Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Arbor Day Video Challenge" - Deadline April 9th 2010 - Filmmakers/Students

The Arbor Day Foundation is sponsoring an "Arbor Day Video Challange"

Win Trees for your Campus - Green up your Town!
The winner of this video challange will win $2500.00 worth of trees for their college campus, or town.

"Use your passion and creativity to put together a
compelling video, that educates, inspires and encourages people to go outside and plant trees."
Dear students, do not wait until April 8th 2010 to "put it together". This must be to the Arbor Day Foundation by April 9th 2010. It must be submitted from a link in the page that is linked below. The rules are simple, it is 30-60 seconds of video.

If you don't like going to unknown links: http// , then go to the Arbor Day Video Challenge.

Environmentalists and filmmakers, here is a chance to do something for your community.
The top 3 videos will be posted on-line and all of us will vote on our favorite. So, looking for an in-service project? Really like to have some shade bearing trees for your town or school? Get on it, Get Creative ~ Get Greener.

Thank you all for what you do. Every tree planted, every enveolpe stuffed, each phone call taken goes toward cleaner air for humans and other mammals to breathe. Good Luck! Have Fun! Happy St. Patty's Day!

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