Monday, May 31, 2010

Approved Cleanup Plan for TVA Coal Ash Site, by E.P.A.

"News Releases by Date: EPA Approves Cleanup Plan for Remaining Coal Ash at TVA Kingston Site." Release Date 05/18/2010. Contact Davina Marraccini @ (404) 562-8293,

On May 18, 2010 the EPA approved the Tennessee Valley Authority's (TVA) selected cleanup plan for the next phase of ash removal at the TVA Kingston site in Roane County, TN.

The outline of the plan are as follows:

I. Removal of "stock-piled" On-Site Storage. There is remaining approximately 2.5 million cubic yards of ash being stored. No ash will be removed from the area - their idea of safety being not having any accidents during transportation... [that is all well and good, but the horrible breech of the retaining ponds stored on site have been the most hazardous to date.]

II. Building Protective Perimeter Dike: The newly engineered [PLAN] is to excavate down 60 - 70 feet, to the shale bedrock, and will consist of overlapping soil-cement columns that can withstand a 6.0 earthquake. [That is an extreme depth to compromise. Not only are mountains, and streams being demolished to provide a small amount of electricity, now the underground and parts of the Earth's crust is going to be compromised with pollutants.]

III. Closure and Capping at 25' in the Air: [65+25=90 cubic feet x ??? yards = a lot of waste].

IV. Restoration: Testing will be required: Testing has always been required.

The time for Public Comment has not ended. If you would like more stringent rules for TVA, this is the time to let your voice be heard. or in writing TVA, PO Box 40, Kingston, TN 37763-0400

In December of 2008, The Kingston TVA site had a spill that at that time was called a worse environmental disaster than the Exxon Valdez, in the shear quanity of waste that was visited upon an entire community and our Earth.

The devistation that is being visited upon our environment by Mountaintop Mining, and the practice of killing streams and waterways in the Appalachian Mountains is unwise.

The Gulf Coast of Louisiana is downstream from Tennessee. The Gulf Coast is a part of our Earth's eco-system, that was like a huge filter for clean water and air. That giant filter has been compromised.

Fellow Earthlings; we must stop raping the Earth for energy. Coal Fire plants provide a small amount of electricity for the costs financially and environmentally. As usual there are a handful of people who reap the benefits, while the poor taxpayer always picks up the bill.

Wake up, please...We must look up for energy, and stop 'wanting' so much...

Thank you. Peace

Saturday, May 29, 2010

NASA Satellites' View of Gulf Oil Spill Over Time

NASA Satellites' View of Gulf Oil Spill Over Time

Good Morning. This was forwarded to us by one of my Geology/GIS Professors. NASA has published this Satellite Imaging of the Oil Spill in the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. It is set to somber music. It is a somber time. If we do not immediately change the way we attain energy - it will be our demise.

Peace. Thank you for all you do....

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lisa Jackson is touring areas likely to be affected by BP oil spill of April 20, 2010!

EPA Announcements "News Release by Date: Emergency Response"!OpenDocument Contact Brendan Gilfillan

April 30th, 2010 - Mississippi, Louisiana, and  Alabama, States located in the Gulf Coast area of the United States are likely to be impacted by the oil spill from the explosion and successive expulsion of thousands of gallons of crude oil per hour into the Gulf Coast Eco-system. Administrator Lisa P. Jackson will be accompanied by; Homeland Security head, Janet Napolitano and U.S. Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar. Today, a public meeting will be held in New Orleans, LA.
Greater Little Zion Baptist Church, 5130 Chartres Street, New Orleans, Louisiana - The meeting starts in one hour, today 05/01/2010.

I am thankful for hands-on administrators! Thank you for your public service.

Dear Administrator Jackson, I beg you to speak to those who have studied Historical Geology, Weather, and Oceanography. The Gulf Coast delta region is an important link in the chain of ocean currents, cooling and heating ~ not including the life forms that are going to be affected. Those lifeforms include human...

If we were all "bubble people" and had one giant filter, that caused clean oxygen to flow, and someone in the bubble kept throwing maple syrup on that filter, it wouldn't be long until there was not enough air.

In the case of the Gulf Coast Eco-system, it was a giant filter that is already distressed by the sediment problems. That water travels the globe, all the way around. At one point, the waters are cooled and as they come back around we are blessed with cool ocean breezes, and cleaner water.

I believe we must make drastic changes in the way our society has gone toward the combustion engine to mostly make things go "Faster". We are hurrying to our demise. Bicycles, walking and public transport only make sense. 20 Trillion fuel hungry metal missiles are not a need - really it is a horrible want.

Thank you for all you do. Thank you for doing your best to protect human health. Thank you for every "one thing" that is done to enhance and protect our habitat. Peace.