Monday, June 21, 2010

EPA - Chief Financial Officer - Barbara Bennet, Requests Public Input!

Today's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is very open and Citizen friendly. The EPA websites are informational, contain daily announcements as well as hundreds of requests monthly for public input. A blog on the EPA website that I follow is called, Greenversations. It is friendly, and easier than ever to find comprehensible information. Environmental information in down to earth language.

The Chief Financial Officer - Barbara Bennet is requesting Public Input on EPA's five-year Strategic Plan. A Strategic Plan starts with goals and things that are hoped to be accomplished. According to this Greenversations blog post, they state their further commitment to accountability, openness, and inclusion.

The specific request for Public Participation is the Draft Strategic Plan and how the EPA can work better to protect the Environment and Human Health in our communities and beyond. To formally Comment, go to the "Regulations dot Gov" and insert case number  EPA-HQ-OA-2010-0486

1). Remain respectful
2). Focus: One topic at a time.
3). Your comments will become public, so keep this in mind when commenting
4). Feel that good feeling that you had a part in change for the better.

Thank you for all you do. Thank you to the Public Servants, often it is a thankless job you do. Thank you for working for our habitat everyday. Peace

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