Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cast Iron Manufacturer - Agrees to Resolve Environmental Violations - 14 States

(link) Department of Justice-Agreement Mewane vs. US for Environmental Violations - (Link)
Department of Justice: For Immediate Release:
 "Mewane Inc. Agrees to Resolve Environmental Volations at Manufacturing Facilities in 14 States"
McWane is an industry that makes cast iron pipes, valves, fire hydrants, and other cast iron products.

They have been operating under low cost and low count permitting levels for many years. Their violations are an excess of volatile organic compounds or referred to as VOC's. VOCs are an output from processing materials such as Cast Iron. Their violations are; storm water contamination, excess mercury emissions (or output - like a giant industrial fart). They also Agree to enhance Air Quality in one State.

According to the DOJ Release; from the Office of Public Affairs, McWane has already undertaken corrective steps to correct some of the violations. They are saying they have spent more than 7.6 million dollars in clean-up efforts.

These are the States:listed: Alabama, Iowa, Ohio, to be continued - technical difficulties...

(link) CAO or Consent to Administrative Order - they got sued
Essentials of Environmental Toxicology: The Effects of Environmentally Hazardous Substances on Human Health

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