Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Is Not A Move For Clean Energy! This is a Push for Nuclear, Natural Gas Extraction, and "Clean Coal"

The Department of Energy & Department of National Security Sign a Mutual Agreement!

I do not know who is really in charge of the U.S. Department of Energy, but they know the only way they will continue to have their Power and High Paying Jobs is to keep the Energy Companies putting out Dirty Energy.

So much money is made in Mountaintop-Removal Coal Mining, Nuclear Energy and Natural Gas Extraction, that there will never be Environmental Justice!

In Government Speak, a "Memorandum of Understanding" (MOU), is a little private negotiation that is made between government agencies to work together. The idea that the U.S. Department of Defense has been in the background making plans to "accelerate clean energy innovation & enhance national Energy Security - Is a frightening thing.

means if you protest against Natural Gas Extraction, or Nuclear Power, you can be considered an enemy combatant against National Security.

I have spent years, trying to give understanding to the regular everyday person who may not understand all of these acronyms and other Governmenteze that non-regulators or non-attorney are expected to understand. Out of 1000 people, maybe 3 or 4 will respond. In this case it is More than Vital that you contact your Senators, Representatives (sic), and President to let them know this is not acceptable, and it is NOT in the best interest of our Ecology or Economy.

It will be putting the same old boys who manipulated Regulations and Pollution Laws to benefit the Dirtiest Energy Providers. There must be a New Economy. There must be a Looking Up for our energy needs. These Energy Oligarchy's have been in charge, taking 20 - 30 percent of each Americans income per month...just to keep the lights on.

If this is not challenged now, and it is approved in all of its splendor, our Earth will not survive the completion of the 24 new Nuclear Plants, or legalization of "Clean-Coal Technologies" There is no such thing as Clean Coal. One more time, I am asking proponents of Honest Clean Energy to consider Energy from the beginning to end. Waste By-Products and the Environmental Damage done in obtaining resources for our Energy generation.

Stop this Today! I beg of you, please protest this with the people you voted into office!

Power from the Sun: A Practical Guide to Solar Electricity

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rural Electric Co-op Settles to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations

(link) - Department of Justice (DOJ) Announcement                                     Friday, July 23, 2010

"Indiana-Based Hoosier Energy Rural Electric Cooperative Reaches Settlement to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations: Marks 20th Settlement Under U.S. Power Plant Enforcement Initiative" 

When an Environmental Case reaches the Department of Justice, this means that a business or industry who violate Federal Pollution rules, laws or statutes, have been 'sued' by the Federal Government.

In this case; US vs. Hoosier Energy Rural Electric, The Power plants have agreed to reduce their pollution emissions by more than 24,500 tons per year. Hoosier will pay a civil penalty of $950,000.00 and spend $5,000,000.00 on their own business properties and in undoing some of the damage (mitigation) that their excess pollutants have done. I don't know how you can clean air, that is riddled with metals and other particulates (microscopic pieces of toxins that adhere to the hydrogen (water & oxygen) in the Air.

The Coal-Fire plants; Merom and Ratts Stations are in the Southwest area of Indiana.

This is a proposed settlement - lodged in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana and is subject to a 30-day Public Comment period and Final Court approval...

Citizens, I pray you know this means it is Very Important to get involved and respond during the Public Comment Period...If not, what can happen is a few people who are a part of this Co-op, will convince everyone that as a Co-op, every electric customer will end up paying for this...and won't it be better to just forego the fines, or reduce them to a couple of thousand dollars? Then, the Energy owners will pitch and moan how much it is going to cost to retro-fit their facilities; again paid for by the Victims, better known as Customers.

The "customers" at Merom have a per capita income of nearly $17,000.00. Only 86% have a high school diploma. Only 20% are employed in the coal industry, the rest are wood products, and construction. Merom residents will not have a voice, they will not have a say...That is not Environmental Justice!

I cannot locate any information on the town of Ratts, only that it is adjacent to Bloomington, Indiana.

