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Today European Space Agency reveals GlobCover 2009, the most up to date global land map

December 21, 2010 link to ESA most up to date world land map. (link)


The European Space Agency, (ESA) on December 21, 2010 reveals to the public the most up to date of the world's land cover. 

This version has been accomplished by a lot of hard work and cooperation with scientists and public servants. 

The last complete version was released in 2005. Over 8,000 individuals downloaded the 2005 version. The completion of the latest land map project was accomplished by the gathering of one year's of data from Envisat's Medium Imaging Spectrometer

This data was taken then compiled into this map by the Belgium's Universite catholique de Louvain. They created the map using software by Medias France & Germany's Brockman Consult.  This was data harvested within a specific time frame. from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009.

TVA Kingston TN December 23, 2008

This is a reprint of part of my initial blog post regarding the TVA disaster in December 2008.
To make sure no one forgets the truth of what happened.

 Partnerships Contact Us 12/26/2008 3:08 PM TVA Ups Fly Ash Spill Estimate Date Published: Friday, December 26th, 2008 The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) now says that 5.4 million cubic yards of potentially toxic fly ash was released from a retention pond at its Kingston Fossil Plant in Roane County, TN when a dam burst there early Monday morning. 

According to the Knoxville News, that’s triple the estimate of 1.7 million cubic yards the TVA released earlier this week. The TVA said it could take months, if not years, to clean up the Tennessee fly ash spill. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was supervising the cleanup, and was also trying to determine if the area engulfed by the fly ash should be deemed a Superfund site. 

The Tennessee fly ash spill occurred around 1:00 a.m. after a wall holding back 80 acres of sludge from the TVA coal plant in central Tennessee broke. Though the exact cause of the accident was not known, it was thought that six inches of rain over the previous 10 days and overnight temperatures in the teens contributed to the dam breach. 

The TVA said that up to 400 acres of land had been coated by the sludge, making it 48 times larger than the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska. 

The fly ash spill damaged 15 homes. All the residents were evacuated, but at least three homes were deemed uninhabitable. The spill also clogged the nearby Emory River, which provides drinking water for millions of people living downstream. 

In the days after the spill, hundreds of fish were seen floating dead downstream from the plant The environmental scope of the disaster is still not known. 

Fly ash is one of the waste products generated when coal is burned.

Studies have shown that fly ash contains significant quantities of heavy metals like arsenic, lead and selenium, which can cause cancer and neurological problems. According to The New York Times, a 2006 study by the National Research Council found that coal-burning byproducts such as fly ash contain these toxins in amounts large enough to “pose public health and environmental concerns if improperly managed.” The study said “risks to human health and ecosystems” might occur when these contaminants entered drinking water supplies or surface water bodies. 
The TVA said its initial water quality tests showed no threat to drinking water. 

However, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has yet to complete its own water testing. 

At least one environmental group, Greenpeace, is calling for a criminal investigation into the TVA fly ash spill. “Every facility like this is supposed to have a spill contingency plan to prevent this kind of disaster,” Rick Hind, Greenpeace Legislative Director said in a press release. 

“The authorities need to get to the bottom of what went wrong and hold the responsible parties accountable.” Similar spills have resulted in felony charges, the release noted. Apparently, the fly ash pond at the TVA Kingston plant had a history of safety problems. In the days following the spill, the TVA released inspection reports showing there had been two other breaches of the same fly ash pond during the previous six years. A report in The Tennessean also said the plant’s neighbors had reported previous “baby blowouts” that caused less severe contamination. This entry was posted on Friday, December 26th, 2008 at 7:51 am and is filed under Legal News, Health Concerns, Toxic Substances, Accident.

Specific driving/walking/boating directions (from nearest intersection, main road, waterway or supply navigational coordinates, if necessary): (4000 characters maximum, text will wrap automatically) Emory River,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Presidents Environmental Youth Awards

The EPA is accepting applications for those wanting to earn a Presidents Environmental Youth Award. The Mission Statement is, "Today's youth protecting tomorrows environment" Youth are being encouraged to enter, and Sponsors are needed for these groups and individuals. All 50 States and US Territories are invited to participate. 

Deadline is December 31, 2010! Click on the link below to find out more about the program. Check out 2009 year winners. You will be impressed by all of the good work done, and the Hope that is shinning brightly in our young people. This is bringing life back to our planet and a willing army who may actually save our planet. Thank you President Obama, and thank you Ms. Lisa Jackson for promoting this wonderful movement.

