Saturday, July 3, 2010

EERE tweeks MIT Study to make report sound like Natural Gas will Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Fail!

EERE News: MIT Study: Natural Gas to Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (link)

The Summary of MIT's study - Comparing Coal vs Natural Gas - The government did not need a 2 year study for that, and using that study to push Natural Gas Extraction is deceiving! (link to MIT report summary)

In the past few weeks, the EERE government site; U.S. Department of Energy; Efficiency & Renewable Energy, has had very few announcements. When I read this the other day, it sort of hit me the wrong way. I did not spend much time on it.

This morning, a large portion of our World is facing extinctions in major Eco-fields. This is because big Energy is running everything, including our Regulatory Agencies. This announcement is a twisted ball of lies. Natural Gas is renewable - After a million years or so. Crude Oil is renewable, we will not be here to see it.

Natural Gas Extraction or Fracking is the most ignorant thing we have come up with in modern days. The money and power behind those who make millions per quarter in profit are pushing this through fast and furious.

Natural Gas Extraction starts with drilling down to a certain level of our Earth's Upper Crust. In case you are not aware, our crust is the Structure of the top layer of our Earth. After drilling down to a certain level, they start fracking. This is where they explode and use tons of water and other toxic juices to Break Through crustal walls that are full of natural gas. I am no rocket scientist, but the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, probably hit a Natural Gas pocket, and this is what caused the initial explosion that murdered 11 workers. and a good portion of the Gulf of Mexico. The methods fracking companies use for attaining water is not regulated past a quick "look-the-other-way" signature, and NO PUBLIC Comment or Notice. Standard operating procedure is to trench 8" pipe, 2 miles under each Creek and Tributary. Again, this activity is not regulated, and it is not inspected, and there is no public input.

Any place that has had any fracking activity will show increased earthquake activity, and Emergency Response teams are having to respond to major fires and explosions. A scary thing about these underground explosions is that it is usually many miles underground, and we have had one explosion and fire in Falkner County, Arkansas; while the other end of exploding is in White County a good 50 miles apart. These are kept quiet, and again there is no regulation making them report these emergencies. There is nothing holding them accountable for poisonous gas pockets that arise, causing illness and death in towns. The results if there is any scrutiny is; " can not be concluded that this was due to drilling/fracking activity..." just like the Gulf of Mexico. There is so much protection for polluters, that citizens don't have a chance in hell of Environmental Protection or Justice.

The Sun is a Renewable Resource...did MIT mention that? The wind is a Renewable Resource, since some groups are making a killing at wind farms, that is a viable resource, but since no company or agency can make a Gargantuan Profit on solar power, it is once more swept aside. The Government is For the People, By the People. I want these agencies to get out of the pockets of Energy Conglomerates and do their job. We cannot depend on FDA for the protection of human health. We cannot depend on the EERE to promote clean energy.

 I am sure they are fully on the Nuke-Lee-AR kick, for the other form of "Clean Renewable Energy". Nuclear power requires a lot of water for cooling of towers. We are almost out of water for human consumption, warmer waters are going to be problematic. The main thing is Spent Fuel Rods. They are being stockpiled in deserts, open swimming pools and God knows were all they are sticking those things. They are hot for 10,000 years minimum.

The only way this will change, is if Citizens stand up and make their voices heard. This has to stop. These agencies need a big Revamp and Cleansing.

For those public employees who are serving to the best of your abilities,Thank You. For those who are willing to speak the truth, Thank You. For those public employees who went to work for these agencies hoping to make a difference, and really care about your world - Thank you for doing your best.

Peace and Blessings

This is the dawning of a new world. In order for man to survive, we are going to have to stop looking at progress as a Profit Margin for a handful of greedy people. We must stop looking underground for our energy...We must look Up!

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