There is no link on the DOJ website, nor on the Southern District Court of Indiana for public comments. I went to (link) The US District Court - Southern District of Indiana's Web Site ,and the only way you can communicate with them is through a PACER System. The PACER system requires a credit card for validation purposes, but practicing attorneys have membership...wonder how many Citizens in Southern District of Indiana have a credit card? This means there is not a way given to unrepresented Citizens to comment. This means, Industry will be the only ones able to comment on this proposed settlement...

Forwarded complaint to DOJ, Sierra Club and RePower America, due to the lack of available resources for Public Comment.

Monday, July 19, 2010

USGS Release: Media Advisory: Congressional Briefing: Thinking Regionally, Acting Locally (7/19/2010 3:05:05 PM)

USGS Release: Media Advisory: Congressional Briefing: Thinking Regionally, Acting Locally (7/19/2010 3:05:05 PM)

Meeting to be held July 23, 2010

Natural Resources Challenges On a Large Scale

Contacts: Catherine Puckett - 352-278-0165
Alex Demas - 703-648-4421

This U.S.G.S. briefing will focus on Landscape-scale Science & how it can be used to make decisions on impacts. The focus will pay attention to the Wyoming Conservation Land programs to make the world a friendlier place for water, land and sky critters. There will be discussion surrounding optimum land-use. Focus will be given to at-risk and endangered species.

This briefing will be at 1334 Longworth House Office Building, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

~*~ July 23, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.

Host- The Heinz Center for Science, Economics and the Environment

To Write to the Office of Communication:

U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey   
Office of Communication
119 National Center
Reston, VA 20192

This is specifically being held for the media, minutes and copies of this meeting may be requested. The release by the USGS States that decision makers need ideas to "secure water for cities and wildlife, to adapt to climate change...

Learn how researchers look at the natural world and how their perspective informs public policy.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cast Iron Manufacturer - Agrees to Resolve Environmental Violations - 14 States

(link) Department of Justice-Agreement Mewane vs. US for Environmental Violations - (Link)
Department of Justice: For Immediate Release:
 "Mewane Inc. Agrees to Resolve Environmental Volations at Manufacturing Facilities in 14 States"
McWane is an industry that makes cast iron pipes, valves, fire hydrants, and other cast iron products.

They have been operating under low cost and low count permitting levels for many years. Their violations are an excess of volatile organic compounds or referred to as VOC's. VOCs are an output from processing materials such as Cast Iron. Their violations are; storm water contamination, excess mercury emissions (or output - like a giant industrial fart). They also Agree to enhance Air Quality in one State.

According to the DOJ Release; from the Office of Public Affairs, McWane has already undertaken corrective steps to correct some of the violations. They are saying they have spent more than 7.6 million dollars in clean-up efforts.

These are the States:listed: Alabama, Iowa, Ohio, to be continued - technical difficulties...

(link) CAO or Consent to Administrative Order - they got sued
Essentials of Environmental Toxicology: The Effects of Environmentally Hazardous Substances on Human Health

Friday, July 16, 2010

Residents of Treece Kansas must Leave their Homes

"News Releases By Date: EPA Takes Public Comment on Proposal to Offer Relocation Assistance to the Residents of Treece, Kansas." Release date -2/12/2010 Contact: Dave Bary at 214-665-2200, David Bryan at 913-551-7433 or - 

The heading of this article, that is in blue, used to be a live link to the news release. That link is no longer available unless by request or FOIA.(05.03.2014)

 When I did a search on the news release, this is what I come up with. Superfund Implements the Recovery Act. This happened in 2011, shortly after the relocation.

From my original blogpost in 2010: "(Dallas, Texas – February 12, 2010) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today announced a proposed modification of the cleanup plan for the Tar Creek Superfund site in Oklahoma.

 The proposed modification provides for the relocation assistance of nearby residents in Treece, Kansas."

How do you know when Environmental Justice has been swept under the rug? Industry, who screams "progress" and "jobs", sure are quiet as they slither away from the Toxic dump sites they leave behind.

In this case it is better to say it flowed on "downstream" to the Native American Tribes. 