Presidents Environmental Youth Award (link to information and application links) PEYA | US EPA

Sara Jo Lambert's Blog - Built a Ecology Center, a high school student 2009 Winner

Greenversations - EPA Blog features Sara Jo Lambert

got earth? Kids T Shirt Youth Small-White

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4/20 - I have been away \/ 2010

Amazing, how can a person "get away" from the Environment? Can I hide from the Great Mother Earth (Gaia?) Can I escape the Light beaming from Space and 100 million years ago? 

What I love about a Blog is you can ramble and rumble - TYPE IN ALL CAPS! YELL, CUSS, ACCUSE and Inform. When people get harried on Facebook, and stay harried, I will usually tell them about Blog.spot, and how they can "Blog It!". It is better than voting. It works. 

In the electronic world, or should I say the universe of 10101010101010's or the Internet - Ethernet it is a dimension outside of the one we walk about in. Under the scheme of things, this world is new to our species. It has not taken long for it to be used as a tool for good and evil - of course. That is life. Yin and Yang, Good vs Evil, Devil vs God, Light vs Dark. 

There are things that are written about, documented and shared on the www (worldwideweb) by Professionals, Technical Professionals, Organizations, Media and Sellers (Promoters). There is underworld activity. Crime is  rampant, because the Internet - Web is just another land where people are communicating by various and, many ways and means. 

I so wish Mark Twain/Samuel Clemmons were alive today ("Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels.,"), because he would perhaps make us take thought about what we have traded human interaction, love and family for. People are more in love with their Internet world, and friends than even God. Please, I have been reading in Q/A Forums..."do you think it is a sin to tweet in Church?" "Is is wrong to tweet while being intimate?" Really? Intimacy and what it means has changed. Affection, communication, what we give our time to, has changed.

I love when my "Conspiracy Theories" turn out to be fact. It happens at least 50% of the time, so I know that although I am a little crazy, "a good nut." I am paranoid at times but right at least half the time. I used to be lots more, but my giveadamn is busted. I am at the age where if they decide to fry me up, and eat me - I will be very, very tough!

 I do know too much, only because I bother to pay attention and read the fine print. I understand technical writing. I did read over 300 government notifications per day, every day for 2.5 years,  Regarding the Environment. I alerted Citizens worldwide about Environmental Concerns, when Public Comments are received by the EPA. I Informed many friends about Public Meetings that were coming up in the U.S. and Region 6, some Worldwide information (Thanks to ESA, NASA, AMS, and others)

People have a tendency when they get in positions of power, think 'those' menial people nearby are like the dirt under their shoe and can't hear or form an idea. They don't think highly of people of lower stature in society, so they carry on like no one hears or sees what-the-truck they are about. They are so assured of their power, position and standing, they are not afraid to speak in front of the "help" . They know they can squish a man or his family in hours. "Like shooting ducks in a pond."

In Power; Corruption a type of blindness sets in. When people are in the money racket, and they have got a greed on them, or in them, you best get out of their way. Although they will Make Sure You Abide by all of the Rules, they will violate the most serious, they have enough legal power to out do you on every angle. If you catch them in a corner, it is you that will get it. RIP.

My hope is that I present information, it helps, people are better able to be involved in the management of their environment. I always thought it was a majority who were concerned about the Environment and with a little correct information, and links to more information, it would cause citizens to rise up and be involved in their Biosphere. At the time of the Deep Water Horizon Disaster where 11 men died, I was a College Student, in an Environmental Geology class. 

The Clean Energy Act had passed the House I think, and it was being whored around the Senate. 

I figured within days people would begin taking a hard look at the way they use fuel, gas, oil, autos, trucks, trains and planes. Realizing that our demand for energy is so unquenchable, and people would finally decide, we must  stop living like we own all the substances under our Earth's Crust, and that we can't keep sucking the life's blood from our Planet, and continue to subsist. 

Those in the Earth Sciences field knew right away how bad this was. There was not pipe to cap. In all probability the movement of a drill bit, hit a pocket of natural gas, sparking the explosion. Since the US doesn't require extra safety features, and relief wells, or didn't - It did not have any preventative or remedial resources at hand. 

