Friday, January 29, 2010

"People Don't Do What You Expect, They Do What You Inspect"

"EPA: News Releases by Date": 1/27/2010 -
EPA Announces "Eyes on Drilling" Tipline.
Contact - David Sternberg (215) 814-5548,

 1-877-919-4EPA (toll free)

The EPA Announces a new tool for citizens who are concerned about suspicious activity by oil and gas drilling groups; to report illegal or unpermitted activities related to oil and gas drilling. This is for non-emergency suspicious activity.

Citizens are being asked to report illegal dumping and/or unauthorized spreading of well drilling fluids, wastes or other suspicious activity.

Keep in mind the agency responding to your tip is funded by tax dollars. If you have documented activity of practices it is much easier for agencies to open a case, and eventually prosecute illegal and unpermitted activities, or activities that violate the Clean Water Act, and Clean Air Act. Please do not waste tax dollars by calling in a tip only because you are unhappy with drilling activity.
Thank you for all you do, thank you for being a concerned citizen, thank you for the 'one things' you all do!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

EPA seeks Public Comment regarding Clean-up at Kingston, [Roane County] TN - TVA

EPA News Release by Date, January 19, 2010, Contact: Davina Marraccini (404) 562-8293,

"Engineering Evaluation and Cost Analysis for Non-Time-Critical Cleanup Alternatives for Restoration of the TVA Kingston Site Released for Public Comment"

This is a time the public...all public can have input by making comments for the proposed 'alternatives' for restoration that must be made by TVA.

The cost analysis is being used as a guide as to what is affordable, and necessary. Engineers have calculated the "cost" of restoring Swan Pond embayment area impacted by spilled fly ash.

Hmmm...Our whole eco-system was impacted by the spilled fly ash during the failure of holding ponds, December 22, 2008. If this is a concern of yours, check out the MSDS* for toxins spilled in that disaster.
 It will take public outcry and vigilance to make sure this is not swept under the rug. I have heard scientists say the environmental damage from this spill was many times worse than the Exxon-Valdez spill, and it is all so quiet.

Please, get involved, find out what is being proposed, and make your comment to the party who is responsible for the spill...

P.O. Box 40,
Kingston, TN 37763-0400

Attn: Kingston Public Comments


*from - - Fly Ash MSDS analysis

Thursday, January 14, 2010

EPA Announces "IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit"

Educators spend at least seven hours per day encased in the classroom with our children.

Teacher and student must be sure their Indoor Air Quality is good. "Who doesn't think that?". 

IAQ Tools for Schools Kits are available:

Today's EPA is being led with a true mission to Protect the Health of Humans.

Thank you for all you do. Thank you for doing 'one thing' to make a difference. Thank you for being nice.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Science News - More Evidence of the Dangers from BPA's

Science News; Science & The Public, reports on a follow up of BPA's, and how they affect human health. January 12, 2010 By Rachel Ehrenberg, Web Edition.

This Science News article is further evidence that BPA's, are known to harm humans. For the past decade, many reports have come out linking BPA's to harming infants from the plastic bottles are made of, to as Ms. Ehrenberg notes a substance that is a presence on cash register receipts. But it has always been presented as safe.

The State of California has a stringent regulation and enforcement environmental policy. Here are some documents have produced links of harming human health:
In male genes.
In fetuses:
In baby bottles, children's toys...

As usual Senators and Representatives are pressured to make sure environmental laws and regulation, does not hinder the huge profits taken in for the very products that have possibly altered the genetic make-up of humans, fish, and plant-life. This shows once more what a good administrator Lisa Jackson of the EPA is.

Ms. Jackson appeared before the Senate Committee on the Environment & Public Works on December 2, 2009. She asked for cooperation. There is a need to test some 60,000 chemicals for their affects on human health. Until this year, they have been protected from testing by EPA and other regulatory agencies. For too long the chemical conglomerates have had from much influence in Congress and on Rule-Making.

At present, on the list of "Chemicals of Concern" there are presently 5 that have been released for testing. For too long, "progress" has been considered the priority over safety. While those have had all the progress a man could ask for, continue to be the only ones enjoying that fat bottom line, customers and taxpayers continue to buy from them, then are left clean up the toxic messes left behind. [Brownfield]

It will take citizens of the world standing in chorus, demanding products that are tested by neutral third parties, who are not allowed by regulation to make profit from a passed test. If Americans will begin to "inspect" what their industrial neighbors are planning and implementing. If citizens will contact their Representatives and Senators on a regular basis. Get on their e-mail list. Call 'em! That is what they are paid to do.