From now on, Mining and Industry should be required to locate in towns like Beverly Hills and Carrollton, Ga. I promise you the way Industry does business would be all different.

May 3rd, 2014 - Here is a link to a pdf file I found on the EPA Superfund site.

to be continued -

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Upper Atmosphere Collapse - Not a Science Fiction Movie!

(link) NASA Article Released July 15, 2010

As a blossoming geologist, this news is an occurrence that we have been hoping would not happen.This is not meant to be offensive to those who "don't believe" in Climate Change ~ or Global Warming, but those who have made it their lucrative business of giving false information to the public about our Global Climate are not looking for the health of the planet. These highly financed ventures are not concerned with human health. They have one goal, and that is to make profits every quarter for the richest people in the world. 

Scientists have been monitoring the atmosphere above Earth since the first successful satellite launch. Where the atmosphere (upper skies), meets with space is called the thermosphere. These layers are made of gases, but you could say they are maps of our Upper Space. It recently suffered a system collapse, and is now rebounding. The original evidence of collapse occurred during 2008-2009.

The thermosphere, like a set of astro-lungs naturally cools and contracts when solar activity is low. The frightening fact is the 08-09 collapse was 2 - 3 times greater than normal, and scientists say the resulting thermosphere (the area where Earth atmosphere meets with Space gas) activity and readings are not adding up to normal expectations.

The cause for these abnormal readings can possibly be attributed to excess C02 in the atmosphere. Even considering the rising levels of C02 (Carbon Dioxide), the numbers and charts are not adding up to why the thermospheric temperatures are coming out the way they are.

The biggest producers of C02, dirty polluters, and dirty Governments will do anything to keep people from the truth of pollution and its long-term affects on global and human health. They have a lot to answer for. The thing is, if we do not turn around the way we use energy, if we do not quit looking at our Globe like one big gas pump, it will not matter, and all the 10101010's we put on our computer screens will be meaningless.

We must demand a Brave New World, that operates under a Green Economy. This means the way we consider power and energy will have to do a complete 360. We have wasted a lot of what we depend on for life. It cannot be business as usual. We cannot continue to do things like "we always have done it." In the long term, it is not working. Ask a dolphin the next time you see one not covered in oil.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

NOAA - Comes up with 2nd Interactive Game to bring Awareness to Saving the Sea Turtle

"WaterLife, Sea Turtles and the Quest to Nest" Save the Turtles! In cooperation of the U.S. Fisheries Service, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Under the US Department of Commerce, these agencies have created an interactive game that explains the importance of Sea Turtles. This animated and fun series of games is aimed at 4th - 7th grade students. These games are a part of an overall strategy to encourage an interest in Science, Technology and the Environment.

In this game, players travel to a virtual seaside town located in the Southeastern U.S. There are six Stakeholders*, whose participation are very important to protecting and rebuilding the Loggerhead Sea Turtle. 

*... a Stakeholder? A stakeholder is a person, group of people or organization who each hold an important and vital role in making sure there is success in a project or cause.

 The Loggerhead Sea Turtle, is listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. Players travel through a series of mini-games from the beach cleanup, to clearing a safe path for nesting turtles, to a food chain version of Sudoku. All of this is designed to improve the likelihood of survival of the loggerhead turtle.

To succeed, players must understand human actions affecting loggerheads and what people can do to improve the chance for survival of the species, both on land and in the ocean. This is the second game published by NOAA, the first game; "Where Rivers Meet the Sea" is the first game. I have put a link at the bottom of the page for each free game.

Thank you for your Public Service. Thank you for every "one thing" you do to enhance and protect the Environment. Thank you for taking a risk to tell the Truth. Peace.

Available on line - - link - "Waterlife - Sea Turtles & The Quest to Nest

Available on line - - (link) "Where Rivers Meet the Sea"

NASA Spots "Puff the Magic Dragon" Cruising through Space

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has satellites way out in space. This "glimpse" of a dark cosmic cloud of what can be described as a "dragon" is spotted by the satellite Spitzer. The camera is capturing a snapshot of the formation and birth of a nebula, before major star formation. This dark cloud, M17SWex  - a Bright Star-Forming Nebula continues to be a mystery.

