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ESA - Living Planet Symposium 2010 - Image of the day: Thinning ice sheets

ESA - Living Planet Symposium 2010 - Image of the day: Thinning ice sheets

I recently was shocked by a weather person making a statement, where he affirmed Global Warming was a farce, and had nothing to do with Human Activity. I deleted that sucker fast. He works in media, so that was even more yucky. This is an amazing interactive slide show of the thinning ice on our Pole...

The European Space Agency are true public servants and scientists who work hard to explore our aesthenosphere, and learn how to be better stewards of it all.

Thank you ESA, all divisions, even the robots ~ for your hard work. Thank you for every "one thing" you do to make our Universe a better place. Peace and Goodness and Funding to you : )

In-Memory-of-All-That-Is-Lost: An Oil Spill Cemetery in Grand Isle, Loui...

An Oil Spill Cemetery was created by Patrick Shay in Grand Isle, Louisiana as a protest against BP and the US Government.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Long Time Santa Barbara Resident - Remembers 1969 Oil Spill - Marketplace Photos

It is good to remember where Santa Barbara was 40 years ago, and where she is today Environmentally. Dear Humans, please approach our planet with Common Sense and Decency.



Thank you for every "One Thing" you do for the Environment. Thank you for each random act of concern. Thank you for the effort to face your challanges each day. Peace and the Best.

Reporting Requirements for underground coal mines, industrial wastewater treatment systems, industrial waste landfills and magnesium production (link)

"News Releases By Date: EPA Issues Greenhouse Gas Reporting Requirements for Four Emissions Sources/Agency also to consider data confidentiality" Release Date06/29/2010 Contact Information Cathy Milbourn (News Media Only) 202-564-7849, 202-564-4355

"Methane is the primary GHG emitted from coal mines, industrial wastewater treatment systems and industrial landfills and is more than 20 times as potent as carbon dioxide at warming the atmosphere. The main fluorinated GHG emitted from magnesium production is sulfur hexafluoride, which has an even greater warming potential than methane, and can stay in the atmosphere for thousands of years"
Here is another round of Rulemaking and Law Changing regarding how Industry who emit the Waste By-Product - Methane. This will require public comment and Public interaction. According to this report, they are basing limits, amounts and planning by Industry reports...This needs to be based on honest Information gathered by Third-Parties, who do not stand to gain in any way, shape or form.

If the Public does not respond, life will continue like it is in the Gulf of Mexico, where the EPA and President are being spoon-fed bullshit, to keep them out of the loop of what is transpiring. Because of past Rule-making, BP continues to sit in the Drivers Seat of the Biggest Disaster in our Human knowledge. They should be off the job, and not dictating methodology of clean-up. The reason this happens is because Good Citizens will not take time for boring tasks such as commenting on Rulemaking, Planning events.

The Industries who harvest minerals from the Earth for Profit, are keeping their ability to call water and bleach Confidential. This is the biggest lie ever. All frackers use the same method, all drillers use the same basic soup to get 'er done. If it is hazardous to human health or the Environment, it should NOT be confidential. We cannot see energy change, if the Rulemaking is left to them alone.

Here are some links to follow-up if you like.

On Confidentiality Changes Proposed:

Thank you for every "One Thing" you do. Thank you for your Public Service. Thank you for Transparency.

If your water has been damaged by drilling or fracking... (Link)

This site has a lot of information on fracking, and drilling problems and how they affect human life and our environment. I am not usually one to promote a Lawyer or Law Firm, but this group has a lot of good info.

Many citizens in Arkansas lost their water wells in June of 2009, when the Fayetteville Shale project was going hot and heavy. I remember hearing a comment about Citizen Complaints of their water quality when their wells failed, "Well, they didn't have to be regulated by the State when they had their own wells, now the State has no obligation to regulate them."

 I was a newbie at a job that was my perfect fit. I was a Secretary for the Air Enforcement and Compliance Division of a State agency. The division had not had 2 secretaries it needed for several months. Thousands of vital reports, complaints, and possible legal actions had been sitting in piles and boxes in a cubicle and another storage room. It was just what I needed. I love the kind of work others would die from. Repetition, reading Governmenteze Technical reports, gathering information, finding mistakes, reading hundreds of pieces of mail, making sure information was sent out to one of 52 people I answered to.

