Wednesday, June 23, 2010

US judge lifts oil drilling moratorium | Siasat

US judge lifts oil drilling moratorium Siasat - link to AP story

I have been trying to keep this blog as positive as possible. I am experiencing heart-burn over this matter, and so...for healing purposes, I will prescribe getting this junk out of my system.

This middle-age woman, cannot sleep or let rest, that once again the "Good Ole' Boy" System of the Dirty, Dirty South has triumphed over common sense.

There was a public announcement several days ago, affirming that the matter of President Obamas' 6 Month Moratorium on would come before U.S. District Court Judge Martin Feldman of New Orleans. In the announcement it mentioned that Louisiana's Governor wanted the Ban Lifted. 

The first thing that caught my attention is how fast the Offshore Drillers got a hearing. Unheard of really.

I did a Google Search on this long serving dignitary. His career has been long and prestigious. He has always leaned toward Industry over the little guy.

In Judge Feldman' Environmental Protection Agency Region 6. From the Governor's on down in this geo-poitico region, they who run things, are banded together for "Progress over the Environment". When you hear it like that, it's hard to argue with. It is especially hard to argue with, when 'that is the way things have been done'.

It is hard to argue when brain development in many populations in Region 6 are mentally deficient from eating food, drinking water and breathing air that has levels outside of the realm of safety for Human Health. It is almost impossible to get Environmental Justice in the South as a whole, because the State's stand jealously by their right to self governance.

Citizens, Louisiana is in Region 6 of the EPA State Districts. Judge Feldman has been in position since the 1980's. He has been a part of that system of the last 30 years or so that has done their best to fight pesky regulators. They scream about the extra costs safety and health bring to their industries. Tough luck pal, that's what you get for thinking of only the here and now.

Industry has not had to take a look back or ahead. The amount of "Progress" that usually happens is for a slight few. The general laborer, employee, and resident ends up paying with human health issues, steadily declining property values, and extra taxes for maintaining toxic Superfund or NWL (National Watch List Properties), that has been abandoned by "Progress".

The U.S. District Judge should have counted himself out of the matter since he has financial benefit for drilling to continue. That used to be considered unethical at the least - illegal at most. The only way these type of practices will stop, is when it is the Will of the People.

Citizens must begin to show up at public meetings. I know how much time I have wasted playing Farmville, or reading a series of Diane Mott Davidson books, or whatever. It only takes 15 or 20 minutes at the most to make a brief contact with your State Representatives/Federal Representatives/Parrish Boards/Judicial System.

I have read your pleadings on Facebook, where you are a Gulf Coast resident. You are hot, sad, sick, abused and feeling hopeless and Why Us? I feel you, I really do. So, now - Here is your time to shine. Make a difference. Be the voice rising against filthy and greedy practices.

Members of the Government, including his Honor Feldman have a standard to uphold. They are in a position of Public Trust, and no matter...if Citizens are lax or lazy, this does not make right the actions or activities of Government representatives making decisions based on their own person friendships, political bias and especially financial gain.

Please find out who your Representatives are, learn their name, what their phone number is, their address, fax and email.

We cannot have things continue in the Environmental Regulatory Field. States actions need to line up with Human Health, and Habitat Protection first. Line Mr. Slick's pockets last.

U.S. District Court Judge Feldman - ties to energy

From today forward, you can be a part of rulemaking and having a voice when Industry and members of the Government are about to make changes and request Public input.

Thank you for all you do. Thank you for every "one thing" you do to save the Planet. Thank you to honest Public Servants!





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