Everyday, in the U.S., our major newspapers are filled with public notices and announcements of future public meetings. Right now, the EPA on a federal level and all States have facilities (industry) with pending permits. The regulatory agencies are begging for public input for rule making.

This is Important: When an agency like EPA calls for public comment regarding rule making of Hazardous Chemicals, this means Industry, Consulting Firms, Building Associations, Polluters do respond. Industry get to comment too, and they do. There is a lot of time, study and money spent to influence rule making. The rules are geared more toward industry and their needs and wants. There are cities spread throughout the U.S. that are considered in "non-attainment". This means the area has pollution that is less than safe for humans with weak respriatory health

Citizens must find their voice for the sustainability of the human race. How much damage can be done to the beautiful human body, life and soul. How far can we go in causing scars and poisonings to our habitat and remain fruitful?

Perhaps we will adapt, "Better Living Through Chemicals" is the old saying isn't it?...

Thank you for all you do. Thank you for getting involved. ~ It feels really cool when you write a letter, or make a phone call and you affect government ~ because we are the U.S. Government...

Monday, January 11, 2010

4th Annual Rachel Carson Contest - From the EPA

News Release by Date:
EPA Announces 4th Annual Rachel Carson Contest. Release Date 1/11/2010. Contact Enesta Jones 202-564-7873, 202-564-4355

This contest, "Sense of Wonder" is intergenerational. The sponsors of this creative project seek to instill a sense of wonder for the environment among all generations and spur environmental stewardship. Rachel Carson wrote "Silent Spring", which is credited with reversing the nation's pesticide policy.

Entries must be:
1). A team of two or more people from older and younger generations.
2). The categories; poetry, photography, essays and dance.
3). The winning team will have expressed how they feel, the "Sense of Wonder" for birds, the ocean, wildlife; all that is beautiful around you. The complete rules can be found at the following link.
Here is the link to the actual application.

Remember entries are due June 16, 2010 ~ Winners will be announced October 2010

For more information on Rachel Carson:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mutual Cooperation between EPA & WV Mining Company

News Release by Date:
"Statement From EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson", Release date 01/07/2010.
Contact Enesta Jones, 202-564-7873, 202-564-4355
Today's announcement from West Virginia state government shows "critical acknowledgement" of the human health affects felt by mountaintop mining operations. The part of the announcement that gave hope, was that the EPA will assure the Clean Water Act is adhered to by the Permittee's who hold now have received permits to mine at Hobet 45 mines.

'The Hobet 45 mine permanently protects streams, maximizes coal recover and
reduces costs.'

It is important that citizens "inspect" the public notice section of the local newspaper, attend public meetings, submit public comments when something important to your habitat is about to change.

Coordination and dialogue are always vital, so is preserving our planet that it may continue to support human life.

"West Virginia officials are strongly encouraged to work in conjunction, not
apart from the federal Environmental Protection Agency."

Thank you for all you do. Peace.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

EPA Makes Announcement Re: Clean Water Act Permit(s) for Mountaintop Mining.

News Release by Date:
"EPA Makes Announcement on Two Proposed West Virginia Mountaintop Coal Mines". Release Date 01/05/2010. Contact: Enesta Jones, 202-564-7873, 202-564-4355

"Appalachian coal mining has buried a estimated 2,000 miles of
streams in states including West Virginia. . .EPA has committed to use its Clean Water Act regulatory authorities to reduce environmental and water
quality degradation."

It is understandable that change happens slowly. Consider a mountain range. Talk about slow, it takes millions of years for mountains to grow (form). A short time for a new formation to push up through the surface crust is about 300 years.

The Appalachian Mountains were formed over a billion of years ago. ** Not only is it a geological prize. It enhances and supports entire Eco-systems including human Eco-systems. When large pieces of the earth are transformed by mechanical devices, it is very fast in geologic time. We cannot be sure of all the damage done. Throwing money at what could be structural global damage is not a fair trade.

Another aspect of the process of mountaintop mining is that this it is all for Coal Fire Plants! Hasn't it recently been decided that we must reduce carbon emissions and aren't consumer groups as well as the new EPA, calling for the reduction of Dioxins in the Air, Soil and Water?