I was one of those rare birds, the person you get at a Bureaucracy, who knows they are being paid by taxpayer dollars. Cheerful, smart, knows about, and cares about the Environment. Not just there praying for retirement. We do not last long, us nice/helpful Government Employees. The Lemmings have a violent streak that will come out if you are caring and concerned. "If you are nice to them when you answer the phone, you will have to waste a lot of time on them..." "Do Not Ask them if you can Help Them!"

Anyway, I started there at the end of 2007. I had been on a "mission for God" for the prior 18 months. Underemployed, helpless and being held captive by a mean little town. I was so glad to have gotten this job, I didn't care that my wages were low, I was getting benefits and I could serve the Public. I have an Environmental Background that is perfect for Environmental Preservation and Protection. That's why I got hired...

March of 2008, I already have a reputation with the other secretaries who "don't handle that". Agency wide, with a staff of over 400. I was sent Every Complaint call that came into the Agency. We were Air. Air Compliance and Enforcement. Hello! I am a frickin' secretary, and this man from Texas calls in.

This is a 1).Water, 2).Waste Water, 3).Solid Waste and maybe 4).Air. I had this one high strung that worked in the cubical next to me, and you can hear a fart a block away, she's saying, "You can't take a call from Texas, we don't do water complaints..."  The man on the phone had something important to report, and my good conscience made me act with due diligence.

I had never heard of fracking before that day. I had no reason to form any opinion about it. Most of my experience with wells and drilling has been positive. I love drinking beer with Roughnecks, they are fun! The best deer hunting used to be up near the "gas well pads", I have done taxes for people who get Oil and Gas Well Royalties, this was a good thing for them. I have kinfolks that were lucky to be asked to take a well on their property. At first, a little mess, a couple of trees thinned out, and a nice access road to your own property. There was some disruption in the woods, but after awhile, the wildlife acclimates to it, all good.

 Fracking = Not Good.

This man was passionate, because he was dying. [High strung, in the next cube..."that is OSHA, not us!"]. Honestly, I did not ask for this call, but I got it. My supervisor, who is finally able to focus on the ruckus happening in my cubical, comes down. I put the gentleman on hold. Yes, we take a call from anyone, anywhere. If it is regarding an Environmental Complaint take it. We will forward it to another agency if needed. OK, back to the Complainant...this is how it is in Government, this is why shit takes so long to get solved. The cube neighbor causing the ruckus has no business whatsoever with my call...anyway. Mr. Z calls in wants to send a warning to our State, that the frackers were coming our way. Fracking, Frack, Frac was not in our vocabulary database in March of 2008.

 He did sound a little crazy at first, but having been there myself, I listened. When he finally realized he found someone who would listen, he calmed down and made perfect sense and sent verification for every accusation he made. Texas Dept of Environmental Quality sent me proof of their illegal operation. In Texas, the frackers had been operating un-permitted for some years. Texas filed several legal suits against them to come in and get registered and permitted. They never did. They moved on up to another Region 6 State. The man is/was dying from breathing the silica and fracking fluid. This man even had an article published in the our State Liberal paper. The Fayetteville Shale was set in clay, it would be done.

Thank you for everything you do. Thank you for doing what you can to save the environment. Thank you for caring enough to act.

Steve Kennedy, CEO Bioremediation Inc..m4v

There are many alternatives to the toxic dispersants being used on the Deep Water Horizon, Disaster. There are natural cures that can be used today. They will clean up in a way that does not cause ill health affects. Please! Please! Use Wisdom with our Oceans!

Monday, June 28, 2010

BP says storm delaying added oil-capture capacity -

BP says storm delaying added oil-capture capacity -

This is news that probably will not last long, regarding the Oil Containment in the Gulf of Mexico.

