Tuesday, June 22, 2010

EPA Announcement! "Polluter Pays" for Superfund Site Expenses!


"News Releases By Date: 'EPA Supports Superfund "Polluter Pays" Provision / Agency submits administration's guidance to Congress.'" Release date 06/21/2010. Contact Information: Latisha Petteway, petteway.latisha@epa.gov. 202-564-3191, 202-564-4355.

This Announcement is Very Important for those who are tired of Industry getting away with murder, toxic pollution, destroying our only environment, then...they walk away with a Tax Write-Off and a new name.

The EPA - Directed by Lisa P. Jackson, has submitted to Congress their recommendation that the Industries Pay into their Pollution Boo Boo Funds - Trusts so that when horrible pollution and toxicity happens, the Polluters don't get to just disappear and say thank you for all the Profits.

for example:The State I live in does everything to fight and ignore EPA regulations and guidelines. If it is a toss-up between Human Health, and a few guys making a profit...it is called "Progress", and anyone who questions a State Agency's decision to move forward with Progress, "to hell with them, and all of the Creeks, trees, mountains, caves, water wells, and habitat. "Drilling for energy is more important than pristine water and aquatic habitat." They go all out, and make sure Mr. Slick gets his factory, and his permits, any questions are quickly buried and passed over. Mr. Slick builds his factory with Seasonal Immigrants, Pays a few key people decent salaries, holding towns hostage with jobs enough to be taxed to death. Oddly, enough, for the messes they make, they don't really provide a lot of energy. Or, they sell it to another State and we buy it back...huh?

A decade later, children are born with birth defects. Miscarriages are commonplace, people are riddled with kidney problems. Brain development lags behind.

After a lot of paperwork and effort on the part of a bureaucratic employee; the Slick factory gets a notice they are being sued by the Regulatory agency. Slick leaves town. Writes it off on his taxes. The City or State picks it up, it is given Superfund or Watch List Status and some consulting firm gets to maintain it.

Often, it is the same consulting firms who helped Slick get his permits in the first place. In order for Citizens to get Environmental Justice it is up to the EPA and U.S. Justice Department.  Louisiana is in Region 6 EPA District, their State/Parish agencies have had the same theory about "progress". It is difficult for Louisianans to get Environmental Justice, but by giving the EPA regulators real teeth, for real polluters, we will all be served.

In order for the Polluter to be held accountable, they need to Pay to Play (Pollute), and not unlimited, and no Offers in Compromise. This cannot be done without changes in the Laws and Rule making. During the last 25 years it has been a polluters paradise. More people are sick, unemployed and dying from the Slick polluters, than are happily and healthily employed. That is insanity.

Please Contact your Legislators and let them know in no uncertain terms they better get behind these changes. Do you want BP to be able to walk away from the Deeepwater Disaster, and get a tax write-off? I don't think so. Please let your voice be heard. Speak up and Out for our Earth. It is the only Planet we have right now.

http://whitehouse.gov then go to Energy and Environment
to find your Senators and Representatives http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml
to support Lisa P. Jackson's efforts - find her on Facebook

To find out more about the Superfund program http://www.epa.gov/superfund/

Thank you for all you do. Thank you for your Public Service. Thank you for every 'One Thing' you do for our Environment/World/Habitat. Peace, Blessing and Strength


  1. Wow, to see this announcement from the EPA yesterday, got my juices flowing. I am thankful for Lisa P. Jackson's EPA. If she stopped working today, she would have done more Good for Environmental Justice in her short tenure than any previous EPA Administrator.
    On Facebook, Ms. Jackson has a website, and keeps open communication with citizens, keeping all of us in the loop. People who are upset and don't know better are giving her a very hard way to go. Get behind the EPA, contact your Federal Level Senators and Representatives. If you really want to have a say in Laws and Rulemaking regarding the Environment, it is important to learn the Names, Phone Numbers, Mailing Address and E-mail addresses to your Representatives.

    Thank you for getting involved, thank you for making a difference. Thank you for your Public Service. Peace

  2. In the initial body of this Blog Post, I want to make it clear that when I posted the fact that many of these big energy groups who build say, Coal Plants, will overwhelm people talking about how many jobs they bring. Often they will use Seasonal Immigrants who they can pay less, and no benefits like Social Security, and all the other costs a large Industry should pay.

    I am glad the Seasonal Immigrants (Agricultural) workers get work. I have nothing against any person/family leaving a place of hell to do better for their family. There is no place for racism. I was not speaking against Immigrants period.


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