Those extra safety measures that are also the costs that are the things that Greedy Industries whine about. In EPA's Region 6 - in the Southern US, the Environmental State Agencies don't really care for the EPA and push their State's Rights Agenda's against the Federal Government. In Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, you can "pay to play". 

Texas is in Region 6, and they are very strict on some things, but they let the Frackers alone, until they came on over to Arkansas. They never could get those Fracking Companies, or Gas Extraction Sub-Contractors to apply for permits. 

They avoided obeying the TX law, and they are free and clear. In Region 6, there are no pollution limits, and very little regulation. As far as punishments for violations, they are usually settled for pennies on the dollar to large industry. To the Mom & Pop shops, they pay every dime of the highest fines possible.

Back to the Deep Water Disaster... People started going after BP. I admit, I am still angry that every person in charge of this project, was not arrested and drug tested. Any Other Insured American would have to undergo drug testing in any Industrial Accident. Perhaps Administrators were high on something, and couldn't make a decision to install safety features and a contingency plan. It is not fair.

As far as being pissed at BP over the entire scope of the Disaster - No. How can people say Boycott BP, while pulling into Exxon or Shell? My God, doesn't anyone have a clue? Really? Sierra Club, took 2 planes to survey 1). the Oil Spill, 2). the plane taking photos of the Oil Disaster...I about lost my lunch. HELLO - DEMAND FOR OIL PERIOD! Not foreign oil, any oil. 

No one in any conservation group you would recognize is willing to give up their combustion or electric metal box that propels them down the highway. Humans think it is a Right to have locomotion under our asses. I would like the right to transportation to work and shopping, but that is not a priority in America. It is more, faster, more expensive...dang there has to be a stopping point. Those who are concerned about the planet call this the "tipping point."

Throughout one of the worse environmental disasters as far as human health is concerned, The Clean Energy Act died. A judge in Louisiana showed how much power a Southern Judge can have against a President. The EPA has become tucked neatly under the wing of Big Energy. The Department of Energy made a pact with Homeland Security to push "Clean Coal", "Nuclear Power" and "Natural Gas Extraction". This is the "new energy policy" that will be enforced as National Security. 

It is the same people who have been staying the Halls of Congress passing their dirty, greedy energy propaganda. They use words like 'sustainability' in every other sentence, because that's what the Tree Huggers say.  Monsanto and Dow are passing these "clean", "sustainable" words like cheap tarts at an Executive party.

None of these are clean, none are renewable unless you have a few million years...and the Pew Project endorsed this. 

All this is transpiring while our Air Conditioning Filter is ruined for at least 20 years. We suffered over 100 days over 100 degrees, and only this week (10.19.10) have we had good little rains, and temps under 90 degrees. The entire globe has been affected by the Oil Disaster, just most of it has been done like a magician using slight of hand. The majority of Americans have gone on to "real housewives" or "dancing with the stars", it is nearly forgotten. 

In other places in the Globe, where they have better environmental policies than we do in the U.S. they are noticing. Russia spent 4 months on fire, China, Singapore, Indonesia have been almost undersea with 4-6 months of flooding, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and I think a tsunami. The Ocean currents will be affected for a minimum of 3 years. We do not even know what ruining the Gulf did to our Globe and our ability as humans to adapt.

With record high temps and no healing rain, it has been record use of electricity. Water quality is down almost everyplace in the South, of North America. We are losing record amounts of the creatures who pollinate our plants so that food will grow. 

I quit driving for about 60 days after 4.20.10. I felt so guilty for bringing harm to the aquatic life, the fisher-people, and the birds, I couldn't make myself get in a car and start it up. It was too much. It still is, but life so far goes on.

I stopped posting announcements and notices, because I wonder if anyone really cares. I ran into some old Hippie family shortly after the disaster. I was taken aback, by the fact they no longer care about what happens to the world as a whole. It is just for them and I guess that is fine, I was just disappointed.

So many people have been lulled to sleep they just think it will take care of itself, and that our world will continue to sustain us as she has in the past. I think the world cannot take much more abuse, and big changes must happen soon. 

The Best to you All... 