This is the clincher. I am selling my 1999 Jeep. Her name is Betsy, and she has been all around the South. She is a great ride, and has get-up-and-go. I cannot own a vehicle any longer. I cannot be a part of the reason (as much) for a demand that has the consequences we are seeing. 

 I must get enough to take my bus tour of the U.S. and pay my half of the bills. I am "Intention" to circumference the entire U.S. and up into Canada. I am going to video-tape our Beautiful places and people. Visiting toxic sites where citizens are having a problem Getting a Voice.

I want to make a video log. Part of this is my mission to collect a sewn Quilt square from each person who wants to make a miracle Quilt. Each person will submit a square with a Heart/Hand. Each person is asked to pad the Quilt Square with Hair. Please include a grain or two of sand.

 I "intention" to get help from a Flash Bee, and create a Quilt of Love and power and Faith and Magic, to absorb/absolve the Gulf of all of this "Spilled Oil" and Dispersant applied.

You can say, "Blogger Girl has gone over the edge finally." Cool, then I am eligible for SSI. Help a Sister out will ya? Laugh Out Loud!

 Really, is this campaign any crazier than watching tons/gallons/ of what has been holding Ocean Crust in place, spew out like a Menopausal Woman? We have watched while greedy men finish the job of Eco-Cide by applying poison to hurry up and kill anything that steps in the way of Production?

I think Not!

I "intention" to be coming, so please start working on your Quilt Squares and let us make a Comforting Quilt for our Mother that she may Heal herself.


 Thank you for every One Thing you do to help the World. Thank you for every Random Act of Kindness or Concern. Thank you for every Homeless person you have fed, with love and without judgement.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is an event to support Clean Energy - With our minds to the Gulf of Mexico

The link is a Facebook Link to the event - This is a local to Central Arkansas

"Hands Across the Sand" Support Event

Location:Hot Springs Area Community Gardens

Time:11:00AM Saturday, June 26th

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 23, 2010 - Public Meeting ! Representatives to Discuss Deepwater Oil Spill

BP Oil Flood Protest  * June 22 at 11:00pm OPEN HOUSE - BP, EPA, USCG AND MORE REPS - OPEN



To members of BP Oil Flood Protest

Bp Oilflood June 22 at 11:00pm Reply


-Wednesday, June 23rd, 6pm - 8pm @ City Park, Pavilion of the Two Sisters, NOLA

-BP, EPA, USCG, and many other related organizations will have reps available to answer questions to our local communities. (Also scheduled in several other Parishes - please check the link below.) Completely open to the public.

Please prepare your questions with facts to back them! I attended the open house yesterday in Larose, and it was insanely frustrating! You will get the run-around, half-truths & pure lies! Please bring factual material to contradict their pathetic "pitch"!!! This is our opportunity to call them out & confront the excuses and lies we've been hearing for 62 days, since the Deep Water Horizon explosion!!!

I was infuriated by what I heard & saw. We must rally the forces - this is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE!!! Our way of life is being attacked and we must fight back!!! Keep your cool (don't get yourself arrested by actin' a fool), but JOIN US to FIGHT THE FIGHT!!! See y'all there!!!


US judge lifts oil drilling moratorium | Siasat

US judge lifts oil drilling moratorium Siasat - link to AP story

I have been trying to keep this blog as positive as possible. I am experiencing heart-burn over this matter, and so...for healing purposes, I will prescribe getting this junk out of my system.

This middle-age woman, cannot sleep or let rest, that once again the "Good Ole' Boy" System of the Dirty, Dirty South has triumphed over common sense.

There was a public announcement several days ago, affirming that the matter of President Obamas' 6 Month Moratorium on would come before U.S. District Court Judge Martin Feldman of New Orleans. In the announcement it mentioned that Louisiana's Governor wanted the Ban Lifted. 

The first thing that caught my attention is how fast the Offshore Drillers got a hearing. Unheard of really.

I did a Google Search on this long serving dignitary. His career has been long and prestigious. He has always leaned toward Industry over the little guy.