I understand the need for jobs, but as a wise woman once said; "Hey, loggers, if you clear-cut all of the trees, you will no longer have a job." They clear-cut the trees, they are unemployed.

It is pleasing to know that mining companies will have to pay higher fees for destruction of the environment, but money cannot bring back ground to grow food in. Money cannot buy clean water, or fresh fish. Money can buy clean air for a few, but not the majority.

Look up for Energy, not down.

Thank you for all you do. Thank you for getting involved.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Prevention is the Best Medicine: Public Meeting RE: Air Quality Standards of Dioxins.

EPA: News Release by Date - 12/29/09. Contact: Dave Ryan, 202-564-7827, 202-564-4355

"EPA to Hold Public Hearing on Air Quality Standards for Sulfur Dioxide"

Today's announcement (12-29-09), is regarding the Air Division of the (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency. The administrators are working on the rules for Sulfur Dioxide* emissions into our Air. That is all of our Air. Not many of us live in Bio-Domes, so it is safe to take Atmospheric scientist conclusions, that water travels in worldwide currents. Air currents as well travel many miles. We all share this Air.

Yesterday I blogged about an announcement from EPA asking People to submit comments regarding the rules in the process of the final remediation of dirt containing Dioxides [SFUND 2009-00907]. Remediation being restoring it to it's former use. It must be rendered useful and no longer a toxic filter. A Brownfield of Superfund site usually full of dioxins and must be cleaned up; usually of harmful dioxins are in the soil.

This public meeting (accepting public comments )

will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on January 5, 2010. It will begin at 10:00 a.m. through 7:00 p.m. it will be held:

Atlanta Federal Center
Conference Rooms B and C
61 Forsyth Street, SW
Atlanta, GA 30303

This is the EPA working to do the "Protecting" part as they have been assigned to do. For too many years, these pollutants; S02, Nox, have been allowed in emissions inventories without any limitation in many States. The Southern States of the U.S.have typically allowed the biggest pollution permits, because the Southern States are influenced more by business interests than conservation. The EPA and States cannot regulate to protect human health if they do not get input from more citizens.

The EPA is proposing to make the nation's sulfur dioxide (s02) standards stricter. Presently when a Facility (Industrial Site) permitted, they pay for every ton of pollution that gets through scrubbers and other stacks on their site.

In order to know how many tons they must purchase, they must do "stack testing". The stack test is supposed to simulate production levels of an hour run. Each 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years, permitted facilities who fall under EPA Air Division, Title IV 40 CFR 60.8 must test their emissions; or smoke coming out of their stacks. Because of the chemical processes, it is scientifically measured as to what pollutants will come from their operation.

The new national one hour S02 standard will be 50 - 100 ppb (parts per billion), meaning that in one hour of operating, the tonnage of emissions will be measured for how many part per billion of the released smoke contains So2. This is a link to 40 CFR, Pt 60, this is what facilities have to operate under and it is obviously complex.

The new standards will decrease the allowable amounts of S02 that can be emitted per hour in industry.

It is understandable that Industry will balk and go on about paperwork, extra costs for testing, permitting and consulting. It is expensive and it does cut that bottom line.

I know individuals who work at large facilities. Most are family men that love the woods, rivers and clean air. They are u.s. It is as simple as thinking of a problem in a different way. Change happens, and it can be good.

Please have your say. Get involved. It has been said before; all it takes is for each of us to do one thing. People who come together for a good cause are a powerful force, with many of us out of jobs, maybe struggling to keep our home. We can go to the libraries, search public notices, and show up for public meetings; in letter or person. None of will be sorry for enhancing the Eco balance of our planet.

Thank you for getting involved. Peace.

For more information about participating contact: Tricia Crabtree or 919-541-5688.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Citizens of the World ~ Have Your Say! EPA is Seeking Public Comments Regarding Remediation Goals for Dioxin in soil

News Release by Date: 12/31/2009. Contact: Latisha Petteway,, 202-564-3191, 202-564-4355 -
"EPA Seeks Public Input on Interim Guidance for Dioxins in Soil Cleanup Goals"
EPA - Superfund Division

"Development of Draft Recommended Interim Preliminary Remediation Goals for Dioxin in the Soil"

Every governmental agency is broken up into many divisions. As a citizen attempting to navigate a monstrous bureaucracy, it helps if you narrow down the actual Agency, Department, Division and highest person within that division that does intake on information, complaints and inquiries.

