

I was in the Air Division, and should never have received this call, but it is the practice of ADEQ to be intentionally "not helpful" to Citizens when they call in, "it takes too much time". ADEQ has a division called Public Outreach & comment on that. At the time, there was a wonderful environmentalist, "D", who worked in POA and I passed all of this complaint information to him.

Because of the complaint call, we were able to track the new Fracking company to Russellville, Arkansas, where Public Outreach and Assistance would walk the Frackers through the permitting processes they may need. It seem as if everything was in control, being monitored, and good. I did the final follow up with Mr. Roberts and he kept insisting that we were going to be sadly fooled when this was over.

It was more than simply a Water issue. Once the Earth has been fractured, and the Gas is flowing, a well-head must be formed, where CAT Engines are placed to continue pumping the Gas. These CAT Engines are a Pollutant Source, but somehow the Industry was able to get an exemption no other Industry gets, and that is to count each one of these Engine sources and a single point source of pollution and not count their cumulative sources in a given area. Not only that, but some of the toxins that are emitted from these engines was not even counted during the permitting process, although it is standard in other States.That in my opinion is criminal.

The ADEQ, Outreach and Assistance associate, "D" that had been with the Agency for many years, ended up leaving several months after this all transpired. I can only imagine the pressure that came to rest on him, to let the Gas Extractors alone. 

The Director of ADEQ, appointed by Governor Beebe, was well aware of the extra strain and budget constraints that would come from Gas Well Extraction in the Water Division, but during a "meet & greet" session with the Air Division, she had no idea that over 1000 air permits had been applied for and given on CAT Engines, increasing complaint calls, stack testing and inspections required in Air.

No idea... By the time I left, there were well over 1,000 permits issued to Southwest Energy, Chesapeake, and several other Natural Gas Companies whose ownership and names changed on a regular basis.

When I left the agency in June of 2009, many of the permits were owned by the entity which recently built a new ballpark in North Little Rock, AR. It may not seem like this is on topic, but the thing is, two 2 air Permitting Engineers in the Air Division, also are in the employee of this entity, and these two, help out at the Beer Brewery and ballpark, working the concession stands, and have worked several other positions with the entity. This was disclosed to the Director's office, and they did not feel this was a conflict of interest.

This entity also owns and controls all media in Arkansas. A CEO of this entity, also sits on Governor Beebe's Blue Ribbon Committee for Highway Development...the same development that will be "transparent, after it is finished..." I am sure there is not a conflict of interest... right?

My last two months were a horror show to me, as I witnessed hundreds of 404 (Short term use water permits) issued to the fracking/gas well companies, without regard for the environment, and successfully bypassing public scrutiny. These permits allow the frackers to trench 2 miles of 22" pipe under every stream and tributary in Arkansas even endangered ones. Progress and prosperity, right?

(link) High Pressure Fracture Fluid Testing Document
(link) Drilling Fluid U.S. Patent 5333698
(link) Patent Storm - US Patent 5362713
High Performance Environmentally Friendly Fluids

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Interactive Tool, RadTown, by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), learn about radiation for the human population

RadTown USA from the Environmental Protection Agency - April 

What all can you learn by using RadTown?

  • Basic Information about Radiation and how it moves, and what affects it has on human health and the environment
  • Learn about natural and man-made sources of radiation found in our everyday lives
  • Specific fact sheet from A - Z, with a glossary of information on everything radioactive and humans
  • Related Links
How much does it cost to use the interactive RadTown? Nothing. This is a service provided by Big Government to give everyday citizens information on toxins, pollutants, and how these affect our human health, and the health of our habitats. 

How do I enter RadTown? Follow this link

Topics listed on the upper right-hand coroner of the RadTown page:
  • Personal Exposure
  • Using Radioactive Materials
  • Radiation Treated Material
  • Transporting Radioactive materials
  • Radioactive Waste
  • Natural Radiation
  • Security

I have been playing with this Interactive Tool; RadTown, it is very user friendly. The first thing I clicked on was the Nuclear Plant Stacks, and when I did, it gave me a brief summary of what a Nuclear Plant is, and what they do with their radiation.