In Judge Feldman' Environmental Protection Agency Region 6. From the Governor's on down in this geo-poitico region, they who run things, are banded together for "Progress over the Environment". When you hear it like that, it's hard to argue with. It is especially hard to argue with, when 'that is the way things have been done'.

It is hard to argue when brain development in many populations in Region 6 are mentally deficient from eating food, drinking water and breathing air that has levels outside of the realm of safety for Human Health. It is almost impossible to get Environmental Justice in the South as a whole, because the State's stand jealously by their right to self governance.

Citizens, Louisiana is in Region 6 of the EPA State Districts. Judge Feldman has been in position since the 1980's. He has been a part of that system of the last 30 years or so that has done their best to fight pesky regulators. They scream about the extra costs safety and health bring to their industries. Tough luck pal, that's what you get for thinking of only the here and now.

Industry has not had to take a look back or ahead. The amount of "Progress" that usually happens is for a slight few. The general laborer, employee, and resident ends up paying with human health issues, steadily declining property values, and extra taxes for maintaining toxic Superfund or NWL (National Watch List Properties), that has been abandoned by "Progress".

The U.S. District Judge should have counted himself out of the matter since he has financial benefit for drilling to continue. That used to be considered unethical at the least - illegal at most. The only way these type of practices will stop, is when it is the Will of the People.

Citizens must begin to show up at public meetings. I know how much time I have wasted playing Farmville, or reading a series of Diane Mott Davidson books, or whatever. It only takes 15 or 20 minutes at the most to make a brief contact with your State Representatives/Federal Representatives/Parrish Boards/Judicial System.

I have read your pleadings on Facebook, where you are a Gulf Coast resident. You are hot, sad, sick, abused and feeling hopeless and Why Us? I feel you, I really do. So, now - Here is your time to shine. Make a difference. Be the voice rising against filthy and greedy practices.

Members of the Government, including his Honor Feldman have a standard to uphold. They are in a position of Public Trust, and no matter...if Citizens are lax or lazy, this does not make right the actions or activities of Government representatives making decisions based on their own person friendships, political bias and especially financial gain.

Please find out who your Representatives are, learn their name, what their phone number is, their address, fax and email.

We cannot have things continue in the Environmental Regulatory Field. States actions need to line up with Human Health, and Habitat Protection first. Line Mr. Slick's pockets last.

U.S. District Court Judge Feldman - ties to energy

From today forward, you can be a part of rulemaking and having a voice when Industry and members of the Government are about to make changes and request Public input.

Thank you for all you do. Thank you for every "one thing" you do to save the Planet. Thank you to honest Public Servants!

The Nature Conservancy's Answer to Rumors they are in Cahoots with BP

The Nature Conservancy's (TNC) Response to false rumors that they had a financially rewarding Relationship with BPShare.

I know personally that BP has been considered a leader in the Green Movement before this disaster. They have been partners with Habitat for Humanity, Int'l and others TNC works in Partnerships. They are Non-Profit with a largely volunteer base.

From the Nature Conservancy on Facebook

"The Nature Conservancy Jason and Brooke,

I left this same response in the post above, but wanted to leave it here as well so you could see it" (reprinted here)

The Nature Conservancy is definitely not business partners with BP, but we have worked with them to avoid and mitigate ecological damage from wind farm siting and natural gas extraction in the West.

... See More

We worked to ensure that BP avoided ecologically sensitive areas and we helped direct $24.5 million in mitigation funding energy companies pay into a multi-agency government fund. Money from this fund is being used to protect over 80,000 acres and improve management for more than 200,000 acres.

We work with BP and state and federal agencies on energy siting issues because energy development is taking place or being planned for areas we want to see conserved. Our goal is to make sure exploration and drilling operations or wind farm sighting is done in a way that has minimal impact on nature. We do this work because poorly planned and executed energy development can harm important wildlife habitat.

In addition, over the last 30+ years, BP and its foundation have donated $9.9 million to the Conservancy, including a $3 million piece of donated land in Virginia. To put these numbers in perspective: in Fiscal Year 2009, the Conservancy’s total dues and contributions were $416 million dollars. Of that, 5 percent of our dues and contributions came from businesses.

