Sunday, December 6, 2009

Who is Watching American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Participants?

An anonymous comment asking who is going to be watching States, City's, Burgs, Parish when it comes to ARRA Funds?

Dear Fellow Citizen, we all can watch... I am posting my response just in case anyone else would like this information... is the Arkansas State site dedicated to showing transparency in use of ARRA funds / grants. is the Federal site. There are Contact us numbers and emails all through these pages. If your town, municipality or any other ARRA / Fed Grant recipient has received monies and you would like an accounting, you will be given that information.

If you do file or contact them to ask a question, give it about 10 days for a response, if it has been 21 days, recontact advising them of the first contact. When you do make contact, just keep it simple, try to go in order with as much documentation as you can [dates, times, amounts, agency, contacts you attempted, any responses by mail, or can kind of build a case if there is a real problem.]

Don't be afraid to get involved, it is your Government, that is paid to serve you...

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