When clicking on the Construction Site, I found they have listed the device I used to transport and use in testing. The brand we used was Troxler, and it contains uranium, and measures the moisture and density of the ground/road/rock. One must be trained and licensed to transport a Nuclear Gauge. Several of these come up missing each year.

There are many other areas to check. I hope this helps bring a better understanding of what using radiation in our everyday lives cost us. 


All of the items listed in RadTown, are best case scenario. This is the problem with business and industry. They come up with an idea, which seems very cool at the start, but when looked at in the long-run, it is a crap shoot. Radioactive Waste, Accidents. and spills are a payoff we cannot afford. 

What happened to the spent fuel rods at the Grand Gulf Nuclear Plant, when Katrina hit? Since NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) only answer to themselves, this is a question I have long been afraid to ask, and have answered, but we need to know.

NukAlert™ nuclear radiation detector / monitor (keychain attachable) alarm

Thursday, April 14, 2011

EPA Announces Landmark Settlement with TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority), April 14, 2011

Today April 14, 2011, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) announced publicly, a landmark settlement with Tennessee Valley Authority, who while operating in the past, and operating still in, Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee, have violated the Clean Air Act. This does not get our clean air back, but it earns TVA new equipment bought and paid for by its members...who they must recompense...? Huh, what is going on?

Now, because of this wonderful settlement, all those big pockets of my air that was destroyed, is a settlement to benefit the polluter. Instead of saying, no form of coal operation, all forms of coal use, harm human and other life forms. This settlement of the polluter getting new bells and whistles is ridiculous. They are affecting the globe's worth of air, and I do not agree that this is enough. Clean Water act as well. Most people have to obey the law, not TVA.

This settlement is to keep jobs going I guess, until they are done, like lumber jacks. After you rip it all out of the ground, it will take several thousands of years to restock all of those resources we be sucking up. Unsustainable. Period.

60 Minutes - 130 Million Tons of Waste (October 4, 2009)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Japanese Earthquake Images shown by the European Space Agency

March 2011, Japanese Earthquake movement as seen from space. (link) 

Today, the European Space Agency releases images of the March 2011, Japanese Earthquake(s) as seen from their space satellite imaging. 

For students of geology, petrology or any other Earth Science, this drawing is horrible and awesome. That people living in this place, have experienced such shaking is enormous. 

As observers and listeners of such an environmental disaster, it is difficult to put ourselves in the place of our Japanese cousins, but their island, has not stopped shaking since the major Earthquake on March 11, 2011

Everything about their environment has changed. Earth, soil and water. 

If you notice the ocean crust diverging in the image as well, this means a possible breaking of plates. Please send all positive thoughts and prayers to our kindred in Japan. 

Donate for Japan Japan earthquake Dark T-Shirt by CafePress

Credits: GEONET

ESA Announces newest land maps in time for Spring 2011

Newest land maps available from European Space Agency, in time for Spring.(link) March 29, 2011

What is so special about these new land maps? 
  1. The information has been gathered by scientists from the European Space Agency from many satellites with the camera on Earth (other planets too), from all angles. 
  2. This is new gis (global information systems; like Google Earth) technology that is user friendly
  3. The maps may be downloaded.
  4. The photos may be downloaded
  5. The downloads may be used as long as proper citation and credits are given to ESA and/or individuals, and/or groups who own the data.
  6. We can see with our own eyes how Mother Earth has changed in one small year.
  7. There are too many benefits to name, this is excellent information for any year of school, from primary to university.
  8. This is a free and public service from the European Space Agency (

Europe's Space Programme: To Ariane and Beyond

Geologists and other scientists are always curious about their changing globe. Making observations of past land maps with the newest issue will be important for they who are working diligently to save their own habitat and eco-systems. The scientists, astronauts, and various others at the ESA, are sharing their love of answering questions by diligent research and testing. 

In the media, today March 30, 2011 there is so much propaganda against science and scientists, there is no telling what this means for US students who are being told by their television, that Science is wrong. 

