Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"E.P.A. Seeks Citizen Participation..." - Do you want to get involved?

News Releases By Date: "EPA Seeks Citizen Participation with Open Government Plan."
 Announcement Date: 04-07-2010. Information: Latisha Petteway,, 202-564-3191, 202-564-4355

More Information on Open Government:


This site (above link), has a very simple format. It asks for your ideas. It asks for citizens to give input. It is a chance for citizens to come together and be a part of our government.

We can gripe about the shape of our environment, and what the Representatives and Senators have done and not done about human welfare all day long. Until we hold the people we elect to 'REPRESENT' us accountable, (by inspecting their work, and getting rid of them if they operate out of self-interest), we are partially to blame. Please, Get involved.

 The door is opened...please respond.

Thank you for being a public servant, thank you for the hard work you do, so that others can be helped, thank you for showing up to work each day when it seems an impossible task ahead. Peace.

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