Saturday, December 19, 2009

Forest's Take Center Stage at Copenhagen!

"esa Space for Our Climate", European Space Agency; Observing the Earth." December 19, 2009, News; Forest's Take Center Stage at Copenhagen."

This is a wonderfully scientifically biased report on a portion of the Copenhagen summit.

Kudos to the European Space Agency for their public service. ESA has been instrumental in expanding my own environmental education. The above link is to their article and web-site. The ESA website has tools and information for those who care about the complete biosphere around them. ESA shares helpful maps and always great photographs.

This article points that there is an agreement during the Copenhagen conference that deforestation is a factor that is doubtless a major contributor to greenhouse gas imbalances. Using wisdom this speaks of planning for profiting by keeping the rainforest's growing and not just something remembered.

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