Monday, June 28, 2010

BP says storm delaying added oil-capture capacity -

BP says storm delaying added oil-capture capacity -

This is news that probably will not last long, regarding the Oil Containment in the Gulf of Mexico.

This is the clincher. I am selling my 1999 Jeep. Her name is Betsy, and she has been all around the South. She is a great ride, and has get-up-and-go. I cannot own a vehicle any longer. I cannot be a part of the reason (as much) for a demand that has the consequences we are seeing. 

 I must get enough to take my bus tour of the U.S. and pay my half of the bills. I am "Intention" to circumference the entire U.S. and up into Canada. I am going to video-tape our Beautiful places and people. Visiting toxic sites where citizens are having a problem Getting a Voice.

I want to make a video log. Part of this is my mission to collect a sewn Quilt square from each person who wants to make a miracle Quilt. Each person will submit a square with a Heart/Hand. Each person is asked to pad the Quilt Square with Hair. Please include a grain or two of sand.

 I "intention" to get help from a Flash Bee, and create a Quilt of Love and power and Faith and Magic, to absorb/absolve the Gulf of all of this "Spilled Oil" and Dispersant applied.

You can say, "Blogger Girl has gone over the edge finally." Cool, then I am eligible for SSI. Help a Sister out will ya? Laugh Out Loud!

 Really, is this campaign any crazier than watching tons/gallons/ of what has been holding Ocean Crust in place, spew out like a Menopausal Woman? We have watched while greedy men finish the job of Eco-Cide by applying poison to hurry up and kill anything that steps in the way of Production?

I think Not!

I "intention" to be coming, so please start working on your Quilt Squares and let us make a Comforting Quilt for our Mother that she may Heal herself.


 Thank you for every One Thing you do to help the World. Thank you for every Random Act of Kindness or Concern. Thank you for every Homeless person you have fed, with love and without judgement.

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