How big is this 'dragon'? From "tail" to "snout" M17SWex stretches 160 light years. Is this something that scientists have just discovered? No. This ultra-right nebula was actually first discovered by French astronomer Charles Messier in the Summer of 1764. For astronomy buffs, this is known as the Omega or Swan Nebula.

JPL Scientist think that this cosmic phenomenon is an early stage of development, is the lack of O stars. O stars are the bluest, hottest and biggest of new stars. O stars are rare in the cosmos. There is a giant bubble in the area of the Dragon's Eye, that could be O stars. O stars are hotter than the Sun, and the nebula of these stars, is around a million years old.

From reading this blog post, it is obvious I am not an expert of Astronomy. As a geology student, we have learned to include the Earth's Core beneath us to the furthest reaches of Space as systems that have affected our universal development, and systems we need to consider when thinking about our part in Evolution/Creation.

Today, I intend to put a smile on your face, and perhaps some young person (under 100 is young) will be interested and join in the solving and observation of mysteries that surround us.

Thank you for all you do for the enhancement of our Environment. Thank you for your public service. Thank you for every "one thing" you do to make a difference.

"To Infinity, and Beyond" Buzz Lightyear - Toy Story

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Transportation Rule Proposal will reduce S0x and N0x particulates to neighboring States!OpenDocument  (link)

"EPA News Releases By Date: EPA Proposal Cuts Pollution from Power Plants in 31 States and D.C./ Rule would reduce smog and soot-forming emissions contributing to unhealthy air" Release date 07/06/2010 Contact Information Cathy Milbourn 202-564-7849, 202-564-4355

Back in "the day" before science took a look at the connections between air pollution and air particulates (particulates are microscopic parts of pollutants that are usually metal based and travel in air and weather patterns), it was assumed if you lived in town "A" and had a smoke stack, only town "A"'s air would be affected. Unfortunately, as the State of Arkansas learned, Air currents travel and particulate matter travels with. Arkansas achieved a status of "non-attainment" in West Memphis, Arkansas for over 5 years, because the pollutants from Memphis, TN carried over. It was not until last year, that West Memphis was put back into Attainment. Attainment is when the Air Quality of a given area is healthy and within the limits set by the EPA. There has been a push by the EPA to raise the health standards even higher. It is a fight tooth and nail with Industry to attempt to leave cleaner air for the citizens, because curbing pollution, cuts into Industry's bottom line.

For more information on the Proposed Air Transport Regulatory Actions. link are provided: (link)

“This rule is designed to cut pollution that spreads hundreds of miles and has enormous negative impacts on millions of Americans,” said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. “We’re working to limit pollution at its source, rather than waiting for it to move across the country. The reductions we’re proposing will save billions in health costs, help increase American educational and economic productivity, and -- most importantly -- save lives.”

The proposal, if passed, and not watered down by industry, will replace and improve upon the 2005 Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR), which the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ordered EPA to revise in 2008. During the Bush administration, the Clean Air Act was almost voided. CAIR  (Clean Air Interstate Rule) was able to remain temporarily until EPA was assigned a new Administrator; Lisa P. Jackson. She, along with the "Will of the People", will work to finalize the updated rule proposed today; July 6, 2010.

The EPA will accept public comment on the proposal for 60 days after the rule is published in the Federal Register. The agency also will hold public hearings. Dates and locations for the hearings will be announced shortly.

Stay tuned. There is a song by Theory of a Deadman, where the lines say..."It's like one step forward and two steps back". From 2005 - 2008 we lost environmental protections that had been growing and improving since 1979. After Hurricane Katrina, many rules that regulate Industry in Environmental matters were given waivers and passes on hard won rules.

This is similar to what happened between the Automobile Industry and the EPA. The reduction of emissions and the increase of mpg in vehicles were supposed to be raised to higher standards. In the 1980's you could find many cars that would get over 50 mpg. The automobile industry basically demanded for Americans to make a choice; safety? or gas mileage?