If you want to find out more about this work, you can read this piece from our chief scientist Peter Kareiva, here:

And the transcript of an online chat we held several weeks ago with our CEO Mark Tercek on this issue here:

Thanks and let us know if you have more questions.

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EPA - To Hold Public Meeting on the Red Panther Superfund Site in Clarksdale, Mississippi
"News Release by Date: EPA to Hold Public Meeting Regarding the Red Panther Superfund Site Assessment, Clarksdale, Mississippi". Release date: 06/22/2010 Contact Information: Dawn Harris-Young, (404) 562-8421,

This Public Meeting is slated to be held: June 24, 2010, The Public Meeting will be held at the Clarksdale/Coahoma County Chamber of Commerce, 1540 Desoto Avenue, Clarksdale, MS. This Public Meeting will begin at 7:00 P.M.
(In the spirit of fair play and Environmental Justice - I think that is is a conflict of interest to have a meeting this important at the Chamber of Commerce offices. The Chamber of Commerce has always favored industry, and their most recent stand AGAINST Recovery & Reinvestment, and the Health of the People is a Red Flag that Fairness and Justice will not be found easily at this Public Meeting Location.)
When the EPA conducts an assessment of a Superfund Site [or Property listed on the National Watch List Properties], it is at someones request. Sometimes an Assessment is performed to see if any further progress or findings have been conducted on "suspected" Superfund sites. The assessment can cause the property to be dropped off the watch lists. That means what it sounds like.  A company (ies) who caused / left the toxic waste behind abandon the properties, change their P.O. Box, done a New Name, and start all over down someone else's dirt road. They receive a tax benefit according to IRS Tax Law, they get to walk away and barely pay a dime. Not counting the human health effects. 
[check my previous post today: EPA recommends Polluters Pay]

Another reason a Superfund can have an Assessment is for a Brownfield Property Assessment to see if it can be rehabilitated for Human habitation and use. This would mean, an interested Agency or Organization is considering taking on the spoiled property, and work to restore to former or better use.  This coming up meeting will be discussing the future of this property.

In order for Environmental Justice to be served, more needs to show up at these meetings besides industry.

Thank you for all you do for the Environment, thank you for your public service. Thank you for each "one thing" you do to save our Planet.   Peace, Lori...

Clarksdale/Coahoma County Chamber of Commerce
1540 Desoto Avenue
Clarksdale, MS
7:00 PM June 24, 2010

EPA Announcement! "Polluter Pays" for Superfund Site Expenses!

"News Releases By Date: 'EPA Supports Superfund "Polluter Pays" Provision / Agency submits administration's guidance to Congress.'" Release date 06/21/2010. Contact Information: Latisha Petteway, 202-564-3191, 202-564-4355.

This Announcement is Very Important for those who are tired of Industry getting away with murder, toxic pollution, destroying our only environment, then...they walk away with a Tax Write-Off and a new name.

The EPA - Directed by Lisa P. Jackson, has submitted to Congress their recommendation that the Industries Pay into their Pollution Boo Boo Funds - Trusts so that when horrible pollution and toxicity happens, the Polluters don't get to just disappear and say thank you for all the Profits.

for example:The State I live in does everything to fight and ignore EPA regulations and guidelines. If it is a toss-up between Human Health, and a few guys making a is called "Progress", and anyone who questions a State Agency's decision to move forward with Progress, "to hell with them, and all of the Creeks, trees, mountains, caves, water wells, and habitat. "Drilling for energy is more important than pristine water and aquatic habitat." They go all out, and make sure Mr. Slick gets his factory, and his permits, any questions are quickly buried and passed over. Mr. Slick builds his factory with Seasonal Immigrants, Pays a few key people decent salaries, holding towns hostage with jobs enough to be taxed to death. Oddly, enough, for the messes they make, they don't really provide a lot of energy. Or, they sell it to another State and we buy it back...huh?

A decade later, children are born with birth defects. Miscarriages are commonplace, people are riddled with kidney problems. Brain development lags behind.