While reading this announcement, and knowing the processes that transpired to create a Superfund or Brownfield with dioxins in the soil, I know that Dioxins could have been stopped from entering the soil in the first place. But, the problem of dioxins entering the soil in the first place, is another another division. A different problem with multiple solutions.

We have 50 days from yesterday (12-31-09) to make our voices heard regarding the way dioxins are remediated from soil. It is imperative to have healthy soil, because that is where we get nutrients, food, water is many reasons. EPA SFUND 2009-00907 (Notice titled "Draft Recommended Interim Preliminary Remediation Goals for Dioxin in Soil at CERCLA & RCRA Sites" will be published on 01/17/2009 [hopefully they mean 2010] and have a docket i.d. of EPA-HQ-SFUND-2009-0907. You can review the pre-publication copy of this Notice on the Office of the Federal Register's Electronic Public Inspection Desk Web site at ).

In case you are not sure about a lot of language used in the Environmental Regulatory agencies, I hope to offer some clarity.

Brownfield's are abandoned or underused industrial sites that due to contamination, or perceived contamination. Often the facility or industry that did use that property were brought to Enforcement by an Environmental Regulatory Agency. There are two sides to every story, but the final outcome is that the U.S. citizens pick up the bulk of the cost when an Industry (Facility) decides or is forced to shut-down.

When a Facility is brought into regulatory trouble {they get pulled over by the pollution police} it is called a Consent to Administrative Order. Case by case violations are considered. Depending on the sophistication of the Industrial owners and staff depends on how punishment or remediation is ordered. Remediation being: an example; Joe Blow Chemical has been dumping their hazardous water out on the back 40 acres of their site. They have been at this practice for 12 years. They are finally reported in a way that gets results. An Inspector from the Govt Agency will go and assess. Soon, the plant is notified and asked to respond within 10 days. It goes from there. Joe Blow will probably have to shut down, unless he is willing to change his ways. His fine will probably be the top amount per violation. He will probably skip town and abandon his plant. It will now be a Brownfields area. Usually the local city, town or Parrish now works to bring another industry in that will promise to clean up and do the remediation. We all know that ain't going to happen without incentive. So, very much incentive, grants and help is available to a business who is willing to go in, clean up, change the operations and stay clean. Those grants and stuff are taxpayer dollars at work.

Now, MoaMoa Chemical is a worldwide conglomerate they have facilities all over the U.S. and globe. They became powerful in the 1940's. They spend a good deal of money to have experts in laws, regulations and how laws and regulations are made. They spend a good deal of money on political campaigns. They know their rights and they use them. They are allowed to appear before Congress and have input into rule and lawmaking. They have tons of money and time to make sure things go their way. They know that generally other citizens who are opposed to blatant pollution for the sake of profit, will not spend the time, take the effort and certainly not the money to get the interest of their Representatives or Senators in matters of the Environment. They are even protected through IRS rules that allows them to simply abandon or refuse to remediate the property they have destroyed. MM is quite sophisticated. They send in their reports in triplicate when only one is required. They will report upsets and spills. They "Self-Disclose". If they are Inspected by a Govt agency, they will have the inspector escorted, requiring the Inspector to return at a better time for the plant. They will not go out of business. They will pay a couple of thousand dollars and move on. This is then what we call a Superfund Project. This means, now the EPA is responsible to make sure this property is rehabilitated and in getting that done, not violating the Regs themselves.

Now. This is an opportunity for citizens worldwide to make Public Comment. We have 50 days from yesterday 12-31-2009, to get all or our comments in. Do you want to have a say in how brownfields are rehabilitated in your back yard? This is your chance. This is the link to the EPA Public Comment ; docket ID number: EPA-HQ-SFUND-2009-00907 THIS IS GOVERNMENT, THEY ARE ON HOLIDAY BREAK, IT HAS NOT BEEN POSTED YET, BUT JUST USE SFUN 2009, AND CHECK ONES THAT ARE OPEN FOR PUBLIC COMMENT, I WILL CHECK 1/5/10, AND REPOST AN UPDATED LINK TO THE ACTUAL COMMENT YOU MAY WANT. **UPDATE: it is still not posted. I forwarded a note to as this has a 50 day comment period beginning December 31, 2009.

Americans making their government work for them are a powerful force. This is a time when everyday people can, do and will have a say.

Many thanks to Lisa Jackson - Chief Administrator of the EPA and all of the staff who are working so hard for the People. Blessings. Happy New Year.

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