This is not progress, it is Russian Roulette decade after decade, and our Earth/Eco-system is ailing and overtaxed. Citizens, You must get involved. You must write letters, You must comment and show up for public meetings, I beg of you.

Thank you for every "one thing" you do for the betterment of our planet. Thank you for your Public Service. Thank you for making a difference and getting Involved!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Earth Saving Agreement is Enhanced! ESA and EMSA ~ Strengthens Mutual Agreement. 07/05/2010
Agreement between ESA and EMSA furthers maritime safety

5 July 2010

"ESA and the European Maritime Safety Agency have signed a further Agreement to ensure that satellite data are available to enhance maritime safety and help combat pollution from shipping."
Bravo to ESA's Director General, Jean-Jacques Dordain and the Executive Director of the European Maritime Safety Agency, Willem de Ruiter. This is a cooperative agreement which continues a joint partnership of these agencies in using their monitoring and regulating systems together. There was a previous agreement that expired in March of this year(2010), this new agreement strengthens their partnership.

To simplify: This is a win-win for those who keep an eye on their planet. The ESA (European Space Agency), like NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Agency), have satellites positioned in different realms of space. They have programs for each sphere. They have programs for kids", teaching about the environment and showing how science is fun.

You would think having a birds eye view or better would make it unnecessary to have more than a couple up there, but as the Space you are in expands...well, it is like Texas ~ Wide Open Space. It is bigger than we can imagine. It is like countries in space, there is a lot to be viewed, it changes constantly and there are many angles to view from.

The EMSA's focus is safety and International Security. They have a commitment to reduce the risk of the oceans getting polluted and tracking polluters for the Member States within the European Union. They also support the implementation of European policy for maritime safety and security.

Often Government Agencies (all over the world), are compartmentalized to focus on only one thing or agenda. In the past, jealousy, greed, stubbornness and lack of imagination prevented agencies from working together. The ESA is dedicated to serving European Citizens as well as the Global Citizens. They share freely, beautiful shots of our galaxies, earth and oceans. The EMSA has been one of the largest users of information gathered from ESA. With a cooperative partnership and dedication to monitoring the Ocean and Maritime activity as it relates to Safety and the Environment the whole world wins.

link - ESA - Kids - Earth

It always comes back to the same thing. Energy. Humans search further and further for stuff they want or think they need. Humans want it faster. Am I the only one who can see that with all this going faster, we have strangled our own time? Nobody has any time. Is this why we continue to travel backward from survival?

To all those who wish to cooperate for the health of our Planet, Hooray! You are Heroes. To each one who cares and does the best they can for the world, Thank You. Thank you for every "one thing" you do for our Habitat. Peace.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

EERE tweeks MIT Study to make report sound like Natural Gas will Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Fail!

EERE News: MIT Study: Natural Gas to Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (link)

The Summary of MIT's study - Comparing Coal vs Natural Gas - The government did not need a 2 year study for that, and using that study to push Natural Gas Extraction is deceiving! (link to MIT report summary)

In the past few weeks, the EERE government site; U.S. Department of Energy; Efficiency & Renewable Energy, has had very few announcements. When I read this the other day, it sort of hit me the wrong way. I did not spend much time on it.

This morning, a large portion of our World is facing extinctions in major Eco-fields. This is because big Energy is running everything, including our Regulatory Agencies. This announcement is a twisted ball of lies. Natural Gas is renewable - After a million years or so. Crude Oil is renewable, we will not be here to see it.

Natural Gas Extraction or Fracking is the most ignorant thing we have come up with in modern days. The money and power behind those who make millions per quarter in profit are pushing this through fast and furious.

