Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reporting Requirements for underground coal mines, industrial wastewater treatment systems, industrial waste landfills and magnesium production

http://yosemite.epa.gov/opa/admpress.nsf/0/CE3562C8FACE833F85257751005EE3DB (link)

"News Releases By Date: EPA Issues Greenhouse Gas Reporting Requirements for Four Emissions Sources/Agency also to consider data confidentiality" Release Date06/29/2010 Contact Information Cathy Milbourn (News Media Only) Milbourn.cathy@epa.gov 202-564-7849, 202-564-4355

"Methane is the primary GHG emitted from coal mines, industrial wastewater treatment systems and industrial landfills and is more than 20 times as potent as carbon dioxide at warming the atmosphere. The main fluorinated GHG emitted from magnesium production is sulfur hexafluoride, which has an even greater warming potential than methane, and can stay in the atmosphere for thousands of years"
Here is another round of Rulemaking and Law Changing regarding how Industry who emit the Waste By-Product - Methane. This will require public comment and Public interaction. According to this report, they are basing limits, amounts and planning by Industry reports...This needs to be based on honest Information gathered by Third-Parties, who do not stand to gain in any way, shape or form.

If the Public does not respond, life will continue like it is in the Gulf of Mexico, where the EPA and President are being spoon-fed bullshit, to keep them out of the loop of what is transpiring. Because of past Rule-making, BP continues to sit in the Drivers Seat of the Biggest Disaster in our Human knowledge. They should be off the job, and not dictating methodology of clean-up. The reason this happens is because Good Citizens will not take time for boring tasks such as commenting on Rulemaking, Planning events.

The Industries who harvest minerals from the Earth for Profit, are keeping their ability to call water and bleach Confidential. This is the biggest lie ever. All frackers use the same method, all drillers use the same basic soup to get 'er done. If it is hazardous to human health or the Environment, it should NOT be confidential. We cannot see energy change, if the Rulemaking is left to them alone.

Here are some links to follow-up if you like.

On Confidentiality Changes Proposed:

Thank you for every "One Thing" you do. Thank you for your Public Service. Thank you for Transparency.

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