Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Science News - More Evidence of the Dangers from BPA's

Science News; Science & The Public, reports on a follow up of BPA's, and how they affect human health. January 12, 2010 By Rachel Ehrenberg, Web Edition.

This Science News article is further evidence that BPA's, are known to harm humans. For the past decade, many reports have come out linking BPA's to harming infants from the plastic bottles are made of, to as Ms. Ehrenberg notes a substance that is a presence on cash register receipts. But it has always been presented as safe.

The State of California has a stringent regulation and enforcement environmental policy. Here are some documents have produced links of harming human health:
In male genes.
In fetuses:
In baby bottles, children's toys...

As usual Senators and Representatives are pressured to make sure environmental laws and regulation, does not hinder the huge profits taken in for the very products that have possibly altered the genetic make-up of humans, fish, and plant-life. This shows once more what a good administrator Lisa Jackson of the EPA is.

Ms. Jackson appeared before the Senate Committee on the Environment & Public Works on December 2, 2009. She asked for cooperation. There is a need to test some 60,000 chemicals for their affects on human health. Until this year, they have been protected from testing by EPA and other regulatory agencies. For too long the chemical conglomerates have had from much influence in Congress and on Rule-Making.

At present, on the list of "Chemicals of Concern" there are presently 5 that have been released for testing. For too long, "progress" has been considered the priority over safety. While those have had all the progress a man could ask for, continue to be the only ones enjoying that fat bottom line, customers and taxpayers continue to buy from them, then are left clean up the toxic messes left behind. [Brownfield]

It will take citizens of the world standing in chorus, demanding products that are tested by neutral third parties, who are not allowed by regulation to make profit from a passed test. If Americans will begin to "inspect" what their industrial neighbors are planning and implementing. If citizens will contact their Representatives and Senators on a regular basis. Get on their e-mail list. Call 'em! That is what they are paid to do.

Everyday, in the U.S., our major newspapers are filled with public notices and announcements of future public meetings. Right now, the EPA on a federal level and all States have facilities (industry) with pending permits. The regulatory agencies are begging for public input for rule making.

This is Important: When an agency like EPA calls for public comment regarding rule making of Hazardous Chemicals, this means Industry, Consulting Firms, Building Associations, Polluters do respond. Industry get to comment too, and they do. There is a lot of time, study and money spent to influence rule making. The rules are geared more toward industry and their needs and wants. There are cities spread throughout the U.S. that are considered in "non-attainment". This means the area has pollution that is less than safe for humans with weak respriatory health

Citizens must find their voice for the sustainability of the human race. How much damage can be done to the beautiful human body, life and soul. How far can we go in causing scars and poisonings to our habitat and remain fruitful?

Perhaps we will adapt, "Better Living Through Chemicals" is the old saying isn't it?...

Thank you for all you do. Thank you for getting involved. ~ It feels really cool when you write a letter, or make a phone call and you affect government ~ because we are the U.S. Government...

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