Tuesday, June 22, 2010

EPA - To Hold Public Meeting on the Red Panther Superfund Site in Clarksdale, Mississippi

"News Release by Date: EPA to Hold Public Meeting Regarding the Red Panther Superfund Site Assessment, Clarksdale, Mississippi". Release date: 06/22/2010 Contact Information: Dawn Harris-Young, (404) 562-8421, harris-young@epa.gov

This Public Meeting is slated to be held: June 24, 2010, The Public Meeting will be held at the Clarksdale/Coahoma County Chamber of Commerce, 1540 Desoto Avenue, Clarksdale, MS. This Public Meeting will begin at 7:00 P.M.
(In the spirit of fair play and Environmental Justice - I think that is is a conflict of interest to have a meeting this important at the Chamber of Commerce offices. The Chamber of Commerce has always favored industry, and their most recent stand AGAINST Recovery & Reinvestment, and the Health of the People is a Red Flag that Fairness and Justice will not be found easily at this Public Meeting Location.)
When the EPA conducts an assessment of a Superfund Site [or Property listed on the National Watch List Properties], it is at someones request. Sometimes an Assessment is performed to see if any further progress or findings have been conducted on "suspected" Superfund sites. The assessment can cause the property to be dropped off the watch lists. That means what it sounds like.  A company (ies) who caused / left the toxic waste behind abandon the properties, change their P.O. Box, done a New Name, and start all over down someone else's dirt road. They receive a tax benefit according to IRS Tax Law, they get to walk away and barely pay a dime. Not counting the human health effects.

[check my previous post today: EPA recommends Polluters Pay]

Another reason a Superfund can have an Assessment is for a Brownfield Property Assessment to see if it can be rehabilitated for Human habitation and use. This would mean, an interested Agency or Organization is considering taking on the spoiled property, and work to restore to former or better use.  This coming up meeting will be discussing the future of this property.

In order for Environmental Justice to be served, more needs to show up at these meetings besides industry.

Thank you for all you do for the Environment, thank you for your public service. Thank you for each "one thing" you do to save our Planet.   Peace, Lori...

Clarksdale/Coahoma County Chamber of Commerce
1540 Desoto Avenue
Clarksdale, MS
7:00 PM June 24, 2010

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