The 10 Billion Jolt California's Energy Crisis: Cowardice, Greed, Stupidity and the

Enron: The Smartest Guys in The Room (2-Disc Set - WMVHD DVDs)

Vehicle engines: Fuel consumption and air pollution (Mankind and the engineer ; v. 3)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Nanotechnology: Consequences for Human Health & the Environment (Issues in Environmental Science and Technology)Critical Condition: Human Health and the Environment"News Release by Date: Media Advisory: 'EPA Announces Public Hearing in Chicago Sept. 16 on Proposed Coal Ash Regulations'"
(link) 3 Days Notice of Public Hearing on Coal Ash! Hurry!


Media contact Karen Thompson thompson.karen@epa.gov 312-353-8547

CHICAGO – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is holding a public hearing on EPA’s proposal to regulate the disposal and management of coal ash from coal-fired power plants. 

"This is the first time the EPA has proposed to ensure the safe disposal and management of this material". Why has the EPA not been regulating the disposal of coal ash/pot ash/fly ash?

 Does this mean the EPA is now going into business with the Coal Plants? From what I understood, the EPA has found conclusively that there is no such thing as Clean Coal, and that the operation of Coal-Fire Plants is not only hazardous to Human Health, but The ENVIRONMENT!!!!!

TIME: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
DATE: Thursday, Sept. 16
PLACE: Hilton Chicago, 720 S. Michigan Ave.

The hearing will continue past 9 p.m. if necessary. Walk-ins and written comments will be accepted at the hearing. The agency will consider the public’s comments in its final decision. 

Background: The need for national management criteria and regulation was emphasized by the December 2008 spill of coal ash from a surface impoundment near Kingston, Tenn. The proposal will ensure for the first time that protective controls, such as liners and ground water monitoring, are in place at new landfills to protect ground water and human health. Existing surface impoundments will also require liners, with strong incentives to close these impoundments and transition to safer landfills which store coal ash in dry form. The proposed regulations will ensure stronger oversight of the structural integrity of impoundments and promote environmentally safe and desirable forms of recycling coal ash, known as beneficial uses. 

EPA has proposed two main management approaches, one of which phases out surface impoundments and moves all coal ash to landfills; the other allows coal ash to be disposed in surface impoundments, but with stricter safety criteria.
This is already the EPA's job, to regulate the storage and disposal of Coal Ash. These "impoundments" should already have liners, as should the disposal from every other Energy Mining, Drilling, and Fracking operation. 

It is really becoming Lulu world -   

"...impoundments and promote environmentally safe and desirable forms of recycling coal ash, known as beneficial uses..." ??????????
Thank you Pew Project, Thank you Homeland Security, and Thank you EERE. I think you have finally taken the U.S. Constitution and sent it into the last Smoke Stack. This is not Kosher, This is not any good for the Citizens of the U.S. - The poor citizens who will never have Environmental Justice, because it is the poverty stricken towns and Reservations that get these "impoundments, mining, drilling ponds - With the Promise of Jobs and security - This is Dirty and stinks. 

I think it is too late for Citizens to Make a Difference. I think the Deed is already done. A Three Day notice to come to Chicago, and Come to the Hilton...Citizens cannot afford to pull that off, but by God Industry sure Can!

for more information on the EPA proposals...
 (link) More Information on What the EPA is Proposing@


Determination of aquifer characteristics in spoil generated by mountain top removal, valley-fill coal-mining process

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Coal Power: Coal-Fired Power Stations, Coal Power by Country, Coal Power Companies, Coal in Australia, Fly Ash, Coal Power in China

Determination of the potential for release of mercury from combustion product amended soils: part 2--coal fly ash generated stabilized soil and degradation ... of the Air & Waste Management Association

Influence of several experimental parameters on As and Se leaching from coal fly ash samples [An article from: Analytica Chimica Acta]

Short-term responses of two contrasting species of earthworms in an agricultural soil amended with coal fly-ash [An article from: Soil Biology and Biochemistry]

2008 Disasters in the United States: 2008 Chatsworth Train Collision, Kingston Fossil Plant Coal Fly Ash Slurry Spill

Dam Disasters: Kingston Fossil Plant Coal Fly Ash Slurry Spill, Johnstown Flood, St. Francis Dam, Vajont Dam

Treatment of acid mine drainage with coal fly ash: Interaction chemistry and process water qualityCoal: Coal, Coke, Coal Tar, Bituminous Coal, Peat, Lignite, United Mine Workers, Fossil Fuel Phase Out, Environmental Effects of Coal, Fly Ash

Human Health and the Environment: A Turn-of-the-Century Perspective

Friday, September 10, 2010

Is Pakistan Losing Ground?