The first thing any person learns in a science class is definitions. One of the first definitions we learned is, what is the scientific method? The definition as explained on a grade school level is this: 

  • Ask a question.
  • Come up with some answers to the question. (Hypothesis)
  • Say why you think your answers are true.
  • Using true measures, refine your answers
  • Experiment (cooks do this in the kitchen all the time)
  • Research (your findings are going to come out different then you thought at first)
  • Testing (refining why results are different)
The above steps are the scientific method. A scientist, or curious person may have to repeat steps 2 - 7 hundreds of times, but because new scientists can build upon already known facts. Anyone who says science is fake, is saying that 2 + 2 = 1. Not true.

Creepy Crawlies and the Scientific Method: More Than 100 Hands-On Science Experiments for Children

It is very important that we look on our once beautiful planet, as a living plant that we have been given as a gift. Those of us who love and treasure this gift, are appalled at the greedy bullies in the school-yard of life, rushing in, kicking sand, coal, and nuclear waste in our faces, while destroying our only habitat for great profit.

Matching Supply with Demand: An Introduction to Operations Management

One of the reason the big greedy bullies are so successful is because they are the dealer, and consumers the users, or junkies. As consumers we are as guilty for destroying our earth as the big polluters, because not only do we not pay attention to public notices, and the permitting process for any of the industry we crave and cling to, we continue to pay top dollar in purchasing their stuff.

NRC staff preliminary analysis of public comments on advance notice of proposed rulemaking on emergency planning

If we did not depend on the combustion engine for egos, and self-sustaining power, and instead built our communities as pedestrian villages, over 60% of our pollution problems would be eliminated immediately. We have been brainwashed over the combustion engine, for over 100 years. It was a good and lovely invention, but instead of getting smarter, understanding the need to move away from oil, and gasoline and lead, it became a pit bull holding onto the end of the rope. 

Combustion: Physical and Chemical Fundamentals, Modeling and Simulation, Experiments, Pollutant Formation

Big energy, and the automobile industry cannot see any other way, except the way that makes them millions per day. Those days will come to an end, this party cannot continue forever. Our Earth is less able to sustain life every hour, and still the Hummers roll off the assembly line. We must stop. Now you have the proof in front of you. Look at the coastlines of these new maps, and of those over the past 10 years. You will hopefully be alarmed, and moved to action.

The very best, and blessings to all inhabitants of the Earth.

If needed, the User: culturemeris Password: culturemeris

Sunday, February 13, 2011

EPA removes confidentiality claims on Chemicals studied under TSCA!

EPA Removes Confidentiality Claims on Chemicals Studied under TSCA(link) News Release by Date, Release Date Feb 10, 2011 - News media contact: Dale Kemery (202)564-7839, (202)564-4355

On Thursday of this past week (02.10.11) the U.S. EPA notified five (5) companies that they would no longer be allowed to claim the compounds and/or ingredients of their chemicals are confidential.

The TSCA Compliance Handbook (Environmental Compliance Handbook Series)

For decades Congress has assisted large industry in pouring toxins into our air, water and soils, all the while, not required to notify State or Federal Agencies of the chemical compound ingredients, testing, and dangers. 

The very fact that Newt Gingrich was calling for the dismantling of the EPA last week, shows that there was a lot of pressure from those who have purchased the US Congress, lock-stock-and pork barrel. 

The New Reagan Revolution: How Ronald Reagan's Principles Can Restore America's Greatness

When the public gets a load of the ingredients that have been used in the manufacture of chemicals, there will be a barrage of law suits, because the affect on human health, is one that is over 50 years old. 

Thirty years ago, the EPA was created, because Oil and Auto manufacturers built their empires around crude oil, laced with lead. Our atmosphere was cooling at that time because there was huge parts per million particulate of LEAD! Hello. When we first were activists for an Agency that would regulate polluters, the same lies were spread then as now. The auto industry said they would go under if lead were removed from gas. 

In situ stabilization of toxic metals in polluted soils using phosphates: theoretical prediction and experimental verification [An article from: Journal of Hazardous Materials]

Oil companies said it would cost them way too much, they would lose money. Industry would suffer. The same happened when more safety was required for automobiles, and human safety. Any person who has been a member of Congress over 30 years, has mostly aided and abetted huge industry and polluters. It is proven that dirty industry causes more poverty, sickness and lower quality of life for the majority where they operate. 

