Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NOAA Protects Marine Life

August 23, 2010

This announcement states that the NOAA, has given the Navy a guide to protections for Marine Mammals and other Aquatic Life.
Perhaps I am misinterpreting, but this is really a just a guideline that those who are set up to protect our Ocean's and Marine Wildlife have given. 

As I read it, these are mere suggestions and what NOAA would like to see happen. I notice that the MMPA has been fashioned to this point, to exempt the very ones who do the most damage to our Oceans and all of the life therein.

I have read several news reports recently where pilot whales are washing up, starved and thirsting to death. In the last several months, there have been 25, 45, 12 washing up in droves. Who is going to mitigate that? What is mitigation in the destruction of an entire habitat.(link) Fishing Industry Starving Whales? 
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Is it not cruelty that it is acceptable to cause deafness and imbalance to Sea Mammals. One of the "guidelines" given were, "if the Navy personnel, notice Marine activity, within a certain distance, they are to stop underwater explosions and certain Sonar use that causes confusion and sometimes death.

Under the authorization the Navy is required to follow mitigation measures to minimize effects on marine mammals including:
  • establishing marine mammal safety zones around each vessel using sonar;
  • using Navy observers to shut down sonar operations if marine mammals are seen within designated safety zones;
  • using exclusion zones, to ensure that explosives are not detonated when animals are detected within a certain distance; and
  • implementing a stranding response plan that includes a training shutdown provision in certain circumstances and allows for the Navy to contribute in-kind services to NOAA’s Fisheries Service if the agency has to conduct a stranding response and investigation.
NOAA’s Fisheries Service and the Navy have worked to develop a robust monitoring plan that includes extensive survey and photo-identification databases that will strengthen the marine mammal density and distribution data available in the Mariana Islands. Additionally, the Navy has developed (with input from NOAA’s Fisheries Service) an integrated comprehensive monitoring plan to prioritize monitoring goals and standardize data collection methods across all of their U.S. range complexes.

I don't know about you, but the last time I was on a job, if it had been up to a Contractor, or Owner to "notice" something that would change their schedule or the course of their day, it would definitely go "Unnoticed".

It appears that no one is responsible anymore for the Protection of our Oceans and the Life therein. Why make an Act at all? Why make exemptions for ITA, to the very ones who do the most destruction. What is mitigation to a dead world? Who do you pay for that? God...

I am afraid our careless demeanor in caring for our Planet will be our own demise. Is there anything that can be done? No. Probably not. Considering that "Energy" and Oil/Gas Exploration simply must file for a permit to "accidentally" kill a bunch of Marine Mammals and Aquatic life, I think it is safe to say, kiss our Oceans goodbye. 

I do hope humans enjoy living on a planet as plain, dry desert as Mars. Everyday I must wonder, if Mars once was as green and lush as Earth used to be...because in my 50 years, I have watched jungles, forests and entire populations of animals, disappear. Even more startling, is we are losing entire cultures of Peoples by the destruction of their habitat. This has been happening several hundreds of years .

Monday, August 9, 2010

ESA - Observing the Earth - Greenland glacier gives birth to giant iceberg

Send out the announcements! One of the largest glaciers on our planet just recently gave birth to a Giant Iceberg!  In the Glacial Household, this is referred to as Calving. Yes similar to a buffalo giving birth to a calf. For all those who are considered "deniers" of Climate Change and/or Global Warning, this is just a cute story manufactured by Hippies and Tree Huggers, go back to Watching Fox, you may lose the momentum of brainwashing. It would be a shame if you started looking at facts, and were to think for yourself. Hurry, I think Glenn is about to rant and rave that the First Lady was in Spain for a worldwide PETA meeting...

Now, for those of you who are free to evaluate information, please use the Link at the top of the page to see a historic event in Environmental change. To be clear, the Greenland glacier, calving an iceberg, is not an increase in the polar cap. I promise.