Natural Gas Extraction starts with drilling down to a certain level of our Earth's Upper Crust. In case you are not aware, our crust is the Structure of the top layer of our Earth. After drilling down to a certain level, they start fracking. This is where they explode and use tons of water and other toxic juices to Break Through crustal walls that are full of natural gas. I am no rocket scientist, but the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, probably hit a Natural Gas pocket, and this is what caused the initial explosion that murdered 11 workers. and a good portion of the Gulf of Mexico. The methods fracking companies use for attaining water is not regulated past a quick "look-the-other-way" signature, and NO PUBLIC Comment or Notice. Standard operating procedure is to trench 8" pipe, 2 miles under each Creek and Tributary. Again, this activity is not regulated, and it is not inspected, and there is no public input.

Any place that has had any fracking activity will show increased earthquake activity, and Emergency Response teams are having to respond to major fires and explosions. A scary thing about these underground explosions is that it is usually many miles underground, and we have had one explosion and fire in Falkner County, Arkansas; while the other end of exploding is in White County a good 50 miles apart. These are kept quiet, and again there is no regulation making them report these emergencies. There is nothing holding them accountable for poisonous gas pockets that arise, causing illness and death in towns. The results if there is any scrutiny is; " can not be concluded that this was due to drilling/fracking activity..." just like the Gulf of Mexico. There is so much protection for polluters, that citizens don't have a chance in hell of Environmental Protection or Justice.

The Sun is a Renewable Resource...did MIT mention that? The wind is a Renewable Resource, since some groups are making a killing at wind farms, that is a viable resource, but since no company or agency can make a Gargantuan Profit on solar power, it is once more swept aside. The Government is For the People, By the People. I want these agencies to get out of the pockets of Energy Conglomerates and do their job. We cannot depend on FDA for the protection of human health. We cannot depend on the EERE to promote clean energy.

 I am sure they are fully on the Nuke-Lee-AR kick, for the other form of "Clean Renewable Energy". Nuclear power requires a lot of water for cooling of towers. We are almost out of water for human consumption, warmer waters are going to be problematic. The main thing is Spent Fuel Rods. They are being stockpiled in deserts, open swimming pools and God knows were all they are sticking those things. They are hot for 10,000 years minimum.

The only way this will change, is if Citizens stand up and make their voices heard. This has to stop. These agencies need a big Revamp and Cleansing.

For those public employees who are serving to the best of your abilities,Thank You. For those who are willing to speak the truth, Thank You. For those public employees who went to work for these agencies hoping to make a difference, and really care about your world - Thank you for doing your best.

Peace and Blessings

This is the dawning of a new world. In order for man to survive, we are going to have to stop looking at progress as a Profit Margin for a handful of greedy people. We must stop looking underground for our energy...We must look Up!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Quivira' ~ Annual Conference - "The Carbon Ranch: Using Food and Stewardship to Build Soil and Fight Climate Change"

November 10-12, 2010- Albuguerque New Mexico - The Quivira Coalition will be sponsoring the 9th Annual - "The Carbon Ranch: Using Food & Stewardship to Build Soil and Fight Climate Change"

The Quivira Coalition's Mission Statement: “to build resilience by fostering ecological, economic and social health on western landscapes through education, innovation, collaboration, and progressive public and private land stewardship.”

There is an exciting line-up of speakers:
  • Dr. David Montgomery, geologist and author of Dirt!: The Erosion of Civilizations
  • Jeff Moyer, Farm Director for the Rodale Institute, on Organic No-Till
  • Dr. Bill Chameides, Dean of the Nichols School of the Environment, Duke University
  • Nancy Ranney, Rancher, Ranney Grassfed Beef.
Over the past 20 years or so, many groups are coming together to promote strategies of sustainibility. There are so many areas where there are opportunities to "think outside the grid" and the Quivira group has brought together a solution to what our world is dying for .
A carbon ranch bundles them into an economic whole with the aim of creating climate-friendly landscapes that are both healthy ecologically and the source of healthy food.
Links below are given:
To find out more about the conference:

To download the announcement to pass it to interested parties:

To go ahead, find out costs (very reasonable), and register for this wonderful Conference:

Thank you to all those who are doing the Good Work for our world and habitat. Thank you for every drop of water you seed. Thank you for every dry-land that you turn into prosperous and healthy ground. Peace.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nyanza Chemical Waste Dump - EPA Gives an Extra 30 Days for Public Comment!