After a lot of paperwork and effort on the part of a bureaucratic employee; the Slick factory gets a notice they are being sued by the Regulatory agency. Slick leaves town. Writes it off on his taxes. The City or State picks it up, it is given Superfund or Watch List Status and some consulting firm gets to maintain it.

Often, it is the same consulting firms who helped Slick get his permits in the first place. In order for Citizens to get Environmental Justice it is up to the EPA and U.S. Justice Department.  Louisiana is in Region 6 EPA District, their State/Parish agencies have had the same theory about "progress". It is difficult for Louisianans to get Environmental Justice, but by giving the EPA regulators real teeth, for real polluters, we will all be served.

In order for the Polluter to be held accountable, they need to Pay to Play (Pollute), and not unlimited, and no Offers in Compromise. This cannot be done without changes in the Laws and Rule making. During the last 25 years it has been a polluters paradise. More people are sick, unemployed and dying from the Slick polluters, than are happily and healthily employed. That is insanity.

Please Contact your Legislators and let them know in no uncertain terms they better get behind these changes. Do you want BP to be able to walk away from the Deeepwater Disaster, and get a tax write-off? I don't think so. Please let your voice be heard. Speak up and Out for our Earth. It is the only Planet we have right now. then go to Energy and Environment
to find your Senators and Representatives
to support Lisa P. Jackson's efforts - find her on Facebook

To find out more about the Superfund program

Thank you for all you do. Thank you for your Public Service. Thank you for every 'One Thing' you do for our Environment/World/Habitat. Peace, Blessing and Strength

Monday, June 21, 2010

EPA - Chief Financial Officer - Barbara Bennet, Requests Public Input!

Today's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is very open and Citizen friendly. The EPA websites are informational, contain daily announcements as well as hundreds of requests monthly for public input. A blog on the EPA website that I follow is called, Greenversations. It is friendly, and easier than ever to find comprehensible information. Environmental information in down to earth language.

The Chief Financial Officer - Barbara Bennet is requesting Public Input on EPA's five-year Strategic Plan. A Strategic Plan starts with goals and things that are hoped to be accomplished. According to this Greenversations blog post, they state their further commitment to accountability, openness, and inclusion.

The specific request for Public Participation is the Draft Strategic Plan and how the EPA can work better to protect the Environment and Human Health in our communities and beyond. To formally Comment, go to the "Regulations dot Gov" and insert case number  EPA-HQ-OA-2010-0486

1). Remain respectful
2). Focus: One topic at a time.
3). Your comments will become public, so keep this in mind when commenting
4). Feel that good feeling that you had a part in change for the better.

Thank you for all you do. Thank you to the Public Servants, often it is a thankless job you do. Thank you for working for our habitat everyday. Peace

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Public Resources for the Gulf Coast Region - Links by Danielle WhoDat Brutsche

Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Leak

"Good Links Outside of Our Walls * ~ * New Orleans Public Library"

Our Librarians never get enough props! Librarians are the keepers of public documents and notices. They can help you find out about public meetings and requests for public comments. Take a Librarian to lunch - or become a Friend of your Local Library.

Shown below are just a sampling of all the listed public document links regarding the Gulf Coast States, Primarily Louisiana.

Please pass this information on to those interested in the Gulf Oil Disaster.

Thank you for all you do. Thank you for your kindness to others and the Earth. Thank you for taking the time to gather this information for others. Peace.
2010 Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

LSU Libraries' subject guide for information resources related to the oil spill

Community Center of St. Bernard

Oil spill news, opportunities to donate and volunteer

Deepwater Horizon Incident

Official updates and maps from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Deepwater ...
Check the link above for the entire listing...

Monday, June 14, 2010

President Obama will speak on the Deepwater Horizon Disaster - B.P.

Today ~ June 14, 2010, Our President will speak to us on the Deepwater Horizon Disaster. "This is not a spill. A spill can be cleaned with a napkin".  starting at 4:30 pm. If it doesn't work, you can go to, and the topic is the Oil disaster.


Thank you for all you do. Thank you for your public service. Thank you for sending love to the Gulf.