Friday, September 10, 2010

Is Pakistan Losing Ground?

I understand that in the U.S., we have a lot going on. In Florida, there is a man saying he is called of God to burn the Koran, causing everyone in the U.S. to take a deep breath, and fall back into the fear we lived in during the 8 years of the Bush Administration. This is not a diatribe against President Bush, let us not forget that 7 of his 8 years were spent with us checking on daily "Terror Alerts", powdery substances in our mail, and the loss of lifelong held investments and retirement.

We are already in the fight for the next Presidential election, Christmas shopping and how the Health Care Act is causing changes in the upcoming years. We have our eyes peeled toward the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana, and even this newest Disaster is not making the news...Is it too much?

If we stop looking in our own backyard, and consider the rest of the World as our friends, family and neighbors, we will have noticed that China, Indonesia and Pakistan have been under a deluge of rain and flooding for well over a month.

I must admit with everything going on, I have dreaded to look at the Natural Disasters postings to see how my beloved Earth and fellow Earthlings are doing...

Not so good. today's photo of Pakistan (LINK above), is startling.  An increasing amount of their land mass is under water. How much water will remain? How much land, silt, soil, rocks, trees and other resource's are becoming one with the Sea?

Image courtesy of NASA Earth Observatory 9/5/10

Flat Map Globe - Pakistan Upper Right Quadrant
Image Courtesy of NASA Earth Observatory 9/5/10

The above images were captured by NASA on September 5, 2010, the preceding weeks have shown an increasing movement of water into all low lying areas. This has been going on for weeks.

The space satellites do show false colors to help distinguish certain things, the light blue to dark teal is the water,  vegetation shows red and bare ground and settlements range in colors from grey to beige.

There is not really a lot we can do against the forces of Nature, but let us be mindful of populations around the world who are beginning to wonder if life will ever be the same. The loss of top-soil in the low-lying crop areas, will be devastating for farming and crops.

Let us not forget our brethren, it could be us tomorrow...

July 19th 2010 -

Image courtesy of NASA - Earth Observatory

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