Friday, July 16, 2010

Residents of Treece Kansas must Leave their Homes

"News Releases By Date: EPA Takes Public Comment on Proposal to Offer Relocation Assistance to the Residents of Treece, Kansas." Release date -2/12/2010 Contact: Dave Bary at 214-665-2200, David Bryan at 913-551-7433 or - 

The heading of this article, that is in blue, used to be a live link to the news release. That link is no longer available unless by request or FOIA.(05.03.2014)

 When I did a search on the news release, this is what I come up with. Superfund Implements the Recovery Act. This happened in 2011, shortly after the relocation.

From my original blogpost in 2010: "(Dallas, Texas – February 12, 2010) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today announced a proposed modification of the cleanup plan for the Tar Creek Superfund site in Oklahoma.

 The proposed modification provides for the relocation assistance of nearby residents in Treece, Kansas."

How do you know when Environmental Justice has been swept under the rug? Industry, who screams "progress" and "jobs", sure are quiet as they slither away from the Toxic dump sites they leave behind.

In this case it is better to say it flowed on "downstream" to the Native American Tribes. 

From now on, Mining and Industry should be required to locate in towns like Beverly Hills and Carrollton, Ga. I promise you the way Industry does business would be all different.

May 3rd, 2014 - Here is a link to a pdf file I found on the EPA Superfund site.

to be continued -

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