The European Space Agency (ESA) has a satellite called Envisat. Envisat is one of many of ESA's satellites orbiting our solar system, and keeping watch over our Universe. The type of system that is used in Envisat is called Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR). ASAR image captures of July 31, 2010, August 4, 2010 and Saturday, the 7th, 2010 showed movement, and the breaking of what is called the glacial tongue.

(The photo on the Right shows cracks and breaking of the glacial tongue on August 4th, 2010.)

Until August of this year, the glacier was moving at about 1km per year. On August 3rd the ice tongue was intact...the next day it separated from the glacier. That was calving, or the Glacier giving birth to the iceberg.

(The photo on the left is a 1991 image of the Petermann Glacier of NW Greenland.)

At this time, ESA in partnership with other agencies are monitoring the Strait of Nares. It's size at 245 square km is the U.S. measure it is about 8 square miles big. Perhaps Sara Palin can see it from her backyard.

The Nares Strait connects the Lincoln Sea and Arctic Ocean with the Baffin Bay. The strait is usually navigable by icebreakers during August/September, when sea ice extent is at its minimum after the summer melt period. Envisat ASAR images will be used in the coming days to monitor the movement of the giant iceberg in support of icebreaker navigation.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the ESA for the beautiful imagry, and for monitoring our globe. Perhaps with this warning, and quick dispersal of the Petermann Glacier human beings will wake up and quit taking our plant for granted. This rapid loss of Glacial Ice this quickly is something Earth has not seen in recorded history. What will happen? I don't know.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

CDC - Reports on Gulf Oil Disaster 2010 - Human Health

(link)Deep Water Horizon - Emergency Report on Health Effects - 2010

Today's Report is a detailed explanation of Human Health effects being monitored by the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

  • The Gulf Coast Oil Spill can affect human health. Hydrocarbon products produced from petroleum - have toxic effects. Crude light petroleum is not as bad, but it is not healthy.
  • Crude oil contains over 1000 compounds (hydrocarbons are the clincher). Alkanes, cycloalkanes - mixed with - organic compounds have nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur. Other substances that are alarming, and dangerous are metals, such as iron, nickel, copper and vanadium. The scientific community can expound.
  • This report states that the lighter hydrocarbons that include benzene, xylene, toluene evaporate within the first 1- 2 days. Usually before reaching shore
  • The medium and heavy oils often make near to or land on shore. This is also called "weathered" crude oil or "mousse." The dangers come from particulate matter (too small to see with the human eye. ppm = parts per million are how particulate matter is measured.
  • The particulate matter is from the Fumes of the "mousse" that comes near to, or lands on the shore.
  • The "weathered" crude oil fumes, can cause "oil burns", and fumes created from the mix with oil dispersant's are toxic to human health. How much harm depends on many factors.
  • One study, (1991 NIOSH) shows the first effect is irritated mucus membranes.
  • Real symptoms of mental or behavioral health - Anxiety, Stress and Depression have been frequently seen in previous oil spill disasters (Aguilera 2010) The mental conditions must be considered when treating patients. (No, it is not 'all in your head.')
The summation of this announcement is that for individuals who are easily affected by respiratory irritants, those who have been exposed to the toxic fumes need to find a clean air, and clean water source. Get into an air conditioned area with recycling air.

If a person is contaminated on the skin, wash with soap and water immediately. DO NOT USE GASOLINE-SOLVENTS - or INDUSTRIAL CLEANERS - in a tight spot, you can use Baby Oil or tanning lotion to remove oily, tar-like residues.

Children and women who are expecting should not be exposed to the oil, contaminated water, or fumes.

To Report Health concerns call 1-800-222-1222 or online at

This report, (available at the Link on the top of the page) goes on to recommend resources and steps for finding help for patients affected by the Deep Water Horizon toxic, human physical & mental health issues.

The best advice is to avoid waters and air affected by the "mousse" and fumes.

Workers who are responding to clean-up efforts will be affected mentally and emotionally - it is that being Human thing. Under "Mental Health" the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration will respond.

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Traumatic Incident Stress: Information for Deep water Horizon ResponseWorkers and Volunteers -