Air Pollution and Health

Jobs are given as the carrot in front of the jackass, those jobs are temporary, and stressful and usually dangerous. The high level jobs held by a mere handful in comparison to the regular worker is apples and oranges in pay and benefits. For decades coal mining denied that breathing coal dust was unhealthy for workers. The fight to prove the damage to human health took almost a century. 

Now as retribution, coal companies simply strip the mountains off the land. Kill the streams and creeks, and pay their little fines. The final act is when they are allowed to abandon their properties, that they have injured and killed. Leaving populations and towns evacuated. 

Privileged Polluters: The Case Against Exempting Municipalities from Superfund

The kicker is that our US Congress has made tax credits available for those who abandon their industrial disasters. Under the Superfund program, Industries used to be responsible for funding the superfund trust fund, but thanks to the Congress that US Citizens have placed in office, Businesses get off scot free, in the scope of things, while the Federal, local, and State governments are left with the cost of maintaining them. Those governments are funded by Citizen Tax Dollars!

The maintenance includes and is not limited to hiring the same engineering firms who helped these industries get pollution permits, to test month after month, year after year, turning in b.s. pollution monitoring reports that are mostly b.s., because that is what the owner says it should say. These costs, and the cost of having our human DNA affected by what is allowed to be poured into our very rivers, land and air. 

Fixing Superfund: The Effect of the Proposed Superfund Reform Act of 1994 on Transaction Costs

Thank Goodness for Administrator Lisa Jackson, for bringing transparency to the public from those who have hidden behind Congressmen and women who are only in place to do their bidding. The jobs and economy provided by dirty polluters is a wash. We must get back to basics and take care of our one and only habitat.

EPA's Increased Transparency(LINK)

TSCA Sectioin 8(e) FYI (LINK) 

What happened to the families of Treece, Kansas? Where are they? 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Re; Published paper by D Uhlmann (2011), After the spill is gone...

SSRN-After the Spill is Gone: The Gulf of Mexico, Environmental Crime, and the Criminal Law by David Uhlmann (2011)

The Gulf oil spill was the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, and it will become the most significant criminal case ever prosecuted under the environmental laws...(link to PDF article)

David M Uhlmann of the University of Michigan Law School has published this very interesting Scholarly/Legal article regarding the legal ramifications and possible criminal prosecution of those responsible for the failure on the part of those Owners/Operators, to have prevented this Disaster. (This is not spill with all due respect) Just because the media was held by the teeth to keep it a 'spill', it is anything but.  

Deep Water: The Gulf Oil Disaster and the Future of Offshore Drilling - The Report of the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling

One of the books that I kept from my classes at University is AMS Ocean Studies: Investigations Manual from the American Meterological Society. Another is How Does Earth Work?: Physical Geology and the Process of Science by G.Smith, and A.Pun University of NM by Pearson/Prentice Hill. And Weather Studies: Intro to Atmospheric Science, by J.Moran

Ocean Studies-Introduction to Oceanography                           How Does Earth Work: Physical Geology and the Process of Science      Weather Studies: Introduction to Atmospheric Science

In a very short time, I learned a LOT about our entire Earth system, from the tiniest chemical building block, to entire Tectonics, and beyond, to the Atmosphere and Space. When the Deepwater Horizon disaster occurred, we were at the end of our Spring 2010 Courses, those of us who study the Earth have been very quiet over this disaster. One reason is an attempt by Industry to stop Google Searches and listings to do with this subject, the other is because we know what it means. 

We are seeing the affects slowly but surely globe wide, in the atmosphere too - actually quite quickly in Geological time. 

The Gulf Coast of the United States was a giant Air Conditioning/Current and Air Cleaning Filter for the Global Waters!! HULLO!

I stopped writing this blog, when in May of 2010, I learned that some groups of people who I thought cared for our planet and environment would do something to stop what was going on down in Louisiana, and found that money will buy off the crime of the deaths of millions worldwide. In Arkansas a mere 900 miles from the Disaster we suffered over 100 days, of over 100 degrees. We had virtually no rain from April until December. We had a couple of flash floods in places, but no rain that could soak into the ground tables. 