"New Releases By Date: EPA Extends Public Comment Period for Proposed Clean Up Plan for Nyanza Chemical Waste Dump" Release date: 07/01/2010 Contact Information: Kelsey O'Neil, (617)918-1799

The Nyanza Chemical Waste Dump, is a Superfund Site, in Ashland, Massachusetts. A Superfund Site is determined by several different factors. It is not just one thing that makes a piece of industrial land a Superfund, but it had to start out as industrial or commercial to end up being called Superfund. When an Industry is making a product like Bromide, Chlorine, even Windmill Blades; the production of these items causes waste. In regulatory [at EPA, State Department of Environmental Quality & Industry], circles it is referred to as Waste By-Product.

Our way of doing business the last 100 years, and promoting "progress" has turned us to a dependence on Chemicals. During periods of Industrial growth, the focus became strictly a financial focus, and a hope of New Prosperity came at a price we still have not realized. The 'inspiration' for industrial ideas is what every American or follower of Hill, Armour and Ford hopes for. I think what steered us wrong was 1). The desire to do everything faster., 2). Greed. Inspiration, must be followed through to the end. 

 There are different classifications of violated Lands for Industrial use. A National Priority List property, is one where properties are being monitored, because it is 'suspected' that there are possible chemical or other toxins, and the property has been abandoned by the Industry. This happens when the parameters of safety and the ability to thrive, for human life is violated or possibly violated.

The Nyanza site is next to active industrial sites. This means that the 10,000 residents near to the 35-acre site, have this old toxic mess that was spilled, dumped and buried on site by this one violator who operated there from 1965 - 1978. The site was first used for Industry in 1917. There was no Environmental Protection Agency, there was no Clean Air Act, no Clean Water act. Uses before Nyanza were:production of textile dyes, intermediates, and other products. There are Six propositions for remediation [or not] of different areas of the Nyanza site. They are:
Nyanza used Over 45,000 tons of chemical sludges generated by Nyanza's wastewater treatment processes, along with spent solvents and other chemical wastes, were buried on site. The area that contains the largest amount of buried waste and exposed sludge is referred to as the Hill section.
In many of these agreements or settlements on lands that lay in waste, is to simply do nothing.

 Reports are generated by engineering firms for Government Agencies, that are often "Cut & Paste" for reports to say nothing and everything. Many reports will say, "...there is no confirmed changes in toxicity levels for ABC Creek. Tests were done 12-02-2002. {Test results not confirmed, turned in, verified. Fill in blank - Awaiting results} In some cases it is the same Engineering firm or Consulting firm who assisted the last violator in obtaining permits to pollute, compiled testing and reports for the Industry. Environmental Consulting firms make a truckload of money, they are not regulated by anyone, and they will be the ones paid taxpayer dollars to "monitor" superfund, or NPL properites ~ sweet deal, huh.

1). Enhanced Natural Recovery (ENR)
2). Monitored Natural Recovery (MNR) in other reaches of the river
3). Limited Action for Reach 8
4).“Institutional Controls” throughout the river
5). No Action for Reaches 5 and 7
6). Reviews will also be conducted every five years

This is a time that residents who are affected by this continued toxic soup, to have some say. Maybe you can see Environmental Justice.

I noticed in this article, that they mentioned that the "current owner leases out parts of this to other industry." That is a bit confusing, because as a Superfund site, it is being maintained by Taxpayer dollar.

EPA is accepting Public Comment on the Nyanza Chemical Waste Dump Superfund site Clean-up proposal, until August 26, 2010. Comments can be sent by mail, e-mail, or fax:

Daniel Keefe
Project Manager
EPA New England
5 Post Office Sq. Suite 100 Boston, MA 02109-3912

E-Mail Comments to
Fax Comments to 617-918-0327

Follow this link for more information on the Nyanza Chemical Waste Dump Superfund site Clean-up

Thank you for taking time to read this information. Thank you for every "one thing" you do to enhance and protect our environment. Thank you for your public service.