Sunday, September 5, 2010

European Space Agency - Update! Petermann Glacier, Calved 08/04/2010 - Greenland

September 5, 2010

"ESA Observing the Earth - Image of the Week!" Updates us on the position of the Petermann Calf. 

On August 4, 2010, the ESA Announced that the ice tongue had detached in one day from the Petermann Glacier in North Greenland. I blogged about it here: (link)_Earthenwarehaven Points out Calving off of Petermann - N Greenland 8/4/10 .

Having record heat in the South of Northern America and the inability of the "cool air/water conditioner" to work, surface heat has increased in various places. On August 3, 2010, the tongue on the Petermann Glacier into the Nares Strait appeared to be solid with some cracking which had transpired in July. 

On August 4th, it broke free; it calved from the Petermann Glacier in Northern Greenland.

Metric measurements are English measurement is about 8 sq miles big,( if I did my calculations correctly...feel free to correct me please). .
Calving does occur, it is just that a rapid break and so large is  not routine.

On September first, nearly a month later, it has moved another 6 km from the Glacier, and turned by about 39 degrees. Satellite imagery shows the Calf hit a small island, and is edging into the Nares strait.  In Earth Science, we learned that when one geologic formation has interaction with another, they both leave and take something. The iceberg will leave 'trace' evidence. The island will send soil, and fauna along with the Iceberg,  as well. Geography is fully at the controls it seems.

It is probable this Iceberg will fully enter Nares Strait. The actual course of the Iceberg will depend on wind speed and direction. (link)_ESA Observing The Earth - Protecting our Environment . Wonder what is going to happen? Will this change the way people travel? Is this a further sign of warmer and more salinity in our Oceans?

Will the sea ice stop the Calved iceberg? Can we give it a name?

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