I understand that in the U.S., we have a lot going on. In Florida, there is a man saying he is called of God to burn the Koran, causing everyone in the U.S. to take a deep breath, and fall back into the fear we lived in during the 8 years of the Bush Administration. This is not a diatribe against President Bush, let us not forget that 7 of his 8 years were spent with us checking on daily "Terror Alerts", powdery substances in our mail, and the loss of lifelong held investments and retirement.

We are already in the fight for the next Presidential election, Christmas shopping and how the Health Care Act is causing changes in the upcoming years. We have our eyes peeled toward the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana, and even this newest Disaster is not making the news...Is it too much?

If we stop looking in our own backyard, and consider the rest of the World as our friends, family and neighbors, we will have noticed that China, Indonesia and Pakistan have been under a deluge of rain and flooding for well over a month.

I must admit with everything going on, I have dreaded to look at the Natural Disasters postings to see how my beloved Earth and fellow Earthlings are doing...

Not so good. today's photo of Pakistan (LINK above), is startling.  An increasing amount of their land mass is under water. How much water will remain? How much land, silt, soil, rocks, trees and other resource's are becoming one with the Sea?

Image courtesy of NASA Earth Observatory 9/5/10

Flat Map Globe - Pakistan Upper Right Quadrant
Image Courtesy of NASA Earth Observatory 9/5/10

The above images were captured by NASA on September 5, 2010, the preceding weeks have shown an increasing movement of water into all low lying areas. This has been going on for weeks.

The space satellites do show false colors to help distinguish certain things, the light blue to dark teal is the water,  vegetation shows red and bare ground and settlements range in colors from grey to beige.

There is not really a lot we can do against the forces of Nature, but let us be mindful of populations around the world who are beginning to wonder if life will ever be the same. The loss of top-soil in the low-lying crop areas, will be devastating for farming and crops.

Let us not forget our brethren, it could be us tomorrow...

July 19th 2010 -

Image courtesy of NASA - Earth Observatory

Natural Disasters in Pakistan: Earthquakes in Pakistan, Floods in Pakistan, Natural Disaster Deaths in Pakistan, Tropical Cyclones in Pakistan

Sunday, September 5, 2010

European Space Agency - Update! Petermann Glacier, Calved 08/04/2010 - Greenland

September 5, 2010

"ESA Observing the Earth - Image of the Week!" Updates us on the position of the Petermann Calf. 

On August 4, 2010, the ESA Announced that the ice tongue had detached in one day from the Petermann Glacier in North Greenland. I blogged about it here: (link)_Earthenwarehaven Points out Calving off of Petermann - N Greenland 8/4/10 .

Having record heat in the South of Northern America and the inability of the "cool air/water conditioner" to work, surface heat has increased in various places. On August 3, 2010, the tongue on the Petermann Glacier into the Nares Strait appeared to be solid with some cracking which had transpired in July. 

On August 4th, it broke free; it calved from the Petermann Glacier in Northern Greenland.

Metric measurements are 30sq.km.15sq.km.sq.km7sq.km. English measurement is about 8 sq miles big,( if I did my calculations correctly...feel free to correct me please). .
Calving does occur, it is just that a rapid break and so large is  not routine.

On September first, nearly a month later, it has moved another 6 km from the Glacier, and turned by about 39 degrees. Satellite imagery shows the Calf hit a small island, and is edging into the Nares strait.  In Earth Science, we learned that when one geologic formation has interaction with another, they both leave and take something. The iceberg will leave 'trace' evidence. The island will send soil, and fauna along with the Iceberg,  as well. Geography is fully at the controls it seems.

It is probable this Iceberg will fully enter Nares Strait. The actual course of the Iceberg will depend on wind speed and direction. (link)_ESA Observing The Earth - Protecting our Environment . Wonder what is going to happen? Will this change the way people travel? Is this a further sign of warmer and more salinity in our Oceans?

Will the sea ice stop the Calved iceberg? Can we give it a name?

Ice Calving: Ablation zone, Ice shelf, Ice, Glacier, Iceberg, Ice front, Crevasse, Johns Hopkins, Glacier, Greenland, Cognate (etymology), Ice sheet dynamics, Ablation                          Iceberg off East Greenland, Polar Regions Scenic Framed Art Poster Print by David Lomax, 25x31