According to the Corexit MSDS, BP was not authorized to dispense Corexit, and it was not being used in accordance with the MSDS. It was supposed to used only in small areas, where it could be rapidly cleaned up. 

They have poisoned our Earth's waters. Creatures, coral reefs, waters are dying...not enough Oxygen or Food!! The thing that polluters use to escape liability is they do a minimal test on a portion of the population affected, they are not looking at chemical changes and effects in the endocrine systems, or brains, or DNA! 

 You Hoo!! Is anybody out there? No, all heads are buried in the sand, trouble is...that sand isn't so healthy after all. No telling what the mix will do to the thinking processes?

Jurist Uhlmann thank you for publishing this Abstract, and I look forward to the Harvard Law Review. I am only concerned that our Legal System has been protecting the nastiest polluters for over 40 years. It is citizens who are stuck with the clean-up, because the responsible parties, may abandon, and then file bankruptcy like no regular Citizen of the US or Native Tribes can. It is a shame, but I do believe we are passed the tipping point, and now, it will only be a miracle that saves our Habitat for Human and animal life. 

The best!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

ESA - Observing the Earth - Earth from Space: Queensland inundated

ESA - Observing the Earth - Earth from Space: Queensland inundated (link to ESA Article)

Okay folks, here is another one. Our brethren and sisters in Australia and New Zealand are really having it rough with the flooding. the terrible fires of 07,08, 09, and 10 have not left much to catch the water, this is changing their waterways, and land. Without topsoil, they will not be able to grow anything on this land.

Our Earth is in critical condition, and she will do what it takes to survive. All of the money in the world, living in bunkers, or shooting off to space, will not save life on this planet. It will be selection, if any living thing of this Age/Era/Period survive. 

Australia Burning: Fire Ecology, Policy and Management Issues        Wildlife, Fire and Future Climate: A Forest Ecosystem Analysis

There is no telling what will happen next, but with each new disaster, each new swing at the ecology for progress, we are one step closer to our demise. Our Oceans are losing oxygen, the fish and ocean life cannot sustain life in the Ocean any longer.

Little by little, every thing that may seem an inconvenience to humans; in our I want it, now kill it, mow it down, and get it, mode of operation, and as Chief Seattle predicted, what has been done to the land, and to The Peoples of the Land(s), those who may not have seemed valuable, but are all part of the 'system' or again remembering the Great Chief, the Web. We are but a strand in it; whatsoever we do to the strand, we do to ourselves.

Haze over India and Bangladesh

Haze over India and Bangladesh

This cloud, visible via Satellite is most likely an Inverse Convection of toxins, or other pollutants locked in place, like a Giant Salad bowl, turned upside down, or a fishing boat that has been capsized; where it retains that 'last bit of oxygen' you can breathe so you don't drown. There is also, a suction-like affect. That bubble is locked until a force or a chemical, possibly temperature change occurs.

A cloud this large is frightening. There are all sorts of life forms and weather patterns, currents that can be affected by an inverse convection, even birds, and butterflies and all of the other pollinators.

This would be a perfect time and place for some kind of giant Nitrous Oxide, detector, to find out the measurement of pollutants to fresh air. This area has been bombarded with harsh flooding and volcanic activity since Summer of 2010. This is highly alarming to me personally, but I do worry. Can we get a Giant NOX Detector?

I do not blame everything on the terrible practices of the human animal when it comes to disasters and clouds such as these. It is important to note that volcanic activity has been chugging along this ridge of the Earth more and more often.

There was an era of man, not so long ago, especially looking at the larger, Geological picture, where a movement of Love and concern for our Brothers and Sisters across the world. The Love movement was quieted and still remains a small trickle.

Concert for Bangladesh  The Concert for Bangladesh (Limited Deluxe Edition)

One of the most memorable things I can remember was The Concert for Bangladesh, where an outpouring of love and anointed music spread cross the world, and George Harrison, Ravi Shankar, Ringo Star, Bob Dylan, sang to raise money and awareness. Everytime I hear this